Santa Cruz NorteÑo Graffiti

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Transcript Santa Cruz NorteÑo Graffiti

The following local photographs represent
Norteño criminal street gangs in Santa Cruz:
North Side Santa Cruz and
West Side Santa Cruz/West Side Chicos
The items shown here are popular among youth. Many non-gang members also
wear these particular clothes and accessories. Simply wearing these clothes does
not necessarily indicate gang involvement. However, the clothing represented
here is also worn by local gang members (and those imitating gang members).
These images are shown here in the spirit of prevention and intervention. They
are meant to be a tool for parents and educators. Again, simply wearing these
items does not mean a youth is gang-involved. As parents and educators we
should look for other causes for concern.
Other Causes for Concern:
Wearing a lot of the items shown here.
Refusing to wear blue.
Wearing items shown here, as well as graffiti or tagging on
notebooks, using hand-signs, changes in behavior or other
signs of potential involvement (see Signs of Potential Involvement)
Please also note that clothing trends are constantly changing. We will update this
website as often as possible to reflect those changes.
The baseball caps with a “W” are commonly used by those
affiliated or associated with the West Side Santa Cruz or
West Side Chicos Norteño criminal street gang.
The “W” baseball hat is also by Norteños in Watsonville.
Depicted below are two very specific baseball style caps utilized by the
Norteño criminal street gang West Side Santa Cruz or West Side
Chicos. Criminal street gangs will commonly adopt popular logos or
brands as their sign, symbol or as something that identifies them. The
WS logo is one that has been adopted and utilized quite frequently by
the West Side Norteño criminal street gang.
The shirt depicted below
is popular in Santa Cruz
and used by the general
public however it is also
used by the Norteño
criminal street gang that
represents West Side
Santa Cruz.
The photograph depicted above is of a
person displaying a custom made white
t-shirt with West Side in red lettering.
The person is also wearing a black
baseball cap with SF that stands for
“Scrap Free” which is a derogatory
term used against Sureños. The person
is also displaying a one finger with his
right hand and four fingers with his left
hand to show the number 14.
The red baseball cap
with SF in white letters
stands for “Scrap Free.”
As you may have noted
the San Francisco
Giants’ color is not red
– this hat was custommade.
The black and red baseball
cap is a more subtle way of
identifying one self with
the Norteño criminal street
The images below represent common signs and symbols adopted by Norteños:
the northern star, Cal in red, and the bear from the Californian flag. “Upstate”
and “Nor Cal” are also signs and symbols utilized to identify one’s self as a
Norteño gang member and denote that one is from the northern regions of
The oversized shirts, baggy pants, and red accents are
typical identifiers for Santa Cruz Norteños.
The San Francisco 49ers
jersey is commonly
used to show one’s
allegiance, affiliation or
association to the
Norteño criminal street
gang, especially one
that has the number 4 or
14 on it.
The color red is
often used in
subtle ways in
clothing and
accessories to
express gang
The red flannel shirt
is also often used by
“Nor Cal” and the northern star are common symbols used by Norteños
and are depicted here on different color t-shirts, in different color text
and on hats.
The photographs below were taken of the same t-shirt that depicts a crown over 831
CEN CAL (stands for Central California) and the northern star in black and white. The
northern star is a symbol utilized by the Norteño criminal street gangs.
Listed over the northern star are the names of cities that have Norteño criminal
street gang influence. The Salad Bowl is Salinas, Fog Town is Marina, and the
Artichoke is Castroville.
Shoes and shoelaces are often worn in red to
identify oneself as Norteño.
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