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Futurist Film
Definitions 1: SF
Science Fiction Robert A. Heinlein. 1959.
“ Realistic speculation about
possible future events, based
solidly on adequate knowledge
of the real world, past and
present, and on a thorough
understanding of the nature and
significance of the scientific
Definitions 2: Fantasy
Fantasy is a genre that uses magic and
other supernatural forms as a primary
element of plot, theme, and/or setting.
Fantasy is generally distinguished from
science fiction and horror by the expectation
that it steers clear of technological and
macabre themes, respectively, though there
is a great deal of overlap between the three
(collectively known as speculative fiction).
Definitions 3: Horror
Any flick designed to scare your date
into your lap.
Linda Williams (Berkeley): Horror,
melodrama, and pornography are
body genres.
Science Fiction
Focus of this class: SF film that
deals with future
Futurist SF
Futurist film
Film about a timeframe yet to come
 Film displaying values and ideas
seeking to release from the past
 Film of prediction, extrapolation, or
speculation on future events
 Film about time travel to future
Futurist motifs
Recurrent themes persist that reveal
psychological and social focus
 Effect of technology on life
 Analysis may reveal sub-sub-genres
and markers.
Space motif
Space motif includes:
 Invasion
as Cold
Invasion as possession
What are the
--Props, costumes, ‘looks’
--Fads, themes, memes
--Sub-genre markers
What is the message?
Correlations to social, psychological
 Propaganda
 Claims
 Iconic display
Film iconography
Visual motifs as signals:
by film makers and audiences
at time of manufacture and today.
One iconographic approach
Kitsch & Camp
--Aesthetic of bad taste and irony
 --Contemporary view of retro future
 --Art history and stylistic analysis
 --Image criticism
Here’s how you can play
Research paper
 PPT presentation
C&C of written or visual
SF classic written text c&c movie(s)
 Anachronon c&c
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All Rights Reserved
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What is the future of future?
What affects current views?
 What is your view of the future?
 How does ‘future’ work?
 How will futurians view us?
 Is time a river?
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