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Frank X Walker
Artist and Activist
“[Art] is the perfect thing to learn to
appreciate different cultures, to
bring people together who
wouldn’t normally socialize
together. They might all come to
the same exhibit, or reading or
pick up the same book. I think it’s
that powerful.”
Frank X Walker, Ace Magazine
A Few Facts…
• Born in 1961 in Danville, Ky. to Faith and Frank
Walker, Sr.
• Graduate of UK and Spalding University’s MFA in
Writing Program
• Authored 4 Poetry Collections
• Program Coordinator for University of Kentucky’s
Martin Luther King Cultural Center
• Former Founder and Director of the Bluegrass
Black Arts Consortium
• Creative Writing Instructor at Carnegie Learning
• Arts Director of the Roots Heritage Festival
• Director of the Kentucky Governor’s School for the
• Co-founder of the Affrilachian Poets
• Co-produced award-winning documentary “Coal
Black Voices”
(af.ruh.LAY.shun) adj. Relating to an
African-American who lives in
Also: Afrilachian. – Affrilachia n.
“What began as a word has become a
literary movement filled with powerful
voices, whether their writing is personal
or political.”
Jackie Demaline,“The Cincinnati Enquirer”
Affrilachian Poets
“The point I’m trying to make is,
that what I choose to talk
about as an artist, and what I
represent, is as important to
people who don’t look like me
as to those who do. It
challenges stereotypes; it
offers another image.”
Frank X Walker, Ace Magazine
Selected Readings:
“Wishbone” – p. 7
“Red Handed” – p. 65
“Affrilachia” – p. 92
Published: 2000, Kentucky
Librarian’s Choice Award
Buffalo Dance
Selected Readings:
“Wind Talker” – p. 1
“Work Ethic” – p. 3
“God’s House” – p. 4
“Primer” – p. 6
“Wasicum Sapa” – p. 16
“Work Song” – p. 24
“Unravel” – P. 59
“Ursa Major” – P. 67
Published: 2003, Winner of Lillian
Smith Book Award
Educational Vision
“I also accept the dual responsibility
of existing as a teaching artist and
making a commitment to the
identification and development of
the next generation of young
writers and artists.”
Frank X Walker, Artist Statement