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Transcript SoftDEL HART Protocol Stack - Exclusive offer

Exclusive offer !
Offer valid till 30th June, 2017
SoftDEL HART Protocol Stack
Royalty free | Version 7.6 compliant | 1 year warranty
SoftDEL has been helping global industrial automation OEMs to implement native
HART protocol support in their product-lines. Our products and services around
HART protocol include standalone HART stack (with source code), porting and stack
integration service, and pre-certification testing.
We are a member of HART Communication Foundation (a part of FieldComm Group).
HART Stack Specifications
Developed in C language
Supports all universal commands and common practice commands
Small memory footprint
Supports both point-to-point and multi-drop operating modes
Tested using HCF kit 192
API guide for stack integration and porting
Our value-added services
HART stack integration service
HART pre-certification testing service
DD File development and testing service
Field Device Specification (FDS) creation
For more information, please write to us at [email protected]
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