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Amerigo - Italy - New call at SALERNO
Genoa, 03/03/2017
Dear Valued Customer,
First week of April, we will launch our NEW AMERIGO service from Mediterranean. We are
glad to highlight the advantages offered by the new service pattern in Italy :
 NEW direct call at SALERNO :
We are proud to announce the introduction of direct Salerno call on Amerigo service to
extend the current offer also to South Italian market.
We will be calling at SCT terminal which provides smooth and efficient cargo operation. For
your complete information, you may also refer to their web site
Salerno will be called every Friday. This end of the week call will provide shippers
optimized scheduling of their shipments.
· Omission of La Spezia call : cargo re-routed via Genoa and Livorno
From April, CMA CGM will cancel La Spezia call from the Amerigo Service. We will be
offering efficient alternative intermodal connections via Genoa and Livorno for all cargo
currently transiting via La Spezia. All concerned customers will be contacted accordingly.
· Optimized days of call : end of week calls have been arranged in Italy (from Friday to
Monday depending on ports) together with Sunday/Monday arrival in NYC, Maher
terminal. This is providing optimized working conditions to our customers as far as
receiving / delivering of their shipments is concerned.
Our Commercial and Customer Service offices are at Your full disposal for any further
information You may need.
Best Regards
16128 Genova – Via Pellico, 1 (Sede Legale) – Phone 010.59671 – Fax 010.5967324 [email protected]
57122 Livorno – Via Varese, 12 – Phone 0586.263311 – Fax 0586.263399 [email protected]
20144 Milano – Via dei Sormani, 3 – Phone 02.3206531 – Fax 02.32065301 [email protected]
80133 Napoli – Via Depretis, 51 – Phone 081.006901 – Fax 081.0069096 [email protected]
34132 Trieste – Viale Miramare, 15 – Phone 040.766276 – Fax 040.3480578 [email protected]
30175 Venezia-Marghera – Via Dell’Idrogeno – Phone 041.3697111 – Fax 041.36971205 [email protected]
Società con unico socio - Cap.Soc. € 52.000,00 – Iscr.Reg.Impr. – C.F. – P.IVA 03600700102 – R.E.A. 359978 GE - PEC:
[email protected]
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