"COA / CTP Application Process" presented by Christine

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Transcript "COA / CTP Application Process" presented by Christine

COA/CTP Application Process
Christine Armstrong, MSN, CNP
What’s Next
• You chose a certification exam.
• You joined a professional organization.
• You apply to take the exam online
• Wait (patiently) for your OK to test.
While you wait…
• You apply for your COA which is…
• Your Certificate of Authority to Practice as
an Advanced Practice RN. (APRN).
• You have to be an RN to be an APRN.
• DO NOT let your RN license lapse as it
voids your COA.
• Leads to talking to the Board of Nursing.
Ohio Board of Nursing web site
Print APN Application Packet
No web site application as of yet.
Can apply for COA and CTP before you
• Must be RN to get COA.
• Must have COA to get CTP-E
• Form A of application is confirmation of
Graduate Education
• School of Nursing must seal and submit
directly to the Ohio Board of Nursing.
• Mail completed application, which needs
to be notarized, with $100.00 Fee to OBN.
• Can check status of application on line.
• You passed your certification exam.
• Certifying body must submit results
directly to the OBN.
• Will do for free to the BN of choice but you
have to ask them to send them. (e-mail).
• If an employer ??? requires proof you will
have to pay for the privilege.
• Certificate to Practice Externship
• After you receive your COA you will
receive/or apply for CTP-E.
• You must have a collaborating physician in
order to receive your CTP-E.
• Will keep your application on file for 1
Complete application.
$50.00 fee.
Official school transcript.
Completed 45 hours of a Pharmacology
course within 3 years of application date.
• 6 contact hours of schedule II prescription
information which include state and federal
• Externship means that you have entered
into a practice arrangement consistent
with a Standard Care Arrangement
between a nurse with a CTP-E and one or
more collaborating Physician/s during
which time the nurse’s prescriptions are
being reviewed and evaluated by the
• Need to complete 1500 hours of combined
Direct and Indirect Supervision.
• 500 hours of Direct Supervision means
that your supervisor is on site while you
are writing prescriptions.
• Available for questions/collaboration .
• 200 hours of the 500 hours can be with
APRN with a valid CTP if Collaborating
Physician delegates.
• 1000 hours of Indirect Supervision means
that Collaborating Physician/s review your
prescriptions in a timely manner.
• Have one year to complete 1500 hours.
• Can file for an extension before CTP-E
• Once completed file form B to OBN.
• Do not need to have a DEA number to
have CTP-E.
• Once obtain DEA notify OBN.
• DEA $650.00. Employer cover cost?
• www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov
• OARRS Registration.
• www.ohiopmp.gov
• Standard Care Arrangement
• Written, formal guide for planning and
evaluating a patient’s health care that is
developed by a collaborating physician/s
and an APRN.
• Collaborating Physician/s: SCA with APRN
and is continuously available to
communicate with APRN in person or with
Compensation for services rendered.
Contract negotiation.
Malpractice Insurance.
DEA Number.
National Provider Number.
Medicare Number.
Medicaid Number.
Professional organizations.
Pay it Forward.
• Questions???