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Scratch Calculator
Training Guide
• Select a soup from the drop down menu
• A basic scratch soup recipe will be displayed for the selected
soup. The recipe yield is circled above.
• The recipe can be edited to match the Operator’s
specifications and ingredient costs.
• To edit the recipe amounts or ingredient costs per measure,
click on the cell to be edited.
• Note the recipe yield cannot be changed. If ingredient amounts
are edited, they must equate to the recipe yield.
• Input the new recipe amount and/or updated ingredient cost for the
measure listed in the red pop up box.
• Hit enter to save the change.
• To delete an ingredient in the recipe, click on the ingredient
name and check the box next to “Yes.”
• The deleted ingredient will appear at the bottom of the screen.
• To add it back in, click the ingredient name. It will reappear in the
recipe as the last item.
• Enter in the Operator price for the Heinz Prepared Frozen Soup.
• Enter in the cost of 2 gallons of milk for a Condensed Tub
• Enter in the Operator’s menu price for an 8 oz serving of soup.
(Default menu price is $2.00.)
• Enter the Operator’s hourly labor cost. (Default is $10/hr)
• Enter the Preparation Time that it takes to prepare the selected
soup from scratch. (Default is 1hr 30 minutes)
• To evaluate the Scratch cost/profit comparison to the Heinz
Prepared soup, analyze the results in the table highlighted above.
• The data is summarized and broken down into 4 portion sizes:
• Gallon
• 32oz
• 12oz
• 8oz
• Note: To look at cost/oz, look at the 8oz results and divide by 8.
Summary of Results - Definitions
• Ingredient Total: Scratch Recipe Ingredient Cost. Sum of the cost of all
the ingredients listed in the scratch recipe selected.
• Scratch Total: Scratch Recipe Ingredient Cost including Labor. Cost of
the Ingredients + Labor (based on Prep Time X Labor Cost)
• Heinz Prep Total: Cost of Heinz Prepared Soup
(Operator Heinz List Price + Milk Cost if Condensed Tub)
• Scratch Profit: Menu Price – Scratch Total Cost
• Heinz Prep Profit: Menu Price – Cost of Heinz Prepared Soup
(Operator Heinz List Price + Milk Cost if Condensed Tub)
• Difference: The difference in profit from using Heinz Prepared Soup
versus the Scratch recipe selected.
(Heinz Prepared Soup Profit – Scratch Profit)
• The per oz profit comparison is highlighted at the top of the screen
for re-emphasis.
• Translate the per oz profit into annual $ revenue by multiplying out
the number of oz of soup sold in a year.
• This small difference may translate to thousands $$$ for the
• The results can easily be printed out in a customized report for the
• Fill in the Operator’s Name and the Heinz Sale Rep name in the
boxes highlighted above.
• Click on the print icon to print the results.
(Tip: Select the Microsoft Document Image Writer as your printer to save the file to your hard
drive so it can be emailed)
Report Example
• The cost analysis may not come out favorable to Heinz. To help sell
beyond price, go to the top of the screen.
• Key selling benefits of using a frozen soup versus making soup
from scratch are displayed across the top of the screen.
• Hover your mouse over the word “More” to view more selling tips.