Chapter One- Afro-Asian Research Finale

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Transcript Chapter One- Afro-Asian Research Finale

A Psycho-Analytical Approach of Nadine Gordimer of Creating the Story “Train from Rhodesia” Ozamiz City S.Y. 2016-2017

A Research Paper Presented to the Languages Department College of Arts and Sciences La Salle University – Ozamiz City In Partial Fulfillment of The Requirements in EN121 Afro-Asian Literature Submitted to

Mr. Noel Krish Zacal

Submitted by

Chudney B. Largo

July 2017


Rationale of the Study

“Great writers are master of its piece”. Most of the well-known writers in the world create such stories to express their love in writing. The researcher believes that it is not writing alone. The aim of the study is to go deeper for what is the authors’ motivation to form such meaningful writing. Psycho-Analytical Approach imparts the background of writer in creating the integrated stories. There are questions to be answered in this article, first is “Who are the Authors, and What they do? How does a story give such impact for them as an Author? The very purpose of Author in writing is for scheming, by way of publicities or something instructive. It is to understand the writer’s fundamental resolution that helps the reader in interpreting the context. Writer’s also plan for what they do, plan such activities to accomplish what they expected to be done. Someone who decides to be opulent will design and create through carrying of actions permissible otherwise un-permissible to increase the aim of wealthy life and standards. A person who wants to be famous in areas of writing will design an article that covers life facts, a story that is something relatable for readers. Writer’s whether they want to be abundant or wise, have specific purpose and decision in achieving such work. If they are expert of writing they should have the control in conveying what to write and express, they calculate things and otherwise assure things first before giving a permanent conclusion. Reader’s is mindful of writer’s persistence to know if it driven away its emotion from the certain book its reading. It is like saying that the reader satisfies itself from reading the book from beginning until it ends. The reader must be active enough to reconcile and connect what the writer is exploiting; usually most active readers appreciate the very creative manner that the writer has done. In this Chapter, the researcher discussed the connection of a writer to the reader. Reader’s presence shows the writer’s use and absence of writer’s ego makes the story nonsense. Writer’s use technique to make the story, it’s either making it simple or more persuasive for the readers to observe and evaluate. Author’s purpose stands for “PIE” that means Persuade Inform and Entertain. Persuade in a way that reader’s got motivated or learn something from author’s passage. Through articles, every people are much updated of world changes and through writing, author’s has power to spread and Informing such current events or happenings. Every

reader’s impression is constant and it will occur once feelings conveyed by the passage they had read.

Overview of the Study The Researcher gathered all the information including meaningful facts and definitions focusing on the important sub topics that is needed to be discuss; define Psycho Analytical Approach. The chosen story to be interpreted is “The Train from Rhodesia, written by Nadine Gordimer. The questions appeared in the rationale will be realized in the whole thought of the content. The story is been summarized and connect to the author’s purpose of writing, including its background. The said story will be also related to another author’s piece, including Significance value of the story. According to the Literary Essay edited by Judie Newman in the book “Nadine Burger’s Daughter, Nadine Gordimer was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1991, she also granted the inconceivable African National Congress, run by Nelson Mandela, and the South African Government to approve. Gordimer won such exceptional prize about her story train from Rhodesia because of involving the race relation in her society. Her story talks more on political and social problem. She sees such unfair treatment of the black Africans compare to White Americans. It pushes more on Gordimer to create such stories that talk more on racism and un-equality.


Psycho-Analytical Approach

“The Ego is not master in its own house”. It is the quoted line of one of the most famous theorist in the world, Sigmund Freud. Freud is the proponent of Psycho-Analytical Approach. According to him, the said approach has great effects in human culture. It is to determine if the person become effective in the society of individuals. Personality is shaped as the person grows. Experience manifested and can be acquire in the environment where people undergo changes, skills and wisdom. Freud’s view about Human Development plays into Childhood experience; Person properly corrected by the parents of its mistake somehow develops its common sense, develops alter-ego. World surrounded by peers matures individual to socialize and to compete. Psychoanalytical is about personality institute and the lively method in treating Psycho-analysis.

Review of Related Literature

There are stories that used Psycho-Analytical Approach in writing and can be also depicts freedom of rights as a human;     The Aged Mother A Japanese Folktale that articulates orders that demands old folks to be unrestrained and neglect in one place and let it perish. It tells about the story of a mother and her son and a kind of love that ties in between. It is the story written by Matsuo Basho. He wrote stories that encompasses emotional and mind aspect. It is been said that his story happened in Japan before more in century passed by now. The Minister’s Black Veil This is a story written by Nathaniel Hawthorne which is said to be full of allegorical symbols. The Character of Hooper in the story prevails when he put on the black veil as sign of his superiority and sermon. Hawthorne was also a judge and is said to be harsh in giving condemnation. Sherlock Holmes Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle wrote Holmes story, it is an invented character based on the identity of Dr Joseph Bell who idealize prior history; race and patient. Not my Father’s Son It’s the recall of experience of Alan Cumming why he wrote the story and it apparently talks about the bad relationship of Him and his father.


All about Nadine Gordimer

She was born on November 20, 1923 in Springs, a small town in Johannesburg’s East Rand that compose of twenty thousands of people, daughter of Isidore Gordimer, a jeweller and Nan Myers Gordimer, a British lineage. At the age of nine, she begun to write and published her own book. Despite of her heart condition, she is able to chase the level of being known writer’s in the world. Her story “Train from Rhodesia shows the significance of innermost struggle and the convention of discovery about existence. She wrote a lot of stories and totally remark in the world. She was a Nobel Prize winning author, her piece illustrates the life of African people as inferiors and the story she created receive great honours and critique. Gordimer was known for the line “The truth isn’t always beauty, but the hunger for it is”, “Written words still have amazing power to bring out the best and the worst of Human Nature”. She has a former spouse Gerald Gavronsky and Reinhold Cassirer, a son named Hugo Cassirer and daughter Oriane Gavronsky. She died on July 13, 2014.

Summary and Conclusion

The Train from Rhodesia symbolizes poverty and crucial approach of the world. The kind of story talks about difference between a wealthy one and the poor but rich in humbleness and creative hands. Nadine Gordimer can be considered as a hero in realizing the life of Africans in South. The story changes the wrong conception of other culture about Africans. They are colonized, become slaves but despite of lower and hopeless situation, they continue to live and accept the unfair approach of nature. Nadine Gordimer shows the politics disturb all characteristics of life, and every description appears in the story happened. The Train from Rhodesia concerned about gap of white Americans and the Black Africans, Racial Discrimination, and Social Classes. It also states that in every dark and worst situations of life, If people just wish to live, continue to fight, then there is always good side of life that shines and gives unbreakable hope among people.

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