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Maxient Training!
What does Maxient do?
 It is an incident report system that allows RAs to
report J-Code violations to your Hall Director, Chuck,
Deb, and the Dean of Students Office
 Documents your side of the story!
 Important part of the conduct process
 It keeps communication open
Life as an IR
Before you write a report
 Make sure you acquired the residents’
names and Blugold ID numbers
 Why you write the report (policies being
Golly Gee, how do I even get to
From the UWEC Homepage, click the
“Housing and Residence Life” link
Click on the “Student Staff” tab
Click the “Housing Staff Only” link
Lastly, click on the “Incident Report
System” link
The page should look like this:
Bookmark this page to make it
easier to access in the future!
Type of Report/Urgency
 Make sure you choose the correct type of report in
the Background Information section
 Choose Housing and Residence Life for a normal IR
 Choose “Housing Facilities Concern” for vomit or other
facilities issues
 Make sure you mark “critical” in the urgency tab if a
resident is transported to a hospital, jail, or other
emergency facility
Background Information
 Fill in your information, including:
Your full name
Title (resident assistant)
Phone number and email address
Your Hall address
Nature of the Report (Housing and
Residence Life)
 Urgency (Normal)
 Date/Time/Location of the incident
Who do you list?
Involved Parties
 Make sure you add the information for everyone that was
as the scene
 Enter witnesses of the scene and alleged students in this
 For residents written up: Enter all the information
Status (alleged)
Blugold ID number
Date of Birth
Place of residence
Nobody home?
 If no one answers a door, list the names of the
residents who live in the room.
 If you can’t identify a person responsible in a public
area, list none in the first name slot, and none in the
last name slot. Leave the ID number blank in this
Description/Narrative of Event
The incident description has a spell check feature, so check for spelling errors.
Use 3rd person when writing the report.
Use their full name the first time you mention a person. i.e RA Nicholas Mulholland or Resident
Quincy Chapman
 Afterwards – RA Mulholland or Resident Chapman
Be very specific
Write in a chronological order
Facts, not opinions
When using spellcheck feature, make sure you click on continue editing when finished spellchecking
What happened when you knocked on the door…
What was everyone doing…
How was everyone acting/ what were they saying…
Use accurate Quotes “I don’t read no stinkin’ J-Code”…
Note all people in report and how much/what kind of alcohol found
Note what physical characteristics lead you to believe someone is intoxicated.
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
A Bad IR
 I was walking down the hall when I
heard loud music coming from 234.
I knocked and told the residents to
turn down the music and asked for
their blugolds. They might have
been drinking and were
An Ugly IR
 Mr. Josh had rounds a few days ago. I walked around Towers and heard
some people having a good time. They wouldn’t open up, so I had to
grab the key to open it for them. I saw that they had some half empty
bottles of beer and told them that I would have to take those for
evidence. I grabbed a few of the residents id’s but not all of them said
they were drinking and a few were passed out so I told them they
weren’t going to be in trouble. I then told the residents that were
drinking that they were in so much trouble, but if they made a few of my
bulletin boards and cleaned up the puke that I left on 10th floor they
would be off the hook. A few floors down I saw a group of freshmen
doin the same thing as the last people and had to write them up too. I
gave them the same deal as with the other residents and they accepted
too. This group only had a few empty bottles so I said they could keep
them for decoration if they wanted. Other than that it was a pretty quiet
night and all of my bulletin boards were made.
A Good IR
At approximately 4:30am the duty cell rang for the RA on Duty Braden Krien. RA Krien answered the duty cell and was informed by an anonymous
resident that there was a lot of noise coming from room 230. RA Krien left his room and went to room 230. As soon as he entered the 2 East cube, he
heard loud music coming from room 230. This was at least four doors away. As he got closer room 230, RA Krien also heard the sound of glass bottles
clinking and smelled alcohol. He waited for a minute as he heard a male voice yell, "shots, shots, shots, shots," and the sound of a female voice laughing.
RA Krien then knocked on the door and announced himself as the RA on Duty. The loud music continued and the door did not open after a minute so RA
Krien knocked and announced himself louder. Then the music was immediately turned down and the door opened about two inches. Resident John
Donne peaked out and quickly stated that he was sorry and that he knew it was quiet hours and that they would immediately turn the music down and
that they would not be a problem again. While Resident Donne was talking, RA Krien noticed that his eyes were red and that he was slurring his words.
Before RA Krien could say anything, the door immediately closed.
RA Krien knocked on the door and again announced himself as the RA on duty. The door again opened about two inches and resident Donne asked what
the problem was as they were turning the music down. RA Krien explained that it was long after quiet hours and that he was going to need to document
the violation of quiet hours. RA Krien explained that he was going to need to get the Blugolds of everyone in the room and that he was going to
document the situation and what happened for the Hall Director to follow up on. RA Krien then asked Resident Donne to open his door and have
everyone in the room give RA Krien their Blugolds. Resident Donne responded by asking if that was really necessary and RA Krien responded that it was.
Resident Donne consented and opened the door while he retrieved his Blugold. At this point RA Krien was also able to see that Resident Jane Eyre was
sitting on the bed on the west side of the room. Resident Eyre's eyes were also bloodshot and she appeared confused when RA Krien asked her for her
Blugold. RA Krien asked resident Eyre for her Blugold and this time she understood. RA Krien took down both of their ID numbers and also asked to see
their garbage and recycling bins. Resident Eyre asked why that was necessary and RA Krien explained that he had reason to believe that they had been
drinking that evening. Resident Eyre rolled her eyes and brought the garbage and recycling cans to the door. In the recycling bin were two shot glasses
and a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels. RA Krien explained that he was also going to need to document them for underage drinking. After asking if they
had any questions, RA Krien asked if they had any other alcohol in the room. Both resident Donne and resident Eyre insisted that they did not and then RA
Krien told resident Donne that RA Krien needed him to take the recycling bin with the alcohol in it and follow him to the custodial closet where resident
Donne would dump it down the drain. At this point RA Krien asked Resident Eyre if she had any final questions and, after resident Eyre said that she did
not RA Krien suggested that she go back to her own hall. Resident Eyre left and RA Krien escorted resident Donne to the custodial closet where he
dumped the alcohol down the drain and recycled the bottle. RA Krien then asked resident Donne if he had any questions and resident Donne said that he
did not. RA Krien then suggested that Resident Donne get some sleep and told him that the hall director would be in contact with him via email. RA Krien
then left resident Donne on the second floor and went to the hall director's office to write up the incident.
Additional Questions/
Supporting Documentation
Additional Questions/ Supporting
 Fill out the bubbles according to what happened during the
 Attach any photos that you took to “Supporting
Documentation” (example: a picture of hate speech on a
white board)
Last Step
Fill out the captcha
 Type in the quote in the captcha
 It is for security purposes – prevents spam
 Press the red refresh button if you are unable to read
the captcha
Before you submit!
 Reread over all the information to make sure you are
not missing anything and your description makes
 Then click “submit report”
Try it for yourself!
 Try creating an IR for yourself
 Make sure you click on “training” in the “nature of
this report” section
Congrats! You have
submitted your first
IR on Maxient!
J-code Updates This Year
 When a student is found in violation of the Alcohol Policy,
they are assigned a course:
 Alcohol Courses are now $75
 PHD is now $40
 Nerf gun and other projectile weapon clarification
 We are in the business of making people feel safe!
 Don’t forget that taking dishes from the cafeteria is