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Annual general meeting
27 September 2011
Welcome and introduction
Mr John Trewby
The financial year
Alastair Matthews
Director of finance and
Annual report and accounts
• Full accounts on Trust website
• Summarised accounts in annual report
• Surplus of £2.9m before impairments of £3.3m
- Income of £514m
- Costs of £511m
• Surplus was underpinned by £33m of savings
• Trust not receiving full tariff for its activity
• Net liquidity improved but requires further
improvement in 2011/12
Annual costs of £511 million
How is it spent?
Clinical negligence
Research &
Other supplies
PDC dividend
Premises &
Clinical supplies &
Staff costs
1090 doctors
4023 nurses & HCA
921 scientific & theraputic
1563 estates, admin and
Annual income of £514 million
What are the main sources?
NHS Hampshire
Other SHIP
NHS Southampton City
Audit Commission - annual audit letter
Unqualified Audit Opinion
Proper arrangements to secure value for
• Improving levels of engagement across the Southampton Health System
• Sound assurance, risks and performance management processes
• Key actions:
•deliver cost improvement programme
•work with local partners to improve activity management
•improve cash and liquidity position
•implement service changes e.g. major trauma centre
Biomedical research
in Southampton
Professor Iain Cameron
Dean of faculty of medicine
University of Southampton
Surgical frontiers
Mr Tim Underwood
MRC clinical scientist
University of Southampton
Managing intestinal
Dr Trevor Smith
Consultant gastroenterologist
Intestinal failure
SUHT intestinal failure (IF) service
Phased opening of IF unit from April 2010
High standards of care compared to NCEPOD
CRS: five fold reduction
– savings £180K
18 complex IF operations – ten able to stop HPN
– savings £0.5-1m
HPN avoided in six out of 16 referrals;
– savings ~£0.5m
Regional clinical network
Nutrition and catering:
our journey to excellence
Judy Gillow
Director of nursing
Our journey to excellence
• Where we were
• Where we are now
• Where we plan to be
Nutrition – Where we were two years ago
• Change in catering contract
• Inconsistent patient feedback
• Media articles
reduced patient/public confidence
• Early implementation of new system/roles for nursing
and catering staff
• Inconsistent nutritional screening
• ANT nutrition link nurses in place
Nutrition in 2011
Where we are now
Logistics and quality improved and destination Excellent
• Meeting CQC and BAPEN standards
• PEAT Scores “excellent” (2/4)
• Catering and SUHT staff working in
• Introduction of patient protected meal times
• Nutrition screening much improved
Nutrition in 2011
On the right path
• Red trays
and beakers
in use
• Meal time co-ordinator role being implemented
• Improved patient
feedback from . . . .
Achieving nutrition excellence going forward
• Trust quality priority
• Rigorous monitoring framework
• Improved patient feedback
• Recognition as a biomedical nutrition research
• Successful implementation of mealtime assistant
Review of the year:
Turning the
2020Vision into a
Mark Hackett
A changing health economy
GP commissioning
Reconfiguration at regional and local level
QIPP savings to be delivered
Research and education funding
Tariff reductions
Emergency demand rising in tertiary centres
Developing world class hyper-acute services
Responding to change
Developing our working relationships with GPs
Working closely with partners to agree our five year strategy
Embracing requests to change the way we receive referrals
Delivering savings of £33 million
Growing our research and how we develop it into new treatments
Investing in new services, facilities and equipment
Improving the effectiveness of local and regional services
Improving patient safety and outcomes
Improving staff satisfaction
Better care for patients
Keeping you safe:
- MRSA at all time low
- Record reductions in C. difficile
- Exemplar site for blood clot prevention
- Preventing falls in hospital
- Preventing pressure sores
- Safer operating theatres
- Managing deteriorating patients
Better care for patients
Improving your outcomes:
- Vascular surgery
- Cardiac surgery/cardiology
- Colorectal
- Stroke
- Cancer
- Intensive Care
- Upper GI
- Intestinal Failure Unit
Better care for patients
Improving your experience of receiving care:
- Parking improvements
- Same sex accommodation
- Access to services
- Supporting patients with learning disabilities
- Acute oncology unit
Clinical service developments
Major Trauma Centre
Vascular and stroke services
Clinical service developments
Children’s congenital heart surgery
Children’s hospital
Clinical service developments
Cancer services
Obstetrics and maternity
Cardiac services
Respiratory services
Interventional radiology
Future developments
Closer partnerships with providers and GPs
Child health
Emergency care
Day surgery
Chronic diseases – COPD/heart failure
Radiology services
Research and development
Challenges ahead
High quality services that patients admire
Timely access to our services
Developing children’s heart surgery
Delivering our 2020Vision
- Managing our regional role
- Delivering excellent emergency and local services
- Improving services to community for chronic disease
Investing in staff capacity and capability to be a great place to
Managing with less resources