Sentry Sampling Systems

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Sentry Sampling Systems

Sentry Equipment Corp.

Sentry Sampling Systems  Over 25 systems manufacturers worldwide  Centralized stations are very common  >6 Sample Lines- Standard Conditioning Rack  <6 Sample Lines- Single Line Panels  Very Competitive Business Allows spare parts business in the future

Sentry Standard Conditioning Rack Design  Constant flow  Efficient sample conditioning  Efficient use of space and custom designs  Highest Performance Components in the Marketplace  304SS front on conditioning section  Dedicated secondary coolers with close approach temperature

Sampling Systems

Sampling Systems

Sampling Systems

Common Problems Solved with Sentry Sampling Systems

Problem #1

: Non-constant Flow to Analyzers  Sentry VREL and BPR/RV in Tandem  VREL Reduces Bulk of Pressure  BPR/RV Does Fine Pressure Control  Shock Absorber- Extra Flow through BPR/RV  Flat Flow vs. Pressure Curve

Problem #2

: Poor Sample Temperature Control   Competitor’s Bath Systems are not “Isothermal” Competitor’s Bath Systems typically only cool  Bath has Poor Approach Temperature due to Low Turbulence  Sentry System uses Dedicated Secondary Coolers  High Surface Area- Close Approach Temperature  +/- 0.25 C control with Chiller; 25+/- 0.5 C through Sentry Coolers

Problem #3

: Plugging Sample Lines  Typically caused by Oversized Sample Lines  Also Caused by Low Flow  Sentry Properly Sizes Coolers with Cooler Program  Sentry Recommends Low Pressure Blowdown

Problem #4

: Samples Too Hot  Many Times Competitor’s Coolers are Undersized  Computer Sizing Can Eliminate  Sentry has over 30 Cooler Models, Competitors have 2 to 4 models  Sentry models include 0.11, 0.16, 0.22, 0.33, & 0.44 Square Meter Surface Area

Problem #5

: Rusting/Patched Panel Front  Most Competitor’s Panels have Painted Carbon Steel Fronts  Sentry Panel has Corrosion Resistant Modular 304 SS Front  Modular Front Allows Future Changes Without Patching the Panel Front

Problem #6

: Too Low Sample Flow  Competitor’s Don’t Size Coolers Properly  Steam Samples, Especially Low Pressure Steam, Needs High Capacity Sample Cooler  Sentry has Special High Surface Area/Low Pressure Drop Coolers- FLF-6222/FXF-6223

Problem #7: Thermal Excursions  Thermal excursions can cause operator injury, damage cells, analyzers and other components and discharge of steam to atmosphere  Thermal excursions can be caused by loss of cooling water, high sample flow rate, fouled or plugged sample cooler or high cooling water temperature  Thermal Shut Off Valves - requires no pneumatic or electrical power, re-settable latching design, positive position indication, compact package  Optional switch for remote indication

Problem #8: Multiple Independent Analyzers  Calibration differences can occur between independent analyzers  Calibration requires valuable time  Sharing one analyzer reduces calibration differences, calibration time, consumable usage, capital cost  Sentry Sequencer is a proven method of analyzer sharing

Kinds of Projects  Complete Turnkey  Panel Upgrade with Components  Some Local Content- Conditioning by Sentry/Analyzers Supplied Locally

Get Sentry Specified

 Sentry Panel Specification  Specify Sentry Components  Require Dedicated Secondary Coolers  Require Flanged, single gasket, 304 SS shell, 304 SS Bolts, and 316 SS Tubing  Require Sentry VREL on High Pressure Lines (> 35 Barg)  Require Sentry TSV & BPR/RV

Sentry Sampling Systems Set the World Standard for Quality and Performance