Arizona Hands & Voices 2011 Annual Report

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Transcript Arizona Hands & Voices 2011 Annual Report

Arizona Hands & Voices
a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization
Annual Report
January 2011 – December 2011
Our Organization supports:
Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Program
Parent advocacy, education, and support
Parent/Professional collaboration
Organization expansion and sustainability
Board of Directors:
President – Molly Romano-Homoki
Vice President - Shelby Willa
Treasurer – Maria Yenerich
Secretary - Jeanne Hollabaugh
Arizona Hands & Voices respectfully submits
its Annual Report for 2011. This document
highlights all the activities that were
supported throughout the year.
Arizona Hands & Voices is dedicated to
supporting families with children who are
deaf or hard of hearing without a bias toward
communication methods or methodology.
We are a parent driven, nonprofit
organization providing families with the
resources, networks, and information needed
to improve communication access and
educational outcomes for their children. We
are focused on outreach activities and
parent/professional collaboration to enable
deaf and hard of hearing children to reach
their highest potential.
Board Members:
Lylis Olsen
Carla Zimmerman
Megan Macpherson
Steve McLeod
Cheri Basset
P.O. Box 50423
Phoenix, AZ 85076-0423
Phone: 1-866-685-1050
Guide By Your Side
Program Coordinator – Jeanne Hollabaugh
Guides: Carrie Gilbraith, Lisa Pettit, Jeanne
Hollabaugh, Anita Jones, Shelby Willa, Barbara Roth,
Diana Wright, Cynthia Elliot, Helen Cartwright, and
Maria Yenerich
The Guide By Your Side (GBYS) Program
• Provides unique one-on-one family support from a trained parent guide (PG)
• Free to families due to donations and grants
• Serves children birth to 21, so there is no other parent and family support program
in Arizona that is specific to families with children who are deaf and hard of
hearing regardless of communication mode or method
Parent Match Program
Follow-Through Program
• Served 42 total families with
• Served an average of 38
children who were identified with
families per month with babies
hearing loss
who failed inpatient screening
• Supported by grants from the
• Supported by EHDI grant
Arizona Community Foundation
through the EAR Foundation of
and the Arizona Blind and Deaf
Children’s Foundation
Family and Organizational
• Sponsored 2 children to attend a deaf/HH summer camp
• Sponsored 2 members to attend the LRP National Institute on Legal
Issues in Educating Individuals with Disabilities
• Hosted GBYS monthly playgroups in Tucson
• Underwrote Family Retreat fees for 17 families
• Disseminated the Hands & Voices publication, The Communicator,
quarterly with an insert highlighting Arizona Hands & Voices news and
• Planned the development of the Arizona Resource Guide for Families
and Professionals supporting deaf/HH children
• Purchased one personal computer to house financial and historical
• Migrated the website to WordPress for ease of use
• Began planning a contacts database
Community Outreach and Events for Parents and
Community Outreach by Board Members
• Served on:
January – March, 2011
Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard
of Hearing (ACDHH) board
University of Arizona Advisory Committee
for Teachers of the Future (teachers of the
ACDHH task force for Deaf Education in
AZ Early Hearing Detection and Intervention
(EHDI) stakeholders group
• Collaborated with:
University of Arizona Dept. of Speech,
Hearing and Language professors to raise
community awareness of childhood hearing
• Presented at:
The EAR Foundation of Arizona's Annual
Conference for Audiologists (Phoenix)
AZ EHDI training for screeners (Flagstaff)
Tucson Unified School District Interpreter
Literacy for Children with Hearing Loss in Chandler (75
parents and professionals attended)
Ben's Bells in Tucson
April – June, 2011
Family Picnic in Tucson
Family Picnic in Chandler
Fundraising with Style at Markley Salon in Tucson
Family Swim Party in Tucson
Build Your Own Pizza in Tucson
July – September, 2011
Language Acquisition and Raising a Child in a Language
Rich Home in Tucson
Family Retreat in Lakeside (17 families attended)
October – December, 2011
Family Picnic in Tucson
Family Picnic in Scottsdale
Annie's Apple Orchard
Halloween Party in Tucson
Holiday Potluck in Tucson
Statement of Activities
Event Registrations
Revenues (Estimates)
GBYS Program Services
Outreach Activities
Conference Attendance
Arizona Community Foundation
Sertoma, Inc.
Midtown Sertoma Sponsorship Fund
Robert Markley Salon & Spa
Arizona Blind & Deaf Children's Foundation,
– EAR Foundation of Arizona
Expenses (Estimates)
Major Contributors
37 official members
We want to thank everyone for their
memberships and donations.
Without your support, we would be
unable to carry out our activities and
achieve our goals.