All You Need to Know about Lab Created Gemstones

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Transcript All You Need to Know about Lab Created Gemstones

All You Need to Know about Lab Created Gemstones
Gemstones are colorful and perfect for gifting someone. Every person who has a
gemstone has a special meaning attached to it. There are some who consider them to be a
symbol of wealth and success. You will notice most of the Hollywood celebrities with
emerald, diamonds and rubies. There are people who wear them as a symbol of power.
Most gemstones are hard to find and expensive. It is for this reason that there are lab
created gemstones. The lab created gems are an alternative for natural ones.
Some of the gemstones like emerald, sapphire, opal and diamonds are quite expensive
and are popular choice of synthetic gemstones. The lab created ruby and lab created
sapphire are not imitations but the real deal. Despite being grown in labs, these
gemstones are identical with the natural gemstones in their appearance and chemical
composition. The only difference is that one is made in the lab and the other is naturally
mined. Imitated gemstones, on the other hand, do not follow the chemical compositions
and are thus different from real gems.
There is a process used in making the lab emerald and lab created white sapphire. The
stones must have the same mineral composition as the natural ones. In the lab, the
process takes a shorter time and there is reduced cost of mining. You cannot easily tell
the difference between two gemstones. You need high magnification or a trained eye to
differentiate them.
The crystallization process is one of the things that differentiate the natural stones from
the synthetic stones. The minerals in the natural gemstones are formed in the molten
stage. The lab created stones follow a controlled process where minerals, pressure and
heat are added so that it resembles the natural gem.
From the lab creation process, you get gemstones that are of high quality and affordable.
Lab created stones have different setting options and there are many colors and karats at
your disposal. Synthetic gemstones give you options that you will not get from the nature.
There are many reasons why people prefer the synthetic gems. First of all, they are
environmental friendly; they do not use the natural resources to produce the gem. There
is no digging of mines. Lab grown stones use less resources compared to those needed to
If you are traveling and you do not feel like carrying your expensive jewelry, you can
carry your lab grown jewelry. When you are looking for a gift for a friend or you want to
treat yourself to the best jewelry, make sure that you buy the gemstone from a trusted
dealer. A trusted dealer will give you the lab created padparadscha sapphire that you
want. Make sure that you are getting the quality level and not an imitation. You can
compare the lab created sapphire price to ensure you get the best price. You can have a
wide variety of designs of lab grown stones in your wardrobe. The designs will be unique
and in different colors.