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Cultural Diversity in Education
Graduate Studies
Master Degree
Far Eastern Federal University
School of Education
Welcome to the School of Education
in Far Eastern Federal University!
The contribution of Ussuriisk to the creation and development of intellectual environment in
Primorskii Krai is unique: it was in Ussuriisk where the pedagogical education appeared more than
100 years ago. The first institution of education for women was founded in Nikolsk-Ussuriiskii in
1909 and some years from that it became Ussuriisk State Institute of Education. This Institute
continued to develop original cultural and intellectual fulfillment of the town and region. Nowadays
Ussuriisk State Institute of Education restructured into School of Education of Far Eastern Federal
University represents one of the most significant scientific and educational centers of Russian
Primorie. School of Education is aimed at providing teaching stuff to comprehensive primary and
secondary schools. A highly qualified teacher is a key to the solution of a range of problems in
education today as far as school remains one of the social institutions that every citizen of the
country attends. School of Education has a campus located in the historical downtown of Ussuriisk
with the dormitory five minutes walk from the Lecture Rooms.
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
School of Education in numbers
150 – international students from China and South Korea
25 000 – undergraduate and graduate degrees awarded
504 – interdisciplinary optional courses and electives
3500 – full-time undergraduate students
1248 – part-time undergraduate students
960 – our faculty
103 – age
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Cultural Diversity in Education
The program «Cultural Diversity in Education» commitment is to
identify, educate, and place highly qualified teacher-leaders in
educational environment. The program is designed for
undergraduates with BA in Education and in other disciplines,
practicing teachers, faculty members, administrators and principals
who teach and lead both in culturally homogeneous environments
and in culturally diverse classrooms, schools, groups, teams and
communities. The program is focused on multicultural, social,
political, philosophical and religious problems in multinational
groups. This program is an ideal choice for those who seek to
prepare for the unique challenges and opportunities of teaching in
multicultural classrooms. The program is based on innovative
original methods and materials of highly experienced faculty.
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Educational objectives
The program has been created to meet the growing
demand by educators for the theoretical knowledge and
practical skills needed to address and embrace cultural
diversity. The program provides an opportunity to raise
cultural awareness and intercultural competence through
tolerance, sensitivity, understanding, and
learning. In addition, teachers will acquire
creative strategies and basic techniques for
dealing effectively with cultural diversity in
their classrooms, schools, and communities.
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
The program is based on the system of credits so
as to give the student the possibility to choose
his/her own trajectory of education and selfdevelopment. The courses give from 2 to 6
credits and are eligible to transfer.
The Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.) in “Cultural
Diversity in Education” is designed to prepare teachers
and other professionals to assume leadership roles in
school districts, colleges, universities and other
institutions that have projects, courses, and programs
related to multicultural education, intergroup education,
and race relations. Beyond that, students individuate
their course of studies around their particular interest in
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Program faculty
Sergei Pishun
Academic director of the program
Ph.D, Professor
Russian Academy of Political Science, Academician
Chair of Theology and Religious Studies, Head
School of Education, Director
More than 20 post-graduates and applicants directed by Sergei Pishun
received a Ph.D.
Honors and Awards:
Annual Grant from Governor of Primorskii Region (1997)
Grant from the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia (2002)
Grant of President of the Russian Federation (2005)
Grant from the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Fund (2008)
Honorary breastplate “Honorable Worker of Higher Education”
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
8 Doctors
(Philosophy, Philology, Pedagogy, Political Science)
1 Professor
6 Associate Professors
4 Senior Lecturers
Courses Taught
Current Issues in Education
Fundamentals of
Educational Research
Innovations in Education
ICT in Teaching and
Russian Language/
Business English
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Philosophical Foundations
of Russian Education
Tolerance and Education
Cultural Anthropology
and MultiEthnical studies
in Education
Teaching and Leading
for Diversity
Management in Education
Structure and Reform
of Education.
Comparative Studies
Globalization and Education
Curriculum Development
in Effective Teaching for Diversity
Communication in Education
Holidays and Traditions
in Regional Communities
History of Education
Research Methods
in Inter-Ethnic Studies
Adult Teaching
and Learning
Ethnical Communities
in Interaction (Russia)
Creativity and Education
Grant Writing in Education
The program gives you the
opportunity to know Russian
culture, history, religion,
philosophy, holidays, traditions
and ethnicities on the territory
of Russia.
in order to understand the
legacies of the imperial and
communist past as well as to
analyze the emerging institutions
and identities in Russia
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
During the 2 years, our students are focused on
English and Russian languages studies. It helps
them to achieve advanced or proficiency level in
communication all over the territory of Russian
Federation as well as English speaking countries.
Program requirements
The program is appropriate for any students interested in
issues of diversity and multiculturalism.
The program is intended for students with degrees in any
You will need to:
• have IELTS 5.5 and more or TOEFL iBT 70 and more
• fill in the application form
• show a health certificate
• have an interview
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
General requirements for degree
Students enrolled in the Master's degree program pursue a course of study that
includes overall 120 credits. Students are required to complete all general education
Your final project will be comprised of the following:
• A master's thesis overseen by an adviser (each student selects a topic for thesis
and defends the results of his/ her research at the end of the 4th term)
• A comprehensive examination (it is considered to be passed (in the form of a
written or oral examination) at the end of the 4th term)
• A non-thesis work (research project and teaching practice)
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Russian Summer School
School of Education invites you to take part in our Summer
School studies. Our Summer School is a splendid
opportunity to study Russian and English languages, to
have a rest in an active way, to get a better idea of the
University, Russian Far Eastern history, diversified culture,
beautiful nature and go on captivating sightseeing
excursions all over the region in summer time.
Our students gain an understanding community needs as well
as issues around the globe – becoming respectful and educated
citizens of the world.
Be educating the next generation of thinkers and doers and
leveraging faculty and researcher expertise, the School of
Education drives new ideas and innovations than make the
world a better place.
Cultural Diversity in Education
Master Degree
Национально-этническое образование
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