XML4IP Project- ST.96 Preparation

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Transcript XML4IP Project- ST.96 Preparation

XML4IP Project- ST.96 Preparation
UPOV Administrative and Legal Committee
Young-Woo Yun
October 17, 2011
Background of ST.96
XML4IP Task Force
Objectives of ST.96
Scope of ST.96
ST.96 Structure
ST.96 for UPOV
Further Consideration
Work Plan
Background of ST.96 (1/2)
Three existing WIPO XML Standards:
ST.36 - processing patent information using XML;
ST.66 - processing trademark information using XML;
ST.86 - processing industrial design information using
Need of a new Standard for harmonization: ST.96
The XML4IP project was created in 2007 to develop
common vocabulary for the harmonization among
patent, trademark and industrial design information in
XML format.
Background of ST.96 (2/2)
ST.96 Vocabulary
XML4IP Task Force
XML4IP Task Force was established to carry on the
XML4IP project (i.e., to prepare ST.96)
Currently 56 TF members from 22 IP offices
Discussion via the Wiki e-Forum (restricted to TF
Documents and proposals discussed and agreed by the
Task Force are available on the WIPO’s website at:
Objetives of ST.96
Facilitation of data exchange among IP offices using XML
Harmonization of data structures among patents,
trademarks and industrial designs (three IP types)
rules and guidelines for dealing with common data
structures across three IP types as well as specific
data structure to one IP type
Maximization of data transformability from ST.36, ST.66
and ST.86 format to ST.96 format
Facilitation of XML implementation within IP offices
Scope of ST.96
ST.96 recommends the XML (eXtensible Markup
Language) resources used for filing, publication,
processing, and exchange of all types of industrial
property information, (i.e., patents, trademarks and
industrial designs).
ST.96 Structure (1/2)
XML4IP T.F. agreed on the ST.96 structure,
ie., Main Body + Six Annexes:
Annex I: XML Design Rules and Conventions
Annex II: IP Data Dictionary;
Annex III: IP XML Schemas;
Annex IV: Schema Technical Specification;
Annex V: Schema Implementation Rules and
Guidelines; and
Annex VI: Transformability Rules and Guidelines
ST.96 Structure (2/2)
ST.96: Main Body
•Tech. Specification
IPOs Implementation,
e.g, design rules,
ST.96 for UPOV
How can ST.96 be used for UPOV business?
UPOV to develop its XML design rules based on:
ST.96 XML Design Rules and Conventions
ST.96 Implementation Rules and Guidelines
UPOV to develop its vocabulary by reusing/extending
ST.96 XML vocabulary, i.e., Schema Components:
Name, Postal Address, Signature, Applicant, …
Further Consideration
IP XML Vision
How ST.96 to cope with existing WIPO Standards
ST.36, ST.66 and ST.86
ST.96 Scope
Whether ST.96 to be extended to deal with
information of other IP types, e.g., copyrights,
traditional knowledge
XML4IP Work Plan (tentative)
XML4IP T.F. to hold a meeting to prepare materials for
the final proposal of ST.96 (Nov. or Dec. 2011)
XML4IP T.F. to submit a final proposal of ST.96 for
consideration and adoption by the Committee on WIPO
Standards (CWS) (Dec. 2011 or early 2012):
The CWS to consider the final proposal for adoption of
ST.96 at its 2nd session (first half of 2012)
The work plan depends on the schedule of the 2nd
session of the CWS.
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