QCIA Preparing for verification

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Preparing for verification
Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement
Quality-assurance processes
Certificate information
In the student’s exiting year, the school:
• generates the draft Statements of Achievement
• identifies the relevant Statements of Participation
• collects evidence to substantiate statements.
These statements are based on the curriculum plan.
Notification of verification meeting
Memo is sent to
schools with:
• requirements for
the meeting
• meeting venues
• registration forms.
Requirements for verification meeting
• Draft certificate information for all exiting students
• Curriculum plan and eligibility forms for all exiting
• Evidence (e.g. student portfolio) used to make
judgments for ONE student (if fewer than 10), and
TWO students (if 10 or more)
• Laptop, if evidence is in digital format.
Purpose of verification meeting
Verification meetings are mandatory for all schools
with exiting students. Their purpose is to provide:
• quality assurance of certificate information
• feedback to schools
• professional development for teachers.
Meetings take place in August of the exit year.
At the verification meeting
• Peers review:
– draft certificate information
– samples of evidence to support the Statements
of Achievement
– the match between the intended learning
outcomes and the Statements of Achievement.
• Review notes are completed by participants for
the triplicate feedback forms.
• QSA staff complete the triplicate feedback forms.
Draft QCIA for verification
The draft QCIA achievements are entered in SLIMS
The Statement of Achievement comments database
is incorporated in SLIMS — RABS.
• Check the QSA website at
<www.qsa.qld.edu.au/1161.html> for the user
Entering statements in SLIMS — RABS
Statements of Achievement may be entered by:
• either selecting a statement from the comments
• or adding your own free-form text statement that
reflects the achievement of the student.
Statements of Participation are:
• selected from a “pick list”
• not able to be entered manually.
Free-form Statements of Achievement
There is a facility to use the free-form text field in
RABS to enter specific statements that report the
learning achievements for students on highly
individualised learning programs.
Free-form statement must follow the guidelines and
writing conventions for writing statements in Section 5
of the QCIA Handbook accessed at
Statement of Achievement comments
The Statement of Achievement comments database
is also found on the QSA website at
The comments database is a resource to help schools
draft Statements of Achievement. It allows users to
search a collection of sample statements using
Previewing the certificate information
To check the QCIA information that you have selected
or entered in the final certificate format, click the
Preview button at the right-hand bottom of screen.
Printing draft QCIA from SLIMS — RABS
The QCIA Preview will appear with the student’s
name, LUI number and school name.
Screen view of draft QCIA
Click PRINT for
hard copy of data.
Draft certificate for verification
Student folio of evidence
The folio of evidence should be collected:
• throughout the student’s senior schooling phase
• for all nominated eligible students
• for each proposed Statement of Achievement
and Statement of Participation.
Evidence of achievement
The evidence of achievement:
• matches the intended learning outcomes outlined
in the curriculum plan
• is collected for all nominated eligible students
• is used to substantiate the final certificate
• is best organised in the curriculum organisers
• uses a variety of evidence, e.g. checklists,
photographs, learning logs.
More information
• QSA website: <www.qsa.qld.edu.au>
• Email: [email protected]
• Direct link to QCIA information:
<www.qsa.qld.edu.au> Senior Schooling >
Certificates & qualifications > Queensland
Certificate of Individual Achievement
• Direct link to QCE information:
<www.qsa.qld.edu.au> Senior schooling >
Certificates & qualifications > Queensland
Certificate of Education