Cochrane PICO Annotator Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics

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Transcript Cochrane PICO Annotator Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics

Rapid presentation
Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics & Knowledge Management
Cochrane Informatics & Knowledge Management Department
#CochraneTech Symposium 2014, Hyderabad, India
Lightning background: Linked data project
 PICO annotations (tags) of parts of the review (and
eventually of studies in the CRS)
 Using controlled vocabularies with ontologies, we
become more interoperable with other systems
 Tags can be used to improve discoverability of reviews
 Has implications for review production
PICO Annotator tool
Live API call to Archie
Type-ahead – call to
linked data triple store
Reveals term browser tool
Next steps…
 Annotate backlog of reviews
 Machine-assisted approach (entity recognition)
 Supervised by TSCs/information specialists
 Start to look at how to integrate annotation into the workflow
 Annotating studies in the CRS, potentially helping to “harmonize”
other metadata around studies
 Eventually, a fully-PICO annotation driven process through to
guidelines as well
 Build derivative products, new views, and interfaces for Cochrane
knowledge and data
 Cochrane is future-proofed (and leads, via PICO ontology) for
semantic web/linked data future
Thank you