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EQ vs. IQ
• Why being brainy isn’t just enough?
What is EQ ??
An iPhone app
An Equation in Mathematics
Equator in Geography
Equivalency in Chemistry ..
• ……Or something else?
Thought to ponder…
Do you ever wonder why do people with high IQ struggle in
life while others with moderate IQ succeed?
Emotional Quotient
• Definition
Emotional Intelligence, or EI, describes an ability or
capacity to perceive, assess, and manage the emotions
of one's self, and of others. EQ, or Emotional Quotient,
is how one measures Emotional Intelligence.
Major components of EQ/EI
Self Awareness – Understand
own moods and emotions
Self Management –
Control over emotions,
think before act!
Social Awareness – Develop a
rapport with new people
Relationship Management –
Understand other’s
emotions and treat them as they
wish to be treated
What EQ is NOT…
Being agreeable
Being optimistic
Being calm
Giving someone a hug
• ..These are good qualities to have, but have very little to do
with Intelligence and Emotions and nothing to do with
Emotional Intelligence!!!
What EQ is…
• Self awareness
• Self confidence
• Interpersonal skills
• Social competence
Differences between EQ and IQ
Helps you get in the door
Measure of ability to learn or understand
Trying to convince someone by facts
Being at the mercy of emotions because
you don’t understand them
Book smart
Gets you through school
Helps you succeed at job
Measure of ability to use your emotions
and logical skills
Trying to convince someone by reasoning
Understanding and managing emotions and
using them for good reasons
Heart smart
Gets you through life
Differences between EQ and IQ
What does your EQ say about you??
What does your EQ say about you??
How to raise your EQ?
• "There is only one corner of the
universe you can be certain of
improving... and that's your own self. --- Aldous Huxley
How to raise your EQ
• Knowing one’s own emotions
• Recognize and name emotions you feel; understand why you feel
that way; and distinguish between feelings and actions
• Motivating oneself
• When considering how to productively harness your feelings,
practice some emotional self-control and delay gratification
• Recognizing emotions in others
• Be sensitive to other people’s feelings and listen well
How to raise your EQ
• Managing emotions
• Accept your feelings, but find a balance between over sensitivity
or over expression and emotional suppression
• Handling relationships
• Being perceptive, applying conflict management skills instead of
ignoring conflict, and being considerate and cooperative
How does EQ help you to succeed?
College interviews
Summer jobs
Relationships with family and friends
Career: Employers administer EQ tests
before offering jobs
• Progress quickly thru life and achieve
• Ability to deal with your immediate world
• Where else?
• Your EQ has more to do with your
success and happiness in life than
your IQ and it can be learned.
It is very important to understand
that emotional intelligence is not
the opposite of intelligence, it is not
the triumph of heart over head -- it
is the unique intersection of both
Challenge Yourself to Achieve!!!
• It is not just technical and analytical abilities (IQ) that makes one
• To be successful in life, you need a combination of EQ and IQ.
• And here is the great news; EQ (unlike IQ) can be developed!!
• Thank you for your attention!!