Fitness Assessments

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Brooklawn Physical Education and Health
Mr. Wilbur- Lead Teacher
Mrs. Harju
Mr. DiGiacomo
Ms. Fiore
Mr. Totka
Ms. Rushing
Mr. Gihorski
Those who are physically able are
required to have a minimum of 150
minutes of Physical Education and
Health per week by State law
Fitness Assessments
Each student at Brooklawn will get
assessed twice a year on their fitness
 The first assessments take place during
the beginning of the first marking period.
This will be happening next week!
 The second assessments take place at
the end of the last marking period.
 Each student will reflect on their strengths
and weaknesses and given a plan of
action to address their needs.
Fitness Assessments
child is currently
getting assessed in each of
the following categories
during the first few weeks of
Fitness Assessments
 Cardiovascular
› PACER jog
› Mile run
Brooklawn students performing
the PACER jog
 Muscular
› Paced push ups
› Bicep Strength
Fitness Assessments
 Flexibility
› Sit and Reach
Fitness Assessments
 Muscular
› Paced curl ups
Each student will get 3 Marking Periods
of Physical Education and 1 Marking
Period of Health
 Marking period 1 and 4 will consist of all
Physical Education classes.
 During the 2nd and 3rd marking period
each student will have health for either
the 1st or 2nd half
 This will break up the health curriculum so
the students get their physical activity
Feel free to take a look at our state of
the art fitness room!
Be on time to class
Be prepared in the proper uniform
As per school rules: no gum chewing is
 Jewelry may not be worn in physical
education class
 When students enter the gym from the
locker rooms, they are to sit in their
squad spots
 When they enter the gym, use the door
closest to the locker room
 Listen and watch attentively during
instructional times
 Participate in all class activities to their
fullest potential
All students must change clothes to
participate in Physical Education.
Brooklawn PE T-shirt $8
Red PE Masterlock $7
A proper PE uniform consists of the grey PE
Brooklawn T-shirt, athletic shorts(without
zippers/ outside pockets), socks, and
Please be sure all shirts have their first name
printed on the front in the white space
provided. (LARGE PRINT)
should be
in plastic containers
ONLY! (no spray or
Your children may bring
deodorant like this:
Your child may not bring these:
PE lockers are assigned as well as a red
lock. Combinations should not be shared
with anyone else. All valuables are to be
locked in their small locker at all times.
Athletes should also lock up valuables
after school. Every Friday lockers are to
be cleaned out and cleaned clothes
should return on Monday.
Students have 4 minutes- 7 total to
change into their PE clothes and report
to the gym. The student is marked late
unless a signed pass can be produced
from the previous teacher. 7 minutes are
allotted at the end of class to clean-up,
change, and check the locker room.
 No class will leave until the locker room
has been inspected.
A parent note may excuse a student from class
for a maximum of (3) days.
The student shall give all parent notes to his/ her
Physical Education teacher.
A Doctor’s note to excuse the student shall be
taken to the SCHOOL NURSE during HOMEROOM.
Any student with a serious medical condition will
be re-checked by his/ her doctor during EACH
summer to allow the student to be cleared to
participate in activities.
Students will change into uniform for each day
not participating- unless by prior arrangement from
Lost and Found: All articles found in the
locker room will be placed in a large box
near the PE office.
 Jewelry: All jewelry, for safety reasons,
will be removed and locked in the locker
before class.
 Accidents: Any accident or injury should
be reported to your teacher
Brooklawn students in action!
Grading and
Analysis of skills:
Self Assessment
Peer Assessment
Teacher Observation
Written Assessment
Homework Assignments
Meet/ Exceeds Personal Ability
Fitness Assessment
Demonstration of skills
Understanding of rules
Preparation/ Participation
› Behavior
› Attitude
› Sportsmanship
› Cooperation
› Wears appropriate attire
› Arrives on time
› Follows directions
› Performs warm-ups
› Performs daily activity
Each student will have 2 workfolders
Phys Ed.
1 for Physical Education and 1 for Health
The workfolders will contain all written
assignments, assessments, and work
completed by your child during the
course of the year.
Moodle Sites
The Physical Education Department here
at Brooklawn is leading the way for the
district technology initiative, with that in
mind all students must know their login
account name and password for future
assignments this year.
 By the end of the year all the BMS
Physical Education Teachers will have
moodle websites and use them for
curriculumn based instruction.
All of this information can be found on our
Go to the Brooklawn homepage
Click on the “athletics” link
This will bring your to our Physical Education