Webinar on Reduce Build Time of IRT Systems.

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Transcript Webinar on Reduce Build Time of IRT Systems.

Reduce Build Time of IRT Systems
As we move deeper into the 21st century, technologies available to clinical research
teams are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Whilst this evolution allows clinical trials
to become increasingly smart and patient-centric it also runs the risk of making trials
increasingly complicated with many more moving parts, third party vendors and data
sources to integrate. With this in mind, how do we prevent these exciting new
technologies that are designed to save us time and effort, from becoming the rate
limiting steps in clinical trial set-up?
This webinar will examine both the stumbling blocks that have historically delayed the
successful implementation of IRT systems and also new challenges that we
increasingly face as the uptake in technological solutions intensifies. We will then
explore some possible solutions; both quick-fixes and longer term strategies that will
take IRT development off the table as a rate-limiting step in clinical trial set-up.
★ Understand the historical stumbling blocks that limit the speed of IRT set-up
★ Identify new challenges that emerge as technological solution uptake intensifies
★ Suggest some quick-fixes to see immediate improvements in development time
★ Explore potential longer-term strategies to reduce the build time of IRT
About Speaker
Kate Chapman, the Director and Principal Consultant of Clinical Technology
Consultants Ltd based in Winchester, UK, has 22 years of experience in the
Clinical Development area of the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector,
having worked at multiple Pharma companies including Novartis, Roche,
Sanofi, BMS, Pharmacia and Shire, and has a deep expertise in IRT. Kate has
extensive experience of IRT systems and continuously reviews many of the
systems that are currently available and those that are under development.
In her capacity as consultant, she works with both large Pharma and small
Biotech companies helping them to get the most out their IRT systems and
their partnerships with a wide variety of IRT vendors.
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