WooCommerce vs Magento Which One is the Best eCommerce Platform

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Transcript WooCommerce vs Magento Which One is the Best eCommerce Platform

WooCommerce vs Magento: What Should You Choose for Your
Upcoming Online Store?
WooCommerce or Magento?
Which platform is the best?
What will be the right option for my upcoming website?
You must have asked yourself these questions many times when planning to launch
an online store. Well, you are not alone. Most retailers and startups get confused
when it comes to choosing the best eCommerce platform.
With a large number of shopping carts available in the online market, Magento and
WooCommerce have emerged as the best platforms due to their ease of use and
high functionality. However, you need to consider several important things when
making a final decision. Here, we will explain some differences and similarities
between WooCommerce & Magento. After reading this blog, you will have a clear
picture of which option will be the best for your business requirements.
WooCommerce vs Magento
Both WooCommerce and Magento are open source eCommerce platforms allows
you to customize the website as per your needs and preferences. Both allow
uploading and managing an unlimited number of products. Let’s understand these
platforms in detail:
• WooCommerce
Basically, WooCommerce is a plugin which is used to turn any WordPress website
into an online store. Introduced in 2008, today it comes with all the toolkits
required to develop an ecommerce website. It is widely preferred by small size
businesses and startups due to its simplicity. The basic version of WooCommerce
is available for free. If you have already worked on WordPress before, you likely
will have no problems developing and managing your e-store through
WooCommerce. It also provides a lot of flexibility making content management
easier for non-technical users.
• Magento
Unlikely WooCommerce, Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which
is written in PHP. Magento has been adopted by some of the most popular brands
such as Coca-Cola, Ford, Nike. etc. With multiple store management and high
scalability, Magento is known as the most powerful shopping cart. It comes with
three editions; Community Edition (open source), Enterprise Edition, and
Magento Go (hosted solution). Founded in 2008, Magento development is widely
preferred by large-size businesses who need to manage a large number of products.
WooCommerce vs Magento: Comparative Guide
Let’s find out more about WooCommerce & Magento that will help you make a
final decision without any confusion:
• Usability
It is easy to handle WooCommerce if you are familiar with WordPress. A great
WordPress community can help you sort out several issues regarding eCommerce
website development. Besides, you will find several forums and video tutorials on
the subject. If you are already using WordPress and would like to build your online
store using it, it is apparent that you would choose plugin - WooCommerce.
The basics of Magento can also be learnt quite easily. As a beginner, you can take
first steps after seeing several documentations, video tutorials, and dedicated Wiki
site to avoid mistakes. The admin panel is quite user-friendly, but Magento
development becomes relatively complicated when you start adding extensions to
boost the functionality of your online store.
• Costs
WooCommerce will allow you to come up with a well-developed website without
spending a huge amount of money. Being an aspiring entrepreneur, you want an
eCommerce platform which completely satisfies your business needs while
supporting your budget; this idea is particularly true. Though both platforms are
completely free (except Magento’s Community Edition). You need to spend money
on a web development only when you want to add new functionality. In order to
boost functionality, you can install either free or paid extensions. If you want to
hire a developer, you will probably find a WooCommerce programmer more easily
because it is based on WordPress.
Developing a Magento website is more likely to cost more since the platform is
more robust. If you are wondering to install custom developments, it is highly
recommended to hire a Magento development company which implements
multiple testing processes and strict quality control. Extensive infrastructure,
seamless work processes and dedicated project coordinators are expected under
one roof for Magento website development. Recently, Magento has come up with
its latest version - Magento 2.0 which provide enhanced performance while
making content management easier for a non-technical person.
• Themes
WooCommerce comes with beautifully-designed themes and unlimited
customization capabilities. There are thousands of free and paid mobile-friendly
templates to choose from. Several free WordPress themes can also help you build
a fully-functional online store.
Magento also comes with a large number of free and paid templates that can help
you develop high-end ecommerce websites as per your needs. No matter which one
you’ll pick, they all look engaging and highly professional. However,
WooCommerce has several advantages over Magento in terms of design
possibilities. Apart from specific WooCommerce templates, you can choose any of
WordPress theme available in the online market.
• Hosting
WooCommerce websites can be run flawlessly with an average hosting service
(when it comes to heavy traffic and managing thousands of products, it can be a
pretty challenge).
The Magento-based online store requires relatively better and faster server; it is
highly recommended to use a cloud-based system or dedicated server. Magento
can handle multiple online stores simultaneously but consequently demands a
dedicated hosting service.
• Content Management
When it comes to content management, WooCommerce is an excellent choice.
WordPress was designed for showcasing content, presenting portfolios, creating
new and corporate websites in the best way possible.
Content management is a little more complicated in Magento though it allows
you to update content and blog page with ease. Magento is designed for ecommerce
purposes, so it performs far better than WooCommerce if some complex
requirements have to be satisfied.
WooCommerce vs Magento: Final choice
There isn’t proven answer what is the best shopping cart to run your online store;
WooCommerce or Magento. We discussed two absolute leaders in the online
marketplace. Your final decision should depend on your business size, budget, and
purposes. In general, both eCommerce platforms are capable of building a
profitable online store. Each of them is ideal for different retailers.
WooCommerce is an ideal option for startups, non-technical users, small and
midsize businesses. It is also an excellent choice for merchants who already run
WordPress powered sites.
Magento is an ideal choice for large enterprises ready to spend thousands on the
development and deliver a more secure shopping experience to the users. It is also
a great option for B2B businesses.