Why Small Business Owners prefer DJANGO?

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Transcript Why Small Business Owners prefer DJANGO?

Why Small
Owners prefer
As an open source framework, Python enables
small business owners to reduce custom
web application development cost.
It further accelerates custom web application
development by supporting model-viewcontroller (MVC) pattern and providing a
number of robust features.
1. Programming Language- Python
• Python is easy to use and understand.
• Like Python, Django also enable developers to
build custom web applications without writing
additional code.
• It helps in keeping website elements loosely
coupled and prevent repeating the same thing
again and again.
2. Support MVC pattern
• The MVC pattern helps in keeping user
interface and business logic layers
• The developer can use the template for
mapping and viewing the model
3. Support Database- SQL and NoSQL
• It provides ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for
supporting small business owners to choose
• The ORM system bridges the gap between data
model and database engines.
4. Include Batteries
• It uses the third-party libraries for accelerating
the development.
• It helps small business owners to build robust
web applications without investing in third-party
5. Built-in Template System
• It helps the developer to keep the code base
maintained by separating the HTML and Python
• It can use the template system to include HTML
code in templates and Python code in views.
6. Fully-Featured Admin Interface
• It provides a fully-featured and ready-to-use
admin interface.
• The admin interface makes it easier for small
to perform
administrative and management tasks.
7. Robust Security Features
• Python is more secure than other widely used
• Each new version of Django comes with a
number of new security features and patches.
8. Highly Customizable and Scalable
• The developer can easily customize the app
according to need.
• An enterprise can use Django make the website
handle over 400 million users at a time without
investing in additional hosting resources.
9. Used by Several High Traffic Websites
• Custom applications can meet both business
requirements and heavy traffic demands.
• The scalable nature of Django helps small
businesses to meet heavy traffic demands.
10. Keeps Evolving
• The Python web framework consistently evolves
to simplify development and deployment of
modern web applications.
• Django helps small business owners to curtail
custom web application development cost.
Small business owners prefer Django to other web
frameworks for Python to launch custom web applications
without increasing development time and cost.
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