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Leading company in the metal-mechanics industry.

Our work talks for us.

Magonza, S.A. de C.V., a metal-mechanics company leader based in San Luis Potosí, S.L.P, México, is established in March 1987.

The company provides services of design and manufacture of specialized pieces for the industry, including manufacturing of agricultural industry and for heavy machinery.


In Magonza, S.A. de C.V. our only and main objective is to achieve the complete satisfaction of our costumers. The way we do it is by fulfilling our costumers ´ requests and delivering on time, providing high quality machinery services. We are committed with the continuous improvement and we specially care about our quality system implemented in the manufacturing process and the training of qualified human resources.

Every day we work very hard to stimulate reliable and trustworthy business agreements for the long term in order to generate profits for everyone, our costumers and our company.


We offer a wide range of services , and the quality is always the same and the best.

We work in a industrial warehouse of 1500 square meters in order to satisfy our costumers ´needs.

The variety of our services are: Manufacture of mass production pieces Design Manufacture of specialized and unique pieces in CNC Recovering of steel, bronze, and aluminiumpieces Assembly of mechanic devices and tools Plastic injection molds Die manufactureFrame welding (steel)We are very careful in using the best materials so you can get the best performance of our products.

As you can see, Magonza, S.A. de C.V. offers what you need.


Cummings Generator Tech Mexico Eaton Truck Components Detersol B&D Medical (Roche Sheltel Services) Siderúrgicade San Luis (San Luis Iron and Steel company) Siemens BombasGrandfos Continental Tire Mexico Dimatra 3M Mexico ImpresionesyCajas de San Luis (San Luis Imprints and boxes)

CNC Lathe

Axes Travel Between axes

y Víctor CNC Lathe Leadwell CNC Lathe Nakamura CNC Lather Hwacheon ECO 21 CNC Lathe Heacheon Horizontal Lathe Fanuc robodrill drill and tap Daewoo Puma CNC Lather Daewoo Puma Vertical Lather Kiwa-Excell Vertical machinery center Monarch Vertical machinery center Mori-seiki Vertical machinery center Cincinnati Vertical machinery center 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 x 10 ” 11 ” 10 ” 10 ” 10 ” 10 ” 22 ” 18 ” 26 “ 50 ” 30 ” 40 ” 21 ” 12 ” 25 ” 13 ” 20 ” z 11 ” 20 ” 12 ” 26 ” 51 ” 24 20 ” 25 ” 17 ” 20 ” Le Blond makino horizontal machinery centerl 3 22 ” 22 ” 22 Hitachi Seiki horizontal machinery center 2 17” Yang VMC 16” 40” 20” 20” Hyundai dr lland Top 20” 20” 20” doble plate Mitsubishi Grinder CNC 2 Beetweeen cen ter 1“ diámetro 6”


Coordinates Measurement TableMitutoyo Harding test Optical Comparator


7 parallel lathe 6 milling machines 1 Horizontal Grinder 3 grinder 1 brush 1 welding

Contact us and let us take care.

ParqueFundidoresEje 134 N ° 1345.

Zona Industrial Phone & Fax: (444) 812 20 10 , 821 16 20 y 821 26 92 San Luis Potosí, S.L.P.

emails: Manager: [email protected]

Production: [email protected]

Quality: [email protected]

Administration: [email protected]

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Product Development and Design Prototyping Cutting Punching Bending Assembly Powder Coating Painting Instrumentation & Sensor Integration

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Rigid frames Open core Joist beams Three-dimensional structures Tanks Flotation tanks Silos Platforms Chassis Hoppers Cones Chutes Rollators uo to ½” Shears uo to ½” thick

Shear cutting Bending on presses Pantograph Submerged ark welding Micro-wire welding Electric welding (SMAW) Laser Pantograph


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Specialized Containers Welding Jobs Industrial Plants Tridimensional Steel Structures Industrial Assembly

Centro Logístico Internacional de Carga Aérea en el Aeropuerto Ponciano Arriaga San Luis Potosí General Motors

Asesoramiento en Recubrimientos Metálicos

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Anodize Aluminum Teflon (Niram Plating) Anodize Blank Chrome Plating Decorative Decorative Nickel Plating Electroless Nickel Plating Nickel Plating Nickel Chrome Plating Hard Chrome Plating Hard Chrome Plating with Teflon Enduring Plating Niram Plating Printing (Baking Finish Painting) Spray Ral 1013

Our Business Unit: At Serviacero Especiales we specialize in selling Special Steels, Engineering Plastics, Measurement Instruments and Equipment to support the requirements on production, repair services, control and maintenance in industries such as Automotive, Footwear, Plastic Injection, Metal Mechanic, Agricultural, Industrial Equipment and more. Services: Assistance in the use and application of our products; material cuts with capacity thru 40.0 (1,106 mm) of transversal section; also measurement instruments and equipment calibration, certification and repair services.