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Overview of SP2
Presented to the AWWA Board of Directors
Board Special Session
June 7, 2014
1. Origins of the Special Presidential Panel (SP2)
2. SP2 Formation and Process
3. SP2 Focus: 5 Strategic Themes
4. AWWA2020
5. Proposed Action
Origins of SP2
 2005-2006: Risk Management Ad Hoc Committee
 recommended to create Affiliation Agreements to clarify legal
issues and insurance indemnification between AWWA and the
 2007: AWWA – Section Relationships Ad Hoc Committee
 Goal improve the working relationship between the Association
and Sections
 2008-2009: Affiliation Agreement Ad Hoc Committee
 Develop and implement the Affiliation Agreement
 Phase 1: Completion of the Affiliation Agreement
 Phase 2: Develop Association-Section business relations after
Affiliation Agreement is signed
Origins of SP2
Affiliation Agreement Inspires SP2
 June 2012: SP2 launched as part of Charlie Anderson’s
Gavel Passing Speech
 Mission (paraphrased): To create an operations and business
model that institutionalizes … development of Association and
Section strategies that will engage members…
 October 2012: Affiliation Agreement signed by all
SP2 Formation and Process
Representation: volunteers from North America, all Regions, different
sized Sections, AWWA Councils, and Association & Section Staff
Presidential Leadership
• Anderson, Past President, SP2 Visionary
• Chaffee, President
• Donahue, President Elect
• LaFrance, AWWA CEO
• Howe, ED Texas Section
Small Section Directors
• Palermo (Puerto Rico)
• Bisgard (South Dakota)
• Alston (Montana)
• Kalife (Mexico)
Former Directors
• Nolan (BC)
• Schumacher (Iowa)
AWWA Staff
• Franceschi, CMO
Core Leadership Team
Anderson, Past President
LaFrance, AWWA CEO
Howe, ED Texas Section
Campbell, AWWA VP
Kothari, AWWA Council member
Section Staff
Arisman (Western Canada)
Boyd (Intermountain)
Cavalcoli (NJ & Minnesota
Dougherty (Illinois)
LaRue (Virginia)
Raposa (New England)
Sanborn (Kentucky-Tenn)
Worley (Cal-Nev)
AWWA Councils
Kothari (IC)
Zdrojewski (MAC)
Essex Elliott (PAC)
Casale Meterchick (SC)
DeGraca (TEC)
Van Der Kolk (WUC)
SP2 Formation and Process
Research, Focus, Define Problem & Future State, Strategic Themes
Define Problem & Future State
2006 Section Survey
Listening Safari Project
AWWA/Section Relations Ad Hoc
Member Value Research
Affiliation Agreement Ad Hoc
For each area of focus a “Problem
Statement” was defined
For each area of focus a “Future
State” was created
Strategic Themes
SMACs Formed
SP2 Focus: 5 Strategic Themes
Future States Share Common Visions
Strategic Theme Future State
Effective communication practices between the Association and Sections
characterized by timely and meaningful feedback; better alignment; and
delivery of value to members.
A smoothly delivered, relevant and financially sustainable education
program in support of AWWA’s mission and vision.
A clearly defined and easily communicated membership structure; a
stable and engaged membership base that is afforded the opportunity
to understand all that is offered from the Association and Sections; and
coordinated strategies between the Association and the Sections for the
retention and attraction of members.
It will be obvious through a common look and feel, and consistent
operations that the Sections and the Association are One AWWA and are
united around a common mission and vision.
A business model that allows AWWA to leverage and grow its combined
Association‐Section financial strength and assure that financial exchange
maximizes member benefit and aligns with AWWA goals.
AWWA2020: A Path to One AWWA
Framework for the Future
• The report sets a direction with five specific
Strategic Themes as guides for a 2020 future of
• Within each Strategic Theme there are Strategic
Tactics many of which require further evaluation
• The Final Report (June 8, 2014) is a high-level
summary of the detailed AWWA2020 Appendix
(the Appendix contains important information not
summarized in the Final Report)
AWWA2020: A Path to One AWWA
Why is this guiding document important?
• Strategic clarity: AWWA’s most important and
strategic business relationship is between the
Association and Sections
• Alignment fulfillment: Affiliation Agreements,
governance model, mission, and the strategic plan
all anticipate or are based on alignment
throughout AWWA
• Sustainable future: One AWWA is a stronger
business model; AWWA is our guide to that future
AWWA2020: A Path to One AWWA
Initial Steps
Strategic Theme Strategic Tactic
Form the Strategic Coordinating Team (SCT formed by July
SCT develops a work plan that focuses on TWS and WaTER-X.
SCT supports the review of proposed revisions to AWWA’s
membership model (to be presented to BOD January 2015).
SCT Assist all Sections in adopting the AWWA Branding Program
(completed by ACE16).
SCT reviews proposals to defray Association and Section costs ,
rollout of a grant funded education program for small systems.
Proposed Resolution
An Overview
The BOD adopted a resolution that will serve as guidance to the
implementation of the SP2 Final Report (June 8, 2014). The resolution
does the following:
One AWWA: Approve the main recommendation of creating “One AWWA”
Strategic Themes: Approve the implementation of the Strategic Themes
Everyone Participates: Sets the expectation that all AWWA organizations
actively participate in the implementation of the AWWA2020 Strategic
More Work to Be Done: Provides flexibility for the specific Theme Tactics
to be refined and evolve as needed
Time and Reporting: Acknowledges that implementation will occur over
time and that the AWWA Board of Directors expects status reports
Proposed Resolution
The Board of Directors of the American Water Works Association approves the
Special Presidential Panel’s main recommendation of creating “One AWWA”
through the implementation of the general strategic themes outlined in the report
AWWA2020: A Path to One AWWA. Further the Board affirms that to become
“One AWWA” it is critical that all AWWA organizations actively participate in the
implementation of the AWWA2020 strategic themes. Also by approving the
strategic themes the Board provides flexibility for the specific theme tactics to be
refined and evolve as needed. Finally the AWWA Board of Directors realize that
the implementation of the plan is intended to occur over time but without undue
delay and with regular reports to the AWWA Board of Directors on the
implementation’s status.