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Northern Cebu Community–based, Eco-friendly Sustainable Tourism Project (KATAWHAN, KINA-IYAHAN, KALAMBU-AN)

23 July 2014

6 - Star AGENDA of Governor Hilario P Davide III 1.


Countryside Development Agri-Fisheries, Livelihood, Cooperative Development, Economic Zones, Business Opportunities

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Health and Social Services Better Health Care/ Upgraded Facilities Professionalization of Medical Personnel 3. Education and Technical and Vocational Training

Classrooms and Learning Materials, Jobs Generation 4. Environmental Protection, Climate Change and DRM 5. Infrastructure Development and Private Sector Cooperative

Trans-axial, Tourism, Utilities, Regional/ Provincial Development Planning, International Airport and Seaport 6. Law and Order

Anti-Illegal Drugs, Peaceful Communities, Rule of law

Framework on Rehab, Recovery and Development Plan Safer, adaptive and disaster resilient communities towards sustainable development Pillar I Climate-smart disaster risk management plans and programs mainstreamed and effectively implemented Pillar II Pillar III Pillar IV Policies/ Context Establishing Disaster Resilient Communities Economic Development Sustaining the Gains of Economic Development Capacity building on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

Project Overview A. Project Description

– The project is intended to rebuild tourism activity in the Northern Cebu tourism cluster, which revolves primarily around the beach, island, and dive resorts.

– Hasten economic recovery in the area, the project will link this island cluster to other tourism sites in the mainland areas of Northern Cebu in a tourism circuit

Project Overview Goals and Objectives

– The project supports entrepreneurship and the creation of new businesses in order to develop green,sustainable and eco-friendly tourism projects in collaboration with local LGUs, businesses, and civil society. To hasten economic recovery in Northern Cebu, the proposed project will seek to:  Increase in Tourist arrivals by 10%  Attract investments and financing for micro-,small- and medium-sized businesses, especially agriculture and tourism  Create employment in the tourism sector

Project Overview

• • •

Project Activities/ Components:

MSME Support and Investment Promotion Tourism Circuit Development and Destination Marketing Business-friendly and tourism ready LGU

Project Overview B. Project Proponents

– Province of Cebu – Project Board – Cebu Chamber of Commerce Inc. (CCCI) – Project Manager – LGUs of Bantayan, Santa Fe, Medellin, Daanbantayan, Bogo, San Remegio – Project Management Team, Project Board (Mayors)

Project Overview C. NGA members of the Project Implementing Team

– DOT – DTI – DENR – DOST – DILG – TESDA – DOLE – Regional Eco-Tourism Committee of RDC

Current Situation

A. Provincial Tourism Arrival (53 cities and municipalities)


1,439,247 (55%)

Local/ Domestic

1,159,003 (45%)

TOTAL 2,598,250

B. Municipal (for focal sites only) Tourism Arrival


Bantayan Santa Fe Medellin Bogo City Daanbantayan San Remegio

TOTAL Domestic Arrival

2,353 33,332 7,305

Foreign Arrivals

1,756 15,687 6,544


4,109 49,019 13,849 51,548 7,556 7,191


Current Situation

C. Annual Growth Rate 13% (regional data) D. Total Number of Hotels and Rooms (including non-accredited) and Location (2013 data)


Bantayan Santa Fe Medellin Bogo City Daanbantayan San Remegio

TOTAL No. of Hotels

8 37 6 10 41 8

110 No. of Rooms

64 423 235 143 430 184


Tourism Circuit Map

Current Situation

D. Ongoing and Pipeline Projects (Name of Project, Funding Agency and Location) Rehabilitation Plan


Agency TOTAL Amount

173,500,000.00 596,000,000.00 88,817,640.00 4,200,000.00


Project Cluster 1. Infrastructure Priority Projects Intervention Location a. Mactan Cebu International Airport, Upgrading of Terminal and Runway and other Facilities under Public Private Partnership Program by DOTC Mactan, Lapulapu City, Cebu (bidding done) b. Cebu North Bus Terminal, Upgrading of Facilities and Management Development by LGU of Mandaue City and Province of Cebu (negotiation started) c. Feeder Airport of Bantayan Upgrading of Runway and other facilities by DOTC and Province of Cebu (first stage of implementation started but stopped) Bantayan, Bantayan Island, Cebu d. Curva-Bagay-Maya Road leading to Malapascua, Conversion from provincial road to national road (negotiation started) e. Upgrading of Santa Fe Port in Bantayan Island (under Cebu International Port regular budget item, for verification) Daanbantayan, Cebu Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, Cebu f. Rehabilitation of transport and communication facilities and utilities in the 6 LGUs damaged by typhoon Yolanda (plan approved budget due for release) Bantayan Island, 3 towns of Bantayan, Santa Fe, Madridejos, Cebu g. Revisit and Implement Malapascua EcoTourism Development Plan, infra (continue implementation depending availability of funds from the Cebu Province Mandaue City, Cebu Logon, Daanbantayan, Cebu h. Bantayan Island Green Management Plan, infra, (planning stage--plan for endorsement by LGUs Development Council, Provincial Development Council and Regional Development Council) Bantayan Island, 3 towns of Bantayan, Santa Fe, Madridejos, Cebu

Project Cluster 2. Tourism Product Development Priority Projects Intervention a. San Remegio’s long coastline (8 marine sanctuaries, 14 km. coastline, the longest in Cebu) San Remegio Location b. Medellin’s vast flat contiguous (the only one in Cebu) sugarcane lands Medellin Bogo City c. Bogo City’s emerging urban tourism, medical tourism, educational tourism (there are students from nearby provinces of Masbate and Leyte) d. Bantayan’s year round tourism arrival (not just seasonal ) Bantayan e. Malapascua’s conservation effort to preserve the big fish encounters of thresher sharks, manta rays, etc.

Malapascua f. Malapascua’s socio cultural mix with the locals Malapascua

Project Cluster 3. Human Resource Development 4. Destination Marketing Priority Projects Intervention a. Capability Building -Training Workshops to communities in terms of tour guiding, local cuisine improvement, housekeeping, souvenir making out of local materials, socio cultural activities showcasing local talents, waitering Location Bantayan, Malapascua, Bogo, San Remegio, Medellin b. Capacity Building – communities in solid waste management as part of island management program c. Capacity Building – Island Management Council in island administration (Bantayan and Malapascua), and tourism circuit management council in tourism administration (Bogo-San Remegio-Medellin) Revisit and Implement Malapascua EcoTourism Development Plan (non-infra) Bantayan Island Green Management Plan (non-infra) Malapascua Bantayan San Remegio-Medellin-Bogo Circuit Tourism Development Plan (conceptual stage) Bogo, San Remegio, Medellin

Project Cluster 5. Enabling policies and programs Priority Projects Intervention Location Convene Malapascua Island Ecotourism Development Council headed by the Governor, Province of Cebu with DENR, DOT, BFAR and LGU Daanbantayan as partners Malapascua Island Creation of Bantayan Island Green Management Council Bantayan Island Creation of Bogo-San Remegio-Medellin Tourismcil Development Council Bogo City-San Remegio-Medelllin Circuit


Product development: marine sports activities and events Capdev for improved production and marketing of souvenirs/pasalubong items

Malapascua Island Resorts in Medellin and San Remigio, Golf (Medellin)

Maya Port, Daanbantayan

Bogo City (Commercial/Tourism service center)

Expansion/upgra de of Hagnaya Port Polambato Port, Bogo City RORO links to Leyte, Masbate, etc.

To Cebu City & Mactan

Waste disposal system Upgrade resorts for DOT-accreditation; marine sports product development Pasalubong Center with enhanced souvenirsl Road improvement/upgrade from Medellin to Maya port (Daanbantayan)

New LGU-operated port for completion. Existing private port needs upgrade.

Bogo City (Commercial/Tourism service center)

Product development: marine sports activities and events Capdev for improved production and marketing of souvenirs/pasalubong items Rebuild/construct resorts as green establishments

NORTHERN CEBU Priority Projects

Expansion/upgra de of Hagnaya Port

To Cebu City & Mactan

Polambato Port, Bogo City RORO links to Leyte, Masbate, etc.

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