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Cardiff and Caerphilly
Annual Members Meeting for
October 2010 – September 2011
Apologies to be recorded
Branch Charter
Core Roles
Branch Co-ordinator
Membership Co-ordinator
Parent Support Co-ordinator
PSA Link
Core Role: Branch Coordinator(s)
Outgoing - Jo Powell
Incoming – position vacant
Core Role: Treasurer
Current – Emma Thomas
Financial Report 01.10.10 - 30.09.11
Cardiff & Caerphilly Branch has generated £3,856.74
for NCT.
This figure is made up of the ‘General Reserves’ surplus figure for
the year, £197.44, plus the total ‘UK Office Contribution’, £3659.30.
• Breastfeeding Counselling expenditure relates to expenditure
incurred by Boobiful Babies & the Breastfeeding Support Tutor Group
along with any other expense from the Breastfeeding Counselling
students. This expenditure has remained pretty much the same as
last years.
• Committee Costs appear massively down from last year. Last year
£845, this year £146. However, HO added a new line to the account
“Parent Support” which has incurred £874.24 worth of expenditure.
Although the majority of this spending has been achieved through
grants with the Caerphilly group etc, any committee costs for any
activity supporting parents generally has been put through the new
Parent Support line rather than Committee costs as it was last year.
• Fundraising Unfortunately this year the total of our fundraising has
decreased..... by £8.64!!! A fantastic effort - a total of £5028.57,
totally driven through the NNS’s. (see full treasurers report)
• Unfortunately the only other fundraiser this years ended in a deficit
(Jan 11 Clothes Swap -£158.72), & our other attempt at a Spring
Ball had to be cancelled due to lack of response.
• Newsletter profit is down this year at £307.18. Last year made
£1037. Revenue generated from advertising sales has continued to
increase (see full treasurers report).
• Postage costs remain as erratic as ever (see full treasurers report).
Volunteers are key to this success. Printing costs have seen a
dramatic increase over the last 3 years - almost doubling per issue.
Increase in colour advertising requests?
Core Role: Membership Coordinator
Outgoing – Dominique Mortlock
Current – position vacant
Steve Arnold
Membership numbers at 30th September = 292 households
= 536 members
Core Role: Parent Support Coordinator(s)
Current – Clare Coan
(Local coffee groups)
Outgoing - Rachel Williams
(central coffee groups and
welcome ‘speed bump’
Current – position vacant
Core Role: PSA Link
Current – Miranda Webb
Enquiries Bookings Become members
members %
Branch Volunteers
Over 40 individuals have volunteered over the year
(Including core roles already mentioned)
Plus numerous
•newsletter deliverers
•helpers at Nearly New Sales
•coffee group hosts
‘Bumps and Babies’ Coffee
Cafe Junior – 1st Monday of the month
Funtastic, Caerphilly
4th Wednesday of the month
Moved to
Caerphilly leisure centre,
Wednesdays fortnightly
Local Coffee Groups
3 groups running weekly or fortnightly
attended by 2 -10+ parents
Llandaff North & Whitchurch – Friday Mornings
Thank you to Lucy Ronchetti.
Current contact Natalie Sayer
Rhiwbina & Heath – Friday afternoons
Current contacts Clare Coan and Sian Williams
Ystrad Mynach
Current contact Bonnie Navara
The following groups are no longer running.
Thank you to all the contacts for all their efforts
Pontcanna & Canton - Elise Davison
Splott & Pengam green –Gina Edwards
Thornhill –Rachel Williams
Roath, Penylan, Cyncoed – Anne Marshall
Met 6 times
Nearly New Sales
4 each year – November, February, May & September
Total profit over the past year = £5028.57
Nearly New Sales committee
•Rachel Rundle
•Liz Cridland
•Ruth Young
•Alastair Stewart
•Jessica Harrison
•Michelle Downe
•Helen Johns
Thank you to the following volunteers who are no
longer continuing:
Anne Twomey, Bronwen Bird, Jan Price,
Daphne Evans, Marnie Morgan (Publicity)
Fundraising events team
Thank you to Kate Grand who has stepped
down from this role
Current – position vacant
4 newsletters per year
This year’s profit = £307.18
Revenue generated from advertising sales has continued to increase
(see full treasurers report).
Thank you to Sara Ridley who
took on this role for part of the
Outgoing – Diana Milne
Current – position vacant
Article, feature writer
and Advertising Rep
Liz Mullen
Newsletter distribution
organised by : Bethan…
Thank you to Swati Sunder
and Sarah Wiggin for their
work on the newsletter team.
Volunteers are needed in
particular to help cover
•Coffee Groups Feature
•NCT Regular Events Feature
•NCT Calendar
•NCT ads
Publicity officer
Current – Ruth Young
Quarterly Publicity Mailings
Postage costs remain as erratic as ever (see full treasurers report).
Volunteers are key to this success. Printing costs have seen a
dramatic increase over the last 3 years - almost doubling per
newsletter issue. Increase in colour advertising requests?
Outgoing – Alison Powell
Current – position vacant
Number of telephone enquiries: approx 35
Number of email enquiries: approx 35
Web Editor
- Kit Naylor
New webpages are up and running
New facebook page
Llandough Midwife Led Unit
Antenatal Support
• Antenatal Classes & Refreshers
Cardiff branch provided 50 courses (including 2
Refresher courses)
Supporting 300 women and their partners
• Relax, Stretch and Breathe
new classes held at John Lewis
• Welcome evenings for new parents-to-be
3 events
Sharon Naylor
Antenatal Teacher (Excellent Practitioner)
Assessor (qualified September 2011)
EP Liaison 1W - supporting NCT Practitioners across PSA1W
(South Wales)
Maternity Services Rep – attending Labour Ward Forum
Links with Health Visitors and ‘Action for Children’
Involved in raising awareness of Public Consultation
on Llandough Midwife Unit
Often attending branch Bumps and babies groups,
and Welcome evenings
Jo Powell
Antenatal Teacher
Maternity Services Rep – attending MSLC and Parent Panel
at Aneurin Bevan Health Board, Gwent
Links with Caerphilly birth centre, Nevill Hall and Royal Gwent
Outgoing Branch Coordinator
Attended Welcome evenings and
Caerphilly Bumps and babies
Organised Book club meetings
Marilyn Wills
Antenatal Teacher
Valley Cushion Hire Agent – 10 hires this year over 132 days
Attends Nearly New Sales
Involved with the Public Consultation on Llandough Midwife Unit
Maternity Services Rep attending 10 different forums in NHS and
Student Antenatal Teachers
•Sheila Littleboy – has completed Level 4 work and
taught first course
•Miranda Webb – since 2010 has completed over half of
Level 4 work, helped with newsletter distribution
•Diane Glews
Breastfeeding Support
Congratulations to Clare Coan who qualified as a
Breastfeeding Counsellor in September 2011
Emma Pearce moved to West Wales during 2011 but still
returns to run Breastfeeding sessions as part of Antenatal
Breast pump hire – held by Clare Coan
Student Breastfeeding Counsellors
•Sarah Appleton-Jones
•Nicci Bevan – transferred to Monmouth branch
•Cath Mapstone
•Dani Sapsford
•Heather Trickey – currently on Time Out, working as
Research manager at Head Office
Peer Supporters (in addition to those training as BFCs)
Anne Twomey
Sara Knowles
Anna Davies
Sarah Jones
Boobiful Babies meets weekly in Llanishen
Regional Event
NCT Practitioner sessions: Critical Appraisal Skills Programme
Breastfeeding research
Breastfeeding update
Thank you
Future plans
Region Day June 23rd 2012 for all
2020 tour Wales event 4th Feb 2012
More Book Club dates
More Welcome ‘Speed bumps’ Evenings
Raise internet profile
Ensure ongoing social support
With more volunteers we can make this happen
How to get involved
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