Changing Earth Ch. 1 Review

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Transcript Changing Earth Ch. 1 Review

Changing Earth Ch. 1 Review Who am I?

I’m an area of volcanic activity that develops above rising plumes of magma.

 Hot spot

I’m the huge underwater mountain ranges that are present in every ocean and circle the earth.

 mid-ocean ridges

I’m one plate sinking beneath another.

 Subduction

I state that Earth’s lithosphere is broken into huge, moving slabs of rock driven by motions in the mantle.

 Theory of plate tectonics

I’m the name that Alfred Wegener gave to the huge supercontinent that he proposed had once existed.

 Pangaea

I’m the place where older crust is destroyed because two plates converge, or push together  Convergent boundary

I occur where two plates move past each other in opposite directions.

 Transform boundary

I’m the hypothesis that proposed that Earth’s continents were once joined in a single landmass and then gradually moved apart  Continental drift

I’m the layer of hotter, softer rock in the upper mantle.

 Asthenosphere

I’m a plate with oceanic crust sinking under a plate with continental crust.  Oceanic -continental subduction

I’m the layer of liquid metals that surrounds the inner core.

 Outer core

I’m the motion created when heated material continually rises, cools, and sinks.

 Convection current

I’m the thin layer of rock that surrounds the Earth.

 Crust

I’m the gap that forms as tectonic plates move apart  Rift valley

I am the layer at the center of the Earth.

 Inner core

I am the three pieces of evidence that proved Wegener’s Continental Drift theory to be correct.

 Fossils, climate and geography

I am the main driving force of plate tectonics.

 convection in the astenosphere

I am the part of the Earth that makes up a tectonic plate  crust and upper most mantle

I am a boundary that is also known as a spreading center.

 Divergent boundary

I am the pattern formed by magnetic minerals at a mid-ocean ridge.

 Same on either side of the ridge

I was formed after a continental continental collision of the African and European plates.

 The Alps

Hint:  How do the studies of the ocean floor- and everything that is happening there- help explain the theory of plate tectonics?