Hire-a-hawk instructions - Department of Statistics and Actuarial

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Transcript Hire-a-hawk instructions - Department of Statistics and Actuarial

Updated September 2012
 Hire-a-Hawk is the online job and internship board used by the
university. It allows you to post your resumé for employers to view. It
also allows employers to post jobs and internships, which you can apply
for if you qualify. On-campus interviewing is managed through the Hirea-Hawk system, so you definitely want to establish a profile and submit
your resumé! Note that your resumé will be reviewed before being
accepted. Note also that Hire-a-Hawk is only one way to find a job, coop or internship....you should use multiple sources.
 There is no fee for students to use Hire-a-Hawk
 Login to your account through ISIS/Student Records/Documents and
Reports/Career Services (www.HireAHawk.com).
 Select Log In under the Current Users tab (even if you have never
registered for Hire-a-Hawk).
 The first time you do this, you will need to update information in your
profile before the system will allow you to move forward.
 Update both your current Personal and Academic Profile under the
Profile & Experiences tab. This information will help to show you which
positions you qualify for.
 Upload the current version of your resumé under the Documents heading.
This will need to be approved by the career center, so give yourself a
couple of days before any submission deadlines.
You can also add your approved resumé to an opt-in resumé book, in which
employers search through a number of resumés quickly.
The following link is a good resource for resumé revision on your own:
For extra resumé help, the Pomerantz Career Center has walk in hours on
Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. Or call (319) 335-1023 to schedule an
The career center website also has many tips on interviewing, and cover
letter and thank you letter writing.
 After you’ve updated your profile and have your resumé approved, hold
your curser over Jobs & Interviews on the task bar across the top of the
home page, and click HireaHawk Jobs & Interviews.
 Here you can enter details about the type of position you’re searching
for. It is helpful to use either actuarial or actuary in the keywords box.
 Using the advanced search setting, you can choose to eliminate
positions seeking applicants in all majors, as any actuarial position would
only contain the majors actuarial science, statistics, or mathematics.
 Once you find positions your qualify for and would like to apply to,
submit your resumé by the deadline posted.
 The recruiters will sort through which students they would like to
consider, and you will be notified if you are chosen for an interview.
 Once you are notified, you will be given the date you can start
scheduling your interview. Keep in mind there are only a few slots
available, so the interview times are on first come/first serve basis.
 You can find a record of interviews requested and interviews you’ve
been accepted for under the heading My Interviews.
 You can find tips on interviewing on the Pomerantz Career Center
website at http://www.careers.uiowa.edu/guide.html#interviewing
 There are many other useful tools you can use on the Hire-a-Hawk
website. Be sure to browse around!
 The career center also organizes employers to come in to do mock
interviews. Note that these interviews fill up FAST. These can be a great
resource to overcome that initial fear of interviewing - UTILIZE IT!
 Explore upcoming mock interviews by typing mock interview into the
keyword box on the HireaHawk Jobs & Interviews tab.
 If you’d like extra help figuring out Hire-a-Hawk, Andrew and Kaleigh
(Co-Presidents of the Actuarial Science Club) will be available in 350 SH
on September 10th and 11th. Our desk is located in the back corner of
the office near the windows.
 Andrew: Monday, September 10th 9:30 am - 11:30 am
 Kaleigh: Tuesday, September 11th 11:30 am -1:30 pm
 As always, if you have any questions you can reach by email at
[email protected] and [email protected]