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St. Bartholomew School
Fostering academic excellence and
fellowship in a close Catholic
community since 1962
• Small community made up of 160
families, currently 220 students.
• Families live in Bethesda, Rockville,
Silver Spring, Washington, D.C.,
Gaithersburg, and northern Virginia.
• Most families are parishioners or
become parishioners after joining the
school. We also have non-Catholic
• Archdiocese of Washington curriculum
• Accredited by the Middle States Association of
Colleges and Schools.
• All major subjects are taught in each grade. Also,
Religion (daily), Spanish (once in K, twice a week 14, three times a week 5-8), P.E. (once a week Pre
K, twice K-4, 5-8 have twice a week every week
and three times a week every month (single sex
P.E. class)), Art (every day Pre-K,twice a week K3, once 4-8), Computers (once a week Pre-K, K,
twice a week in other grades), Library (twice a
week Pre K-4, once 5-8), Music (Four times a week
Pre-k,twice a week K-4, once 5-8).
Middle States-Reaccreditation”Learning Together by Working
• Project completed for our Middle
States re-accreditation.
• Increasing number of peer learning
activities used in each class.
• Teachers have found that students
are more engaged and learn more
about content when they discuss it
with others.
Student Engagement
• Teachers use many different
techniques to engage students.
• By using peer learning, technology,
hands on, white boards, activity
centers, drama and more.
Peer learning
• Shyer students learn to speak up.
• Leaders learn to listen to others and
value what other have to say.
• Many teachers have already tracked
an increase in test scores using this
method as a review. Students seem
to understand the content more
Great reviews from
Middle States
• Loving community
• Everyone is positive about project.
• Learning is happening in every
• Children are genuinely happy and
engaged in the learning process.
Resource program
• Resource teacher works four days a week.
• 1st-4th grade Small group for reading. Goal to
bring up to grade level. (45 minutes-3 times a
week for Reading)
• 5th-8th grade-Small groups-children have
documented learning needs. Students meet
instead of having Spanish. They work on studying
for tests, working on projects, and getting
organized. (45 minutes-3 times a week)
Pre K program
“Childhood is a journey not a race”
Pre-K program
• Guidelines from the Archdiocese of
Washington, Montgomery County and
the State of Maryland to establish
curriculum and developmentally
appropriate practices.
• Two teachers and an aide work with
the children in small group rotations.
Pre-K Program
• Program is a full day 8:00 a.m.-3:00
p.m. Same arrival and dismissal
schedule as the rest of the school.
• Emphasis is on preparation for
Kindergarten-Social and Academicmore- developmentally appropriate
activities in a loving, caring
• Activities include drama, music, art,
physical education using the teachers
we have in our school.
• Free play and structured play.
• Emphasis on fine and gross motor
skill development
• Academics include reading readiness,
writing readiness, math readiness,
hands on science and social studies.
• Children wear the school’s P.E.
uniform every day. In the warmer
months, this includes St. Bart’s
shorts and P.E. shirts. In the colder
months, sweat pants, St. Bart’s tshirts and St. Bart’s sweat shirts are
Sample Schedule
7:45-8:10 a.m. Arrival,
Unpack, prayers
8:15-8:45 a.m. Free Play
8:45-9:00 a.m. Circle time
9:00-10:30 a.m. Small
group ( 7 children per group)
30 minute rotations of
Language Arts/Pre-reading,
Math, and Art.
10:30-10:45 a.m. Snack
and recess
• 10:45-11:30 a.m 15
minute rotations-fine
motor skills-cutting,
tracing and handwriting.
• 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
• 12:30-1:00 p.m. Story
• 1:00-1:30 p.m. Music
• 1:30-2:30 p.m. Small
group rotations-30
minutes-Religion, P.E.,
Activity time, circle time.
• 2:30- 2:45 p.m. Wrap up
and prayers
• 3:00 p.m. Dismissal
K-8 program
“Learning Together by Working
Small groups in lower
• In Kindergarten, we have small groups to work
with students to learn skills especially in math,
pre-reading skills, and handwriting.
• In First grade, we have three groups for
individualized instruction in math and reading
• We offered accelerated pace small groups in 24th grade so that students can work at a faster
pace if needed.
• We also small groups for children who need
additional help with the resource teacher.
• Small groups with rotations for major
academic subject areas-math,
language arts and reading.
• Two full time teachers take the
Small groups in the upper
• Small groups allow for classes with sizes of 15 or
• In 5th-8th grade students are placed in math
groups according to ability.
• In grades 5, 6 and 7, students are grouped for
• Students in 5-8th who have documented learning
needs may work in a small group with the resource
teacher-three times a week in place of Spanish.
• 19 teachers, 4 teaching assistants, a counselor, and a
resource teacher.
• 10 teachers have 15 years or more teaching experience. 9
teachers have their master’s degrees.
• Steve Bartl-5th-8th grade Math teacher Archdiocese of
Washington Golden Apple Award Winner-2009. Montgomery
County Teacher of the Year for the Archdiocese of
Washington 2008
• Principal- 14 years at St. Bart’s, 11 years teaching at St.
Jane De Chantal, two master degrees from Catholic
University (one in education, one in Administration-Catholic
School leadership)
Typical Day
• 7:45 Drop off in carpool line (morning care begins at 7:00
• 8:00 School begins- prayers and announcements
• 8:15-11:15 Classes
• 10:30-10:45 Morning Recess for Pre K-3
• 11:15 Lunch/Recess- 5th-8th grade/ Classes for lower grades
• 11:30 Pre-K lunch/recess
• 11:50 Lunch/Recess-K-4/Classes for upper grades
• 12:35- DEAR (Drop everything and read)
• 12:50-Classes Continue
• 3:00-Pick up in carpool line (aftercare begins at 3:15 and
ends at 6:00 p.m.)
Hot Lunch
• Hot lunch is offered for an additional
fee Monday-Friday.
• Monday- Pizza-8th grade fundraiser
• Tuesday-Friday-Catered lunch
Morning Care and
• Morning care begins at 7:00 a.m. Any student may
attend on a drop in or regular basis. Cost is $7.00
per day.
• Aftercare begins at 3:15 p.m. and ends at 6:00
p.m. Any child who is not picked up at carpool
automatically goes to aftercare where he/she will
be cared for until a parent arrives. Cost is $15
per day, $18 on a half day. Any student may
attend on a drop in or regular basis. Homework is
a priority and is completed first. Snacks are
provided and then children play outside.
• Aftercare is staffed by faculty members.
• Students wear uniforms every day
unless it is a “dress up” day.
• School uniforms may be purchased at
March Uniforms in Rockville.
• Children in grades K-4 wear their P.E.
uniforms on P.E. day and the children
in 5th-8th grade bring their uniforms
and change before P.E. class
Student Activities
Student Council
Safety Patrols
Altar Servers
CYO Sports
Flag football
Spanish Lab
Tuesday and Wed. Tutors
Enrichment Algebra for
Advanced Students
• Mad Science
• Tea with Mrs. B.
Bobcat Newspaper
Liturgy Committee
Bartholomew House
Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts
Student Ambassadors
Girls on the Run/Girls on
• Drama
Parent Participation
Home and School Association
Room parents
CYO coaches/ CYO Board
School Advisory Board
Hot Lunch
Fundraising/ Development
Building Committee
Share a Talent- Examples: Renovation Committee
Special Events
Back to School Night
St. Bart’s Weekend
CYO Picnic
Honors Mass/Special
liturgies/School Liturgies
(2 p.m. every month)
Halloween Parade
Christmas Pageant
Catholic Schools Week
Annual Gala
Bingo Night
Spirit Week
Field Day
Seder Meal
Geography Bee
May Crowning/Candle
lighting ceremony
Grandparents Day
8th grade v. Faculty
Basketball game
Donuts with Dads/Muffins
with Moms
St. Bart’s Night out
Thanksgiving Baskets
Shower for Baby Jesus at Christmas (Mary House)
World Hunger Day Food Collection
Candy Canes for the Missions
Joining the Holy Childhood Association
Response to needy families, natural disasters, and poverty
• Out of all the schools in the Archdiocese of Washington, we
have been awarded 1st, 2nd or 3rd place from the
Archdiocese of Washington every year for our outstanding
service efforts.
What sets us apart?
• Small caring community.
• Excellence in academics-students are successfully placed in
most competitive high schools in the county.
• More flexibility- we can tailor programs to suit the needs of
different classes.
• More attention to individual students- Advisory groups,
Steps to Respect
• Students have the opportunity to assume more leadership
• Experienced faculty made up of reflective teachers.
Emphasis on professional development-always learning
Plans for the future
• Updating our technology so that
teachers can use it more efficiently
for classroom instruction.
• Our plans include at least 3 more
smart boards for classrooms.
• New computers for the lab and the
resource room.
• New projectors for the classrooms
that do not have smart boards.
Benefits of Small School
• Small classes with individual attention.
• Enrichment groups for accelerated pace.
• Remediation groups for students who need
• Children assume leadership roles. They have more
opportunities to read at mass, to lead the school,
to lead the sports team, etc.
• The children know all the other students.
• Teachers can communicate with parents more
• Families help each other.
Public vs. Catholic
• Emphasis on caring for others-service to school, community,
• Values taught and modeled by teachers and students.
• Archdiocese of Washington curriculum- room for creativity
in methods of teaching and pace of teaching.
• Development of the individual child is emphasized.
• Catholic School is a caring community of families that
support each other while helping to raise children.
• Size gives students opportunity to shine and develop gifts
that may stay hidden in a larger environment.
• Opportunities to go to mass regularly
• Prayer every day
• Model our life after Jesus-What
would Jesus do?
• Opportunities to serve others
• Learn to put God and others before
• Spiritual greater than material things
Where do our students go
to high school?
Georgetown Prep
Good Counsel
St. John’s
Whitman (public
Holy Child
Holy Cross
Stone Ridge
Registration Process
• Fill out registration form
• Also supply:
birth certificate
baptismal certificate
transcripts and
recommendation forms
from previous schools
• Non-refundable check for
$500 for all grades. This
check will pay for your
book/supply fee for the
school year 2011-12
• If we do not have space
your money is refunded.
• You will know within 2
weeks if you have been
What happens after
• You will be notified of your acceptance by
• Mark your calendar for our new family
orientation day in June. Parents will have a
brief orientation, a chance to meet other
parents, and an opportunity to order the
school uniform. Students will have an
opportunity to meet their teachers.
Thank you for coming!