Top programming languages that can be interesting to look for in 2018

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Transcript Top programming languages that can be interesting to look for in 2018

Top languages that can be interesting to look
for in 2018
If you’re looking for which language is suitable for you, then you are at a right
stop. You may get your answer after reading this blog for choosing the correct
programming language in 2018.
Many programming languages are best, but the languages in the top 10 are above
all. Let us take a practical view of the current state, tendencies and safe-near
predictions about our top tremendous languages that can be interesting to look
for in 2018.
The results are according to the statistical data from the trusted sources with indepth research on the data. The goal of this post is to make you aware of the most
favorite programming languages of the IT market. It helps in deciding which
niche is worth the time and effort to master and which helps in selecting a
successful and profitable career as a software developer.
This blog covers the top programming languages based on their popularity,
demand, and the highest paying jobs.
The prominent languages are the one that has most of the applications written
and available, and this is not easy to change. Java, C, C++, C#, and Python are
among the most favorite programming languages.
According to the Popularity of Programming language Index (PYPL) till March
2018, the most considered languages are as follows:
List of the preferred languages on PYPL
Let’s discuss the highest used languages
1. Python:
It’s impossible to be a developer without using Python as a programming
language. According to the survey, Python is the most popular language of 2018.
The trend for using Python increased for the last year.
Python is essential for developing innovative and intuitive designs. It is often said
that Python’s syntax is explicit, instinctive, and is almost “English-Like” which
makes it a popular choice for beginners. The language is versatile and is majorly
used in back-end development. NumPy and SciPy that are the commonly used
packages with TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, and OpenCV as libraries.
2. Java:
Java is the linchpin in the world of programming languages. Most of the
companies heavily use this language for developing the applications. Its slogan
“write once, run everywhere” says everything. The key that makes it so valuable
and powerful is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which makes it cross-platform
The popular carrier paths with Java are backend developer, prominent data
developer, embedded systems engineer, or Android developer. You can be
confident of having the plenty of jobs in Java. So, if you are comfortable with
Java, you can go with this most contemporary language.
3. JavaScript:
JavaScript is the ubiquitous programming language. If you enjoy creating
interactive web designs, then JavaScript is a right destination for you. Different
front-end frameworks React, and AngularJS have substantial future potential as
IoT which helps JavaScript to run with better efficiency.
Mobile application tools are Apache Cordova or React Native, and Electron also
helps in developing game applications. JavaScript is a built-in web browser with
a flexible and sparing syntax, which makes it a most user-friendly programming
4. PHP:
Another best option for web developers is PHP. This scripting language is
executed on the server and commonly used in enhancing the HTML web pages
functionality with MySQL database. PHP is used for various purposes like
collecting and verifying form data, creating cookies, and helps in displaying
dynamic contents and images. Laravel and Drupal are the frameworks used in
making the web application faster, robust, scalable and secure.
If you are thinking of working as a freelancer, then PHP is an excellent choice for
WordPress developers always need a developer who can build PHP plug-in and
provide technical assistance.
5. C#:
C# is the Object-Oriented programming language built on the foundation of C.
Microsoft designed the language as a part of .NET for developing the software
applications. The unique language is helpful in developing the applications for
Native Microsoft platforms. The syntax is easy to understand as they are similar
to C-derived languages such as C++ and Java, so it’s easy to understand this
dominant language.
You can also write your code on Xamarin platform of C# as it helps in mobile app
development for both Android and iOS which helps in saving time for writing the
code in Java and Swift. Thus, it can be easily used in cross-platform language for
deploying to both platforms. If you are willing to develop a game, then C# can
help in building the application with the popular Unity game engine.
6. C/C++:
The most potent and influential language on computer the computer
programming language is still alive and winning the hearts. Many other
languages are derived from C due to its persuasive syntax, construct and
paradigms. The derived languages are C++, Java, C# And Objective-C. C
generally helps in developing programs for the embedded system.
The successor of C is a C++ programming language. C++ is an Object-Oriented
programming language, therefore, helps in developing higher-level applications
such as computer-graphics, video games and virtual reality.
7. R:
R is an open-source programming language available as Free Software under the
GNU. The language is helpful in data analysis of most useful statistical
algorithms. The front-ends R Studio and R Commander help in interactively
loading the data.
The language is used in developing desktop applications with the small world of
data. Anybody can use and fix the bugs available in the application without
waiting for the vendor to do it. If you are interested in statics, graphic
representation and data analysis the R is the stable and beneficial choice for you.
8. Objective-C:
Objective-C is the dynamic binding language used for developing iOS and Mac OS
X operating systems and applications. Initially, NEXT developed for its
NEXTSTEP OS which was later taken over by APPLE. Apple’s new language
SWIFT is also among the list, but Objective-C is still superior with its objectoriented programming.
If you are interested in learning the concepts rather than going in technical
depth, then Objective-C is a perfect match for you to become a competent
9. Swift:
Swift is a right place to start when you are interested in developing Mobile
applications instead of in-browser websites. Developers use Swift to develop
compelling, high-performance native iOS and Mac OS apps. The language is
faster, streamlined and easy to debug as compared to Objective-C but it is also
considered as clunky and dated by many developers.
It works for other iOS operating systems also such as watchOS (Apple watch) and
tvOS (Apple TV). If you are thinking of choosing a language that runs on all the
Apple platforms, then Swift is a great catch.
Earlier MATLAB was considered as a hardcore language to use by hardcore
mathematicians and scientist for finding the juggles and equations with the
complex solutions. MATLAB uses a scripting language with the simple interactive
mathematical shell or executing text files containing MATLAB code for MATLAB
MATLAB is generally used in control engineering by researchers. However, it is
also popular among image processing, linear algebra, and numerical analysis. If
you are interested in complex core mathematics and need fast, stable and
dependable algorithms, then MATLAB is the considerable choice for you.
It is challenging to conclude about the languages on the basis of faster and
smarter coding with the fewer bugs. Choosing the right path for coding is a bit
tedious as at the same time you have to get hired with the good enough skills for
development. Just focus on the results and work hard to achieve them.