The Messier Marathon

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The Messier Marathon
110 Objects in One Night (??)
Messier Objects
• 110 fairly bright objects scattered around
the sky
• Cataloged by Charles Messier and
assistants starting in the late 1700’s
• Great objects for beginners (and everyone
Viewing the Messiers
• Any telescope will show them all
• From a real dark site, and with patience,
they can all be ‘seen’ with 7x50
Messier Marathon?
• During late March or early April of each
year, all the Messier objects are visible in
one (long) evening
• First noted in the late 1970’s and now
accomplished by many
• Great way to learn the sky
Messier Marathon 2007
• Best time to view this year is March 17March 25
• New Moon on March 19
Viewing them All
• Plan ahead
• Find a place with a great horizon all the way
• Best with a buddy
• Evening and morning are hectic, don’t linger
• …or, try on multiple nights
• Remember to have fun