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Supporting Investments for the Hellenic
Innovation Ecosystem of Tomorrow
Athens, 4th December 2012
Thessaloniki, 6th December 2012
Who we are – Unique skill-set
Piraeus Venture Capital and Private Equity Group has a unique skill-set
Execution in difficult
with subject-matter
financial and
sector expertise
VC-PE Group /
Piraeus Equity
Deep regional
knowledge and
investment and
risk management
What we do - Group Vision
Be the local know-how partner for international
institutions and investors in Greece and the
broader SE European and Eastern
Mediterranean region
Shape the development of the investment market and target strategic sectors in Greece and the
broader region
Cover the entire investment spectrum from angel to private equity investing on growth export oriented
Create value and strong investor returns by focusing on strategic economic pillars for Greece and the
broader region. Initial focus :
- Technology
- Energy / Cleantech / Environment
- Niche segments of real economy
Discussions with potential partners for F+B/Alternative Agriculture and Tourism related fund structures
How we do it – Overview of Activities
Piraeus VC &
PE Group
Angel Investment
Broad spectrum of private capital investments covered by a range of activities and funds.
Full scale alternative asset manager and local know-how partner, addressing the whole
investment timeline from angel investing to later-stage VC and PE funds
Seed / Early Stage
O.F. Investments Ltd
PJ Tech Catalyst Fund
• Angel investments in
Greek technology startups
• Co-investment fund with
EIF in Greek ICT sector
8 Investments
Fund closed
€15mm fund,
1 deal under execution
Venture Capital
Private Equity – Sector
Focused Funds
Piraeus Taneo Capital Fund
Piraeus Clean Energy LP
• Mid-stage VC focused
on selected sectors in
€30mm fund
5 Investments
• Investing in renewable
energy projects across
SE Europe and Eastern
€100mm target size fund,
€40mm anchor commitment
2 Investments
1 under execution
Piraeus Equity Advisors
• Management Team responsible for the setting up of the
entire VC-PE Group
• Advisory role for all of the Group’s investment activities
Our model – The right mix of competencies for a
successful outcome
What is needed in Greece to help the creation of the Innovation Ecosystem of tomorrow
International sector
expertise with local
• Need to combine investment expertise with the right mix of professionals
• Important to combine the right resources, both international and local, to achieve
appropriate execution
Execution ability with
the right Partners
• Ability to navigate complex regulatory and bureaucratic environments in the local
market to efficiently structure deals and minimize risks
• Advisors/Partners appropriate mix to provide both international subject-matter
expertise and understanding of Greek culture / approach to investments
Deep Regional
Knowledge and
• Paramount to understand both the Greek financial and business market intricate
systems to achieve successful execution
• Need to identify scalable and export oriented business models
Rigorous investment
and risk mgmt
• International standard investment and risk management processes
• Adhering to best practices
Our model – What we are looking for in new entrepreneurs
and what we can offer for a successful partnership
Main components of a successful partnership
Energetic / committed
entrepreneurial groups
• Good chemistry amongst the group members is pivotal to success
• Commitment to reaching the group’s targets no matter what the challenges
• Appreciation for global success – Think Big
Well thought long-term
• Good handle of the relevant market potential and the group’s competition
• Innovative thinking
• Scalable and export oriented business models, which can be executed
Maximizing Competitive
• Innovative business models / products need the appropriate IP protection
• Industrial Design is “innovation” in its own right, even if the product designed, is not
highly innovative itself.
• Industrial design provides a very strong basis for advertising and marketing of the
Partnership between
the entrepreneurs and
VC funds
• Smart investors are interested in backing companies with a strong industrial design
• Registration / Protection of industrial design is very important for future success
• Smart money / appropriate mentoring throughout the early years of development
Our current portfolio - Fund investment sectoral
Fund Status
Real Economy
Energy / Environment
8 investments
PJ Tech Catalyst
Operating (Initial
Inv. period to end
Pipeline of 70
potential deals
1 under execution
Piraeus Taneo
Capital Fund
Operating (Initial
Inv. period to end
2 investments
Piraeus Clean
Energy Fund
Operating (Initial
Inv. period to end
1 investment
2 investments
2 investments
1 under execution
The Group is executing on a strong
pipeline of investments across all funds
Contact Details and Disclaimer
Piraeus Equity Advisors
87, Syggrou Ave., 117 45, Athens, Greece
Loukas Pilitsis
CEO, Piraeus Equity Advisors
Tel: (+30) 210 3288621
Mobile: (+30) 6958 472764
Email: [email protected]
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