Botox when to use it and what are its possible side effects

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Transcript Botox when to use it and what are its possible side effects

Botox: when to use it and what are its possible
side effects
What are the possible side effects of treatment with botox or botulinum toxin: the
importance of always putting ourselves in the hands of professionals?
And is that, for example, not all wrinkles of the face are treatable with Botox In Boston:
botulinum toxin has effect only on dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles of expression, which are
formed by making different gestures with the muscles facial These wrinkles are usually
formed in the upper third of our face (especially between the eyebrows), that's why this
type of treatment is applied the most. Wrinkles produced by aging or by the sun cannot
be treated by Doctor for Botox.
Sometimes, with the passage of time, and as the Botox Treatment in Boston is repeated,
the effect of the botox can last longer and need less punctures and more spaced. There is
a number of Best Place for Botox In Boston where one can get best treatment for the
Side effects of botox
 We must take into account the possible side effects that can cause a Botox
Treatment Boston that is why it is so important that we put ourselves in the hands
of specialized doctors when performing this type of treatment. One of the side
effects perfectly avoidable if we put ourselves in the hands of a professional is
a possible allergic reaction to botulinum toxin : this would produce inflammation
in the area of the face and throat, difficulty breathing, urticaria.
 Most of the side effects respond to a wrong application of botulinum toxin: going
to a specialized doctor can save us many problems that can arise from a wrong
application. The most frequent problem in these cases is that the eyelid or facial
muscle in which the injection has been applied falls.
 Other frequent problems are usually the inability to close the eye completely, the
constant tearing or, on the contrary, the dry eye syndrome and even damage to the
cornea or weakening of the facial muscles.
Other applications of botox and its side effects
 Botox is not only used for aesthetic purposes, but it is also used for medical
purposes. One of its applications is given in the event that the patient suffers
migraines, as a treatment by Doctor for Botox near Me to prevent migraine
episodes: in this case, if an appropriate application is performed may appear
headaches, muscle aches and cramps and rashes.
 You can also apply the Botox Boston in the area of the neck and shoulders. This is
a delicate area because, if applied incorrectly, side effects can affect our ability to
swallow and can create muscle pain and weakness in the area of application of
botulinum toxin.
 One of the most unknown uses of botox is that given for the treatment of urine loss
due to overactive bladder. In this case the botox is applied to the wall of the
bladder, which can cause urinary tract infections, painful urination after the
injection, inability to completely empty the bladder, urine retention, hematuria,
and frequent urination during the day.