Tudor Centre Services Partner Notification Health Advisor Service

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Transcript Tudor Centre Services Partner Notification Health Advisor Service

Tudor Centre Services
Partner Notification
Health Advisor Service
Dawn Hall
Senior Health Advisor
October 2010
Tudor Centre Services
• Tudor Centre is located at Hillingdon
Hospital behind the Maternity Building.
Telephone No 01895 279537.
• Walk-in clinics every day.
• Asymptomatic patients wanting a check-up
can have an appointment with a nurse.
Tudor Centre Opening Times
Monday (walk-in)
Monday ([email protected] YAT for Under 18’s)
Monday contraceptive clinic for under 25’s
Tuesday (walk-in)
Wednesday (walk-in)
Thursday (walk-in)
Friday (walk-in)
Closed at Weekends
Available Services
 Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted
 HIV testing and counselling (same day results by
 Referral for termination
 Emergency contraception
Available Services
 Contraceptive clinic (CASH) – free
contraception, implants, injections and patches
 Hepatitis C screening
 Hepatitis B testing and vaccination
 Information and advice on sexual health
 Cervical smears, if indicated
Available Services
 Support and referral following sexual assault
(male and female)
 Female doctor – by prior arrangement if
 Sexual dysfunction services – under review
 Treatment and care for people with HIV infection
 Psychology services
 Specialist Dietician
Definition of partner notification
“A public health activity that aims to control
infection by identifying key individuals
and sexual networks, warn the
unsuspecting and attempt to break the
chain of infection”
John Potterat 1997
Rationale for PN
• Break the chain of transmission
• Prevent re-infection of the index patient
• Prevent complications of untreated
• Duty to inform
Partner notification methods
• Patient referral (contact slips)
• Provider referral
Securing co-operation with PN
Non-judgemental and supportive approach
Emphasise patient choice / control
Patient risk of re-infection
Partner at risk from untreated infection
Risk of transmission to others
Identifying partners at risk
Look-back periods
Thorough and explicit sexual history
Condom use may not protect
Memory prompts may help recall
Document details to track progress
Contact slips
• Provide anonymity and confidentiality for the
index patient
• Enable sexual contacts to seek medical advice
or treatment
• Inform the contacts clinic of index patients
diagnosis, reference number and date of
• Enable cross-referencing and evaluation of
partner notification action
Provider referral methods
• Tracing partners from incomplete data
• Contact methods – telephone, letter, text
message etc
• Encouraging attendance
PN resolution
• Follow-up for each partner identified
• Re-interview patient if partners not
• Audit outcomes against national standard
(0.5 – 0.6 contacts verified screened per
PN in primary care
• Advise patients with an STI that partner(s)
will need testing / treating
• Consider local care and referral pathways
for management of patient with STI to
include PN arrangements
Management options for STIs dia
• Refer patient to GUM for all management
• Treat and refer to GUM for TOC / PN
• Treat and refer to GUM / Community Health
Advisor for PN only (HA to telephone patient, no
trip to GUM needed)
• Treat, interview patient re partners, pass details
to HA if provider referral requested
• Manage all aspects of PN in-house, including
provider referral and follow-up
HIV testing and management
• We provide same day HIV TESTING. This
involves pre-test HIV discussion and risk
assessment. Methods of giving HIV
results, including face-to-face counselling
for the HIV positive patient and significant
Working with specific
patient groups
African people
Young people under 16 years
Gay men
Sexual assault
Worried well
Pregnancy options
Reasons to contact Health Advisor
A patient has been diagnosed
with a positive infection,
A HIV test is needed
ie chlamydia, adherence to
treatment and partner
notification is required
Four reasons to contact
A Health Advisor
A young person under 16 is
Sexually active and needs
Diagnosed + whilst in hospital
with an STI
Please contact
Dawn Hall
Senior Health Advisor
Tudor Centre
Extension 3236