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Yulee High School Band
(Nearly) Everything You Wanted To
Know About The Marching Hornets
2013-2014 Edition
Who are the Marching Hornets?
• All band members are to enroll in two
semesters of “Instrumental Techniques”
• The first nine weeks is dedicated to marching
• In addition to the musicians, the colorguard
will work in conjunction with the band
So is band extra curricular?
• Band is a co-curricular class
• Band meets everyday during 4th period and
functions like any other class
• Band members are also expected to attend
summer rehearsals, band camp, after school
rehearsals, football games, and competitions
• Attendance at rehearsals, class, and
performances have huge impacts on the grade
of the student
What are the traits of a successful
band member?
• Respect—both for others and for yourself
• Integrity—accept responsibility, be sincere and
• Class—you are ambassadors of our community,
our school, and all members of the organization
past, present, and future
• Self-discipline—when its time to work, be ready
to work
• Pride—you will get what you put into this activity
General Conduct and Requirements
• Annual Physical: All members of the Yulee High School
Hornet Band program must have an annual physical. The
physical form is available at any Nassau County physicians’
office. The completed physical evaluation must occur
before the start of summer band camp
• Personal Conduct: Members of a prestigious organization
such as the YHS Hornet Band are expected to conduct
themselves at all times in a decorous manner and to
exercise common sense. Students must abide by the
Nassau County Schools Code of Student Conduct, Yulee
High School Student Rules (handbook), and the YHS Band
Handbook. All rules in this handbook are in effect at all
rehearsals, performances, and trips, as well as any other
time we are assembled as any YHS Hornet Band ensemble.
Conduct & Requirements (continued)
• Following Instructions: All members are expected to follow the
instruction of any teacher, advisor, chaperone, or student leader
without question, unless said instruction violates civil or moral law.
Should you object to the instruction being given, please bring your
concern to the Band Director at an appropriate time.
• Scheduling: The band’s weekly schedule will be updated on the
white board in the band room, on the band website
(bands.banddirector.com/yuleehornetband), and via email, as well
as announced at every opportunity. The monthly schedule will also
be posted in the band room, and copies will be made available to
students to take home. Parents are expected to get this information
through one of the aforementioned mediums. Please note that, as
we are a performance ensemble, absences from rehearsals and
performances alike will negatively affect the overall student grade,
as noted in the grading policy, as well as the description of Hornet
Points at the end of the handbook.
Conduct & Requirements (continued)
Equipment: Any instrument or equipment not belonging to or specifically assigned
to you by the band director(s) is strictly off limits. Unfamiliarity with equipment
leads to potential damage, injury, and a general lack of respect for the belongings
of others.
Affection: Members should show respect for others by being judicious in displays
of affection. For example, even a somewhat impassioned embrace is inappropriate
for group settings such as the YHS Hornet Band. Each member should ask
themselves a few questions: (1) Does this behavior violate the YHS Code of
Student Conduct? (2) Would my family be embarrassed if they were here? (3)
Would anyone around me be embarrassed or offended? - If there is still any
question, AVOID THE DISPLAY OF AFFECTION ALTOGETHER!!! After all, we’re here
to be in band...not engage in questionable behavior.
Humor: Everyone enjoys a good laugh. However, members of the YHS Hornet Band
program are to follow the same guidelines outlined for affection. If someone may
potentially be offended or embarrassed, it is best to avoid the joke or comment
altogether. Avoid potentially problematic situations for you and the entire group
by exercising common sense and sound judgment.
Conduct & Requirements (continued)
• Critical Incidents: Any time there is a critical incident (accident, injury,
verbal and/or physical altercations, etc.) involving band members and/or
civilians, the Band Director is to be notified immediately
• Private Homes & Vehicles: Members must not go into any private home or
vehicle from the time they arrive for a band function until they are
dismissed from said band function. Regardless of who the home or vehicle
belongs to (family, friend, etc.), DO NOT GO INTO PRIVATE HOMES OR
• Groups: Any time the band is off campus for any event, members must be
in groups of three or more people. DO NOT wander by yourself or in
groups of two...no explanation should be necessary. This is for your safety.
• Controlled Substances: As per Nassau County School Board policy,
controlled substances (including, but not limited to: alcohol, tobacco,
prescription drugs) are strictly prohibited at all band functions and on
NCSB property for both members and non members, students and adults.
Possessing, using, or distributing any controlled substance may result in
the referral to the appropriate law enforcement agency, and may result in
dismissal from the YHS Hornet Band program.
What is expected of a band member?
Attend all rehearsals and performances
Be prepared for all rehearsals and performances
Be on time for all rehearsals and performances
Keep instrument or equipment in performance condition
Keep the rehearsal space neat and clean
No food, gum, candy, or drinks other than water are allowed in the
band hall or at rehearsals
Be responsible for all materials (instrument, music, reeds, oil, sticks
and mallets, etc.)
Be respectful to everyone (staff, faculty, students, and anyone else
who we may encounter)
Fulfill financial obligation (Fair Share)
Demonstrate HORNET PRIDE!
Summer Rehearsals
Due to the nature of marching band, and the
frequency in which we are required to
perform, it is essential that we work outside of
the school calendar. Please refer to the band
calendar to ensure that you are present for
any rehearsal that requires your participation.
We want to be the best band we can possibly
be, and these rehearsals will bring us closer to
that goal.
Summer Schedule
• Guard only: 9 a.m.-3p.m. May 28, June 4, 11, 18, 25, July 9, and 25.
• Percussion and Colorguard Camp: 4-9 p.m. July 15-18. Any
member of the drum line, front ensemble, or colorguard are
required to attend
• Music rehearsals: 6:30-8:30 p.m. July 16, 18, 24, and 25. ALL
the vast majority of the music for the fall, we will also fit all
members for their uniform at this time.
• Bus Wash: 8 a.m.-3 p.m. July 22 and 23. Optional way to pay off
Fair Share. Only 30 members/day. Sign up at the first two music
• Rookie Camp: 5-6 p.m. July 24 and 25. All new Marching Hornets,
Section Leaders, and Drum Majors are required to attend.
• Band Camp: 4-9 p.m. July 29-August 3. MANDATORY ATTENDANCE
Fall Schedule
• The full band will rehearse after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays
from the beginning of 4th block until 5:30. Students will be given
time to change into appropriate clothes/shoes at the beginning of
class as we will spend the majority of rehearsal time outside. Be
sure to bring your water jug on those days in addition to your
rehearsal clothes. The colorguard will join us at the end of the
school day.
• Please do not schedule doctor or dentist appointments on Tuesdays
or Thursdays—we need EVERYONE at EVERY rehearsal.
• Additional sectionals or rehearsals may be called based on the
needs of the group.
• Be prepared to attend football games on just about every Friday
night starting on August 23rd through mid-November.
• Our competitive season will start in October and run through early
November, so please avoid scheduling weekend trips then as well.
Football Schedule (with kick off times)
8/23 Eagle’s View (Home) 7 p.m.
8/30 @ Fernandina Beach 7:30 p.m.
@ Potter’s House 7 p.m.
9/20 vs. Forrest 7 p.m.
9/27 @ Wolfson 7 p.m.
10/14 @ Paxon 7 p.m.
10/11 vs. Ribault 7 p.m.
10/18 vs. Baker County 7 p.m.
10/24 @ Bishop Kenny 7 p.m.
11/1 vs. Stanton 7 p.m. (homecoming)
11/8 vs. West Nassau 7 p.m. (senior night)
Excused Absences
• Illness that requires a doctor’s attention.
Student must return with a doctor’s note the
following day.
• Death in the immediate family. Requires a
note/phone call from a parent or guardian.
Examples of Unexcused Absences
“I didn’t have a ride.” The band averages in size between 60-80 members—someone live near you.
Find people to carpool with in case of emergencies if nothing else.
“I had homework/a project to do.” Despite what your student might tell you, most teachers give
plenty of notice before a project is due. Besides teaching how to make music, band also provides
an opportunity to learn about time management. There will be time to do homework after
“It was raining.” Much like the postal service, weather does not get in our way of getting things
done. If rain is present, we may still rehearse with limited instrumentation (brass and marching
percussion only playing, everyone marching). In the presence of lightning, we will work indoors on
“I had to babysit.” Band is a class, and therefore a grade. We need everyone present at rehearsals
in order to have productive rehearsals. It is very difficult to learn drill if people have to march next
to imaginary people. Please make alternate plans for childcare needs.
“I had to work.” While I encourage students to take the responsibility of having an afterschool job,
keep in mind that it is not a school subject and therefore must take a backseat to school activities.
If an employer is given a schedule well in advance, they can usually work around it. Most
employers are thrilled to use band kids because they are more responsible and reliable than 99% of
non-band students.
“I was grounded.” If you need help getting your student’s attention for making poor decisions,
please do not punish the rest of the band for his/her mistake. We have plenty of non-fun tasks that
can serve as a friendly reminder of what is acceptable/unacceptable at any home.
Band Camp
• This is a week of intensified learning. Our success for the
season depends greatly on how much we can accomplish
this week, which is why it is so important that we have
everyone here.
• Anyone who misses band camp will automatically be placed
on alternate status and will have to earn a spot in the show
• We will take a dinner break during rehearsal, but no one is
permitted to leave campus. Please either bring a sack
dinner (that does not require refrigeration or reheating) or
purchase a meal during the music rehearsals in the week
prior to camp
• These rehearsals will be 100% outside (pending weather),
so plan accordingly!
How to avoid being beaten by Florida
weather during marching season…
Drink lots of water in the time leading up to camp. Being well hydrated before you start
sweating is crucial. Bring a 2 quarter flip-spout cooler filled with ice water so you can
replenish during water breaks.
Get off the couch and spend some time outside in June and July. If your body only knows 78
degrees at a reclined position, you’ll be in for a rude awakening at 4:05 on July 29th!
Dress appropriately. The fashion police will not be permitted on campus during marching
rehearsal. Wear light colored, comfortable clothes. Jeans are not a good idea (denim in
general) nor are dark shirts.
Footwear—you must wear sneakers/tennis shoes. Anyone wearing flip flops, sandals, crocs,
boots, slippers, etc will not be permitted to rehearse and may be put on alternate status
Sunscreen is a must! We’ll be in the sun for the majority of rehearsal, and trying to focus
with a bad sunburn is difficult and highly uncomfortable.
Hats, visors, and sunglasses are essential to blocking the sun from your eyes so you’re not
marching around blindly. They also help to keep you cool and decrease sunburn possible
Be sure to make healthy eating decisions before and during camp. Fruits and veggies should
be consumed and junk food/heavy greasy foods should be avoided. Don’t come to rehearsal
• Football games—the band plays at all football games. Most games will
include both a run-through of our marching show and music while in the
stands. Be prepared for both. Although games occur outside of school,
they are still a large factor in each student’s grade.
• Pep rallies—These take place during school, and we are a small part of the
overall line up.
• Marching Band Competitions—We will perform in 2-3 competitions or
festivals on Saturdays in either October or November. The band will be
evaluated at these events. This is our chance to really show off and try to
bring back some trophies!
• Parades—Typically we perform in two parades throughout the entire year.
One before Christmas and another for the Shrimp Festival.
• At the close of football season, we will also perform as a concert band at
least once per nine weeks as well as the district 17 music performance
assessment for concert band in March.
• All Performance Dates will be announced as soon as they are set.
Performance Procedures
• All members are expected to attend every engagement in which the
band participates. If you are unable to attend a performance, you
must inform the Director in advance (Absentee Form - available on
website, and in the band office). Sickness (as excused by a
physician) or a death in the family are usually the only legitimate
excuses for missing a performance.
• No band member is permitted to leave the organization in advance
of group dismissal at any time (unless excused by the band director
or the band director’s authorized designee, and accompanied by a
notarized parent letter – in addition, no student will be permitted
to leave with anyone other than a parent or immediate family
member as notated on the notarized letter). Waiting on individual
students to be picked up from performance locations causes the
entire group (and parents waiting at YHS) to be delayed
unnecessarily. All students under the supervision of the YHS Hornet
Band program will be transported with the ensemble.
Performance Procedures (continued)
• Regulations regarding rehearsals are also in effect
during all public performances.
• For out-of-town engagements, the band travels
as a unit unless they have been otherwise
directed. No band member may travel in a private
car without the consent of the Director, and
proper documentation on file.
• Each band member is personally responsible for
all of his or her own equipment.
Stands Behavior
• The band area is off limits to everyone except
band members and chaperones. Parents,
please refrain from trying to talk to students in
the stands unless you are a chaperone. If you
need to relay a message to your student,
please see the director or a chaperone.
• There will be no food or drink brought into the
seating area, except water.
• Uniform is to be worn correctly and in its entirety.
• A marching uniform will be issued to each student. Students will be
held responsible for the uniform issued to them. Replacement of a lost
or damaged uniform could cost as much as $400.00. Uniforms will be
kept at the school and cleaned as needed. In addition, each band
student is required to wear the following: Solid black socks, official
band t-shirt, black marching gloves, black “Dinkles” (marching shoes),
and gym shorts that can be worn underneath marching band pants.
• Colorguard members will be required to purchase their uniform and
any accessories needed.
• Concert uniforms consist of: males--dress pants, white tuxedo shirt,
black vest, black bow-tie, black socks, black dress shoes (Dinkles are
acceptable). Females--Black dress (floor length with sweetheart
neckline), black stockings, black closed-toe shoes. Concert uniforms
should be purchased through the band office and are not included in
the Fair Share.
What not to wear/other uniform
• Hats/Helmets must be worn at the correct angle.
• Hair must be up under the hat. For colorguard,
hair must be pulled back and out of face.
• Black marching shoes must be worn with the
• No jewelry
• No fingernail polish (except clear)
• All colorguard must wear the same specified
make-up design.
How to earn a grade in band:
• As stated before, band is a class. As such,
each student will EARN a grade. No grades are
• Students are expected to attend all class
meetings, rehearsals, and performances.
• Individual playing tests will be assigned
• Having all materials (instrument, music,
appropriate attire, etc)
Grading Policy
• The nine-week grade will be determined as
Daily Class Average
Exams/Quizzes/Playing Tests
Band Boosters
• Who are the band boosters?
• YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
• The success of the band is largely dependant on
the capabilities of the band boosters.
• We can not do what we are asked to do without
your help, and we greatly appreciate your time.
• Your student will appreciate seeing you at
events…even if they don’t tell you about it now!
Student Officers
• To be an efficient organization, the band relies on
student leadership to accomplish our goals.
• Leaders have been selected based on their past
experience and an interview process.
• Students are expected to follow instructions and
decisions of student leaders.
• If a student has a concern or question about
something said or done by a student leader, they
should contact Mr. Wood at the next available
break or conclusion to a rehearsal.
Fair Share
• The cost of running a successful music program is fairly
• In order to meet the needs of the band (festival and
contest entrance fees, transportation costs, dry
cleaning of uniforms, music purchases, drill design
costs, additional instructors, school instrument
acquisition and repair, awards, etc.) all members must
contribute to the band account—each member’s Fair
• The Fair Share amount for each member is $200
• The money can be either paid, fundraised, or a
combination of both.
• Please have physicals on file prior to the
beginning of Band Camp (July 29th)
• $100 is due by August 2nd for the first half of
Fair Share
• Medical Form, Uniform Agreement, Proof of
Accident Insurance, Off Campus Consent, and
Handbook agreement form Due by August 3rd
(we will have a notary at the final show off)
• The remaining $100 is due November 1st.
Questions, Comments, Concerns…
• If you see any potential conflicting dates, please
see or contact me ASAP
• Check the band website for updates
• If at any point you are unclear on something, just
let me know—I’m here to help the band be
successful and to clear up confusion
• E-mail is the best way to get in touch with me
[email protected]
Thank you for coming…