Bellwork #1: SW view Frankenstein and compare

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Transcript Bellwork #1: SW view Frankenstein and compare

Bellwork #1:
SW view Frankenstein and compare/contrast the novel to
the movie.
SW discuss paper guidelines for the upcoming writing
• Create a double-bubble for Frankenstein the
novel and Frankenstein the movie. Identify 5
similarities and 5 differences seen on each
• Don’t forget your FOR and question.
Bellwork #2:
SW discuss proper set up of an introduction paragraph of an
essay and critique samples.
SW apply the guidelines and create their own intro.
SW share what they created with another classmate and get
When responding to a prompt, 3 things need to be present in your
1)Hook (Catchy Phrase or Situational)
Quotes from important people (cited)
Statistics from a source (cited)
Creative catchy phrases ( don’t use clichés!)
No questions or broad statements.
2)Claim: Essay Topic + Opinion + Three Reasons(If you have 3 prongs)
3)Definition of Prompt: Some people say…other people say
Write down the following paragraph, then make
changes to improve this introduction paragraph:
Prompt: Whose to blame for the deaths and lives that
were altered and changed forever by this creature?
Frankenstein is a novel based upon the
regeneration of life. Frankenstein is a great novel. I am
about to talk to you about who is to blame for this
creation. Victor Frankenstein is responsible for his
creation and the fact that he didn’t speak out after the
creature was loose in the world was even worse;
although, some people feel that the creature was
responsible for his own actions and needed to be held
responsible for them.
Write down the following paragraph. Is it good, needs
improvement, explain your thoughts:
“I beheld the wretch-the miserable monster whom
I had created” (43). Victor Frankenstein says it
himself, it was his creation, his responsibility, and he
took none! He longed to regenerate life after it was
gone, yet in his creation he felt disgust, and then
abandoned it. Victor Frankenstein is responsible for
his creation’s actions and the affect his abandonment
had on him; although, some people feel that the
monster is responsible for his own actions.
Bellwork #3:
SW discuss guidelines and proper set up of the counter
SW look at and discuss/revise counterarguments and
SW create their counterargument and rebuttal and share
with a partner to get feedback.
Counterarguments/rebuttals usually follow the
introduction, because the claim leads into this POV.
• You need evidence/quote from the text to support this
with an explanation.
However, you may place this paragraph where you choose
within the body paragraphs (1St or 3rd).
You wouldn’t start with one of your points for the body
paragraph, then discuss the counterargument/rebuttal,
and then end with another point you make. It makes
your thoughts look scrambles and all over the place.
Counterargument/Rebuttal Sentence Stems:
• Some people feel that…
• The point of view of others is…
• What ____ fails to consider is _____.
• This assertion/position is problematic
• While this view is popular, it is overlooking the
fact that _________.
Write down the following paragraph, then make changes to
improve or make this counterargument/rebuttal paragraph
Some people feel that the creature is responsible
for his own actions. The creature is aware of what is
right and wrong after learning from others and even
started to question his existence and what it meant.
“My person was hideous and my stature gigantic.
What does this mean? Who was I? What was I?
Whence did I come?” (109). What this position fails
to consider is that the creature wouldn’t be feeling
this way, if he wasn’t abandoned by his creator.
Bellwork #4:
SW create their tree map, the rest of their body paragraphs for
their essay, and discuss and share out with a partner.
SW start to edit with a peer editing worksheet other student’s
• What is the easiest part of the writing process for you? The
hardest? What strategy or strategies do you use that helps? Explain.
Remember: The rest of your body paragraphs should follow your
claim points and in that order.
For Example: Some people feel that the creature is responsible for his
own actions; although, Victor Frankenstein created and abandoned
his own creation.
So, in this way:1st body: Counterargument/rebuttal
2nd body: Victor Frankenstein created the
3rd body: Victor Frankenstein abandoned the
Bellwork #5:
SW create their conclusion to their essay and share out with
a partner.
SW conduct a final editing of another student’s essay with
the checklist.
SW write their final paper for homework or type it out.
Transition words:
• Essentially
• Ultimately
• In essence
• Restate the claim
• Final thoughts (3-5 sentences).
Bellwork #6:
SW discuss the meaning of a utopia.
SW read and T2T based upon an article on utopias.
SW apply their prior knowledge and new learning's to
a circle map.
• Create a bubble map based upon the word
“Utopia.” Use adjectives to describe what you
know about this concept. Don’t forget your
frame of reference and question.
• Describe your “Utopia.” What does it look
like? What makes it your ideal place? Explain.
Bellwork #7:
SW work with their groups on their expert folders.
SW individually read their articles, T2T on concepts
learned, and apply them to individual thinking maps.
SW Share their findings with their groups and add
new learning's to the group circle map.
• What new learning's did you find out about
“Utopias?” What does “Utopia” actually
mean? How is this ironic?
Bellwork #8:
SW apply what they learned to a background quiz on
the expert folders.
SW view a clip on a modern day place and identify
“utopian” qualities that it possesses.
• Write Gallery walk in your bellwork and then
turn to your unit notes and take notes based
upon the Gallery walk on “Utopias.”
Bellwork #9:
SW listen, read, and interpret Chapter 1, section 1 of
SW respond to Lit. group roles based upon the section
we are reading today and share out with the class.
• What does “Big Brother is watching you”
mean? What is your interpretation? What can
you predict about 1984 and this saying?
Bellwork #10:
SW SSR based upon 1984 section 1(the ending).
SW continue to listen to section 2 of 1984.
SW be assigned a role for their Lit. circles to apply to
these sections and then discuss them with their
• Take 10 minutes to finish reading section 1 of
1984 for SSR. Then, complete one of the
• While I was reading I felt…..
I was surprised by…..
Because of _____ I assumed….
I wonder if …..
Bellwork #11:
SW recap book 1, sect. 2 through BW.
SW listen, interpret, and apply their lit. roles to Book
1, sect. 3 & 4 of 1984.
Read and write the following paragraph based upon Book 1, sect.
1 & 2 and fill in the missing information:
Winston Smith lives in ______, where they are at a state
of _______ war with _______ or _______ at any given time. His
society never uses pens, instead they speak into a ________
where everything is recorded by ______. They use a language
called ______. Winston breaks an ______ law, since there are no
laws in their society, by writing in a ______. Winston works at
the Ministry of _____ (minitrue) where he has a connection with
______. Their society fears ______ because they look up to Big
Brother and tell on the adults. Winston placed the journal in a
______, but feared that someone would notice the pen stains on
his fingers. A thoughtcrime is _____.
Bellwork #12:
SW read and T2T an article on how students love
SW apply the 1-pager to the article and relate
Divergent to 1984.
SW finish reading Book 1, sect.4 (pgs. 37-43).
• What is INGSOC? Why are the parties slogans
all Doublethinks(exact opposites), except for
Ignorance is strength? Explain.
Bellwork #13:
SW listen, interpret, and apply their Lit. roles to Book
1, sect. 5.
SW discuss and share out from their Lit. Circles with
each other and the class.
• How does the language of NEWSPEAK
influence the society of Oceania? Explain.
Create a Tree Map all of the words that you
know of currently that are NEWSPEAK words
and another column that lists their English
• For example: Ingsoc = English Socialism
Bellwork #14:
SW listen, interpret, and apply their lit. roles to Book
1, sect. 6 & 7.
SW share out their findings with their groups and the
• What joy do you think Winston gets from life
in this society? Explain. If he could conduct a 2
minute hate, what would it be about? Why? If
you could conduct a two minute hate, what
would it be about? Why?
Bellwork #15:
SW work in their Lit. groups to work on a separate
concept that they will track through the whole novel.
SW discuss roles they will have and begin researching
and recording information.
• What type of government is in 1984? How do you
know? What characteristics does it possess that
leads you to believe this? Do you believe it works for
their society? Why or why not?
Bellwork #16:
SW Listen, read, and interpret Sect 7 & 8 of 1984 and
apply their Lit. Group roles to these sections.
SW share out their Lit. group roles with the class.
• As Winston is discussing the history of Oceania, he
– “ three hundred million people all with the same
face . The reality was decaying, dingy cities, where
underfed people shuffled to and fro in leaky
shoes, in patched –up nineteenth-century houses
that smelt always of cabbage and bad lavatories”
– What can you infer about the idea of conformity
from this quote?
Bellwork #17:
SW finish listening, interpreting, and apply their Lit
roles to the end of Book 1, sect. 8.
SW share out their roles with the rest of the class.
• Winston writes in his Journal: “I understand
HOW: I do not understand WHY” (68).
• What does he mean by this in reference to BIG
BROTHER? Why is this concept so hard for him
to figure out?
Bellwork #18:
SW Review and apply concepts that they have learned
to a quiz on Book 1 of 1984.
SW view a concept of 1984, 2+2=5 and discuss what
message this implies.
• How is conformity an advantage and a
disadvantage to a society? Explain.
Bellwork #19:
SW read and interpret the text of Divergent and how
they see it relating to 1984.
SW T2T and have group and whole class discussions
on aspects they see similar/different in both pieces.
• If you were living in a society like the one in
1984, how would you find happiness or joy?
Explain. You can’t simply say that you
wouldn’t live there. What if you had no other
choice, as sometimes is the way of life.
Bellwork #20:
SW view Book 1 and apply concepts they have
learned thus far to their Lit. group projects.
• What happened at the end of book one that
was significant?
Bellwork #21:
SW recap Book 1 with a series of events.
SW listen, interpret and discuss Book 2, section 1, while applying the
information they learn to their Lit. group project roles.
SW share out their findings in a jigsaw manner.
Write down the following events and number them in Book 1:
• Winston Smith walked the streets of the Proles and entered a
• Winston watched the 2 minute hate and thought, “Down with
• Winston bought the journal, sat in his flat in the alcove, and
began writing in it.
• Winston Smith lives in Oceania, London, Air Strip One, and
works for the Ministry of Truth.
• Winston helped Mrs. Parson with her sink.
• Winston revisits the antique/junk shop and buys a glass/coral
paper weight.
Bellwork #22:
SW Listen, interpret, and discuss Book 2, sect. 2 & 3.
SW apply their Lit. group projects to these sections
and share out their findings in a jigsaw manner.
• The Ministry of Love is a scary place with no
windows. Although Love should evoke a safe
happy feeling, this place does not. What is
their job? Predict what you think happens at
this place. What kind of effect do you think it
has on the people of Oceania? Explain.
Bellwork #23:
SW listen, interpret, and apply what they learn from
Book 2, sect. 4 & 5 to their Lit. group roles.
SW share out their finding with their groups and add
info to their group projects.
• What kind of relationship does Winston have
with Julia? What do you think is going to
happen? How has his feelings changed about
women? Explain.
Bellwork #24:
SW listen, interpret, and discuss Book 2, sect. 6 & 7.
SW apply what they learned to their group project lit.
roles and share out with their group.
• What happens to Syme? How does Winston
react? What do you think happened to him?
Bellwork #25:
SW work in groups and respond to a conformity issue,
discuss it, and report out as a group.
SW have a whole class discussion on each issue.
SW view a clip on The Stepford Wives and discuss the
conformity issues that are present.
• How has Winston been made to conform in
1984 so far? List at least 5 examples. In what
ways has he not conformed? List at least 3
examples seen so far.
Bellwork #26:
SW apply their knowledge to a quiz on Book 2 of
SW choose a novel for their Lit. groups and begin to
map out their schedule for reading.
SW begin reading chpt. 1 and applying their lit group
roles to this chapter.
• What is the shocking revelation that Winston
makes about one of the people in the group
who arrive at his door of his secret
apartment? How does this person look
Bellwork #27:
SW reflect back on the dystopian/utopian qualities
they have seen in their novels so far.
SW share out their findings so far.
SW read silently or as a group and apply their lit
groups roles and share out.
• Create a tree map based upon the
utopian/dystopian qualities seen in your novel
so far.
• Share out your finding with your group and
then be prepared to share out with the class.
Bellwork #28:
SW read and interpret an excerpt for a close and
critical reflection.
SW apply their prior knowledge and knowledge from
the excerpt to a four square.
Write 4 square set up for your Bellwork. Take
out a lined piece of paper and fold it
hamburger style. Label it:
First side: What does it say?
How does it say it?
Second side: What does it mean?
So..What does it mean to me?
Bellwork #29:
SW view Book 3 of 1984 and apply the concepts they
learn to their Lit. group projects.
SW discuss their findings and begin putting their
project together.
• What do you predict will happen to Winston
and Julia? Will he conform or act out against
Big Brother? Explain.