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High Power LED Lighting Solutions
Welcome to an overview of our company
LEDrite Company
 High Precision Manufacturer & Assembler
• Patented Design & Technologies
Our Patented Technology
Super Micro Computer, Inc. San Jose, California(NASDAQ: SMCI)
- 3rd Largest Server Company in the world.
Ablecom Corporation
- Market leader in OEM server provider.
Compuware Technology Inc.
- Specialize in ODM server power supply.
Patented Heat Dissipation Design
Why Fin Technology?
-Our heat dissipation technology was originally derived from Supermicro’s “sunflower” heat fin design.
-Supermicro specializes in computer server technology, which demands extremely stable and cool
operation conditions. We adopted this proven method of heat dissipation to LED application, a
relatively unheard of concept two years ago. Many of our competitors have been influenced by this
concept since then.
Largest Heat Dissipation Surface Area
The larger the surface is, the better the heat dissipates
Our Product
Good heat dissipation
 Efficient thermal expansion & heat
 The thinnest pure aluminum fins in the
 The aluminum heat sink penetrates to the
chipset core . It will transfer heat faster with the
help of the large surface area.
Most Competitors’
Bad heat dissipation
Die-cast heat sink design
Inefficient thermal
Patented Driver and Power Supply
 State of art design from Supermicro ,a military grade to ensure the
stability and life span of 50,000 to 100,000 hours.
 All major components inside the driver are tested under hazardous
conditions to ensure the highest performance.
Stable Driver and Power Supply
Why Our Driver is more Stable ?
- The state of art server technology from Super Micro.
-The average output current is 700mA at 60Hz with only 10% variation from the average to give a very
stable operation condition.
- Most competitor’s drivers we evaluated. The peak current could be as high as 900mA and as low as
500mA which means the LED electricity will fluctuate either too high or too low. Unstable electricity
will be easy to damage the LED lighting system.
Product Comparison – Street Light
Our competitor’s
Product Comparison – T8 Light
Our competitor’s
Die-casting aluminum alloy heat
sink leads to a poor thermal
Proprietary heat fin design with
largest surface area to efficiently
dissipate heat.
Result in a short life span
Ensure long life operation.
Accelerated Performance Test (APT) – Beyond LM-79 & LM-80 Requirements
Why LM-79 & LM-80 test will not guarantee the long life of LED products ?
• They are lab tests,under a controlled environment.
• It tells the initial lighting criteria but can not predict the product life.
• Many reputable LED street lights have impressive LM-79 & LM-80 reports
but failed after one year life application .
Why is Accelerated Performance Test (APT) important ?
• It evaluates the LED product as an integrated technology -LED chips,
heat dissipation, power supply and manufacturing process.
• It simulates the real environment conditions.
• It can help to predict the product reliability.
Accelerated Performance Test (APT) Procedures
1. Safety
8. On/Off cycling at
93+/-2% relative
9. Surge
2. Basic Characteristics:
•Power factor,
•Power Consumption,
•color temperature
•Current harmonic distortion
7. Durability
10. Light beam
3. Optical
Characteristics &
luminous efficacy
6. On/Off
11. Electromagnetic noise
12. Dust &
Water proof
4. Voltage
5. Temperature
13. Vibration
* The test will start over from the step one if the product fails at any step of the test.
Total Solutions for Our High Power LED Lighting
Certifications :
Worldwide Patents: Thermal management & power supplier
Documentations :
*LM79-08 *LM80 *Performance Durability test *Photometric data *Product specifications
Member of Organizations
Trade Associate of ComEd
Smart Ideas
Ally of Ameren ActOn
Energy Efficiency Program
For American
Technology - Super Micro Computer, Inc. San Jose, California.
LED Chipset - CREE or Philips Lumileds US, The best LED chip manufacturers
in the world.
Assembly and test – American Precision Assemblers , Hampshire, Illinois
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