Andrea Saltzman Martin Instructional Designer College of Education

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Transcript Andrea Saltzman Martin Instructional Designer College of Education

Andrea Saltzman Martin
Instructional Designer
College of Education
Course Design
 Effective course design will save you time!
 Fewer email messages from students asking for clarification
 More time in class to focus on course content and
interaction rather than administration
 Ability to more easily update materials and activities
What makes for good online design?
 Course is well-organized & easy to navigate
 Syllabus clearly states the role of the online environment
 Consistency throughout the online course
 Accessibility issues are addressed
Polling Question
 Which course design factor contribute significantly to
the success of online courses? (Select ALL correct
Active discussion
b. Collaborative group work
c. Consistency in course design
d. Frequent and constructive instructor-learner
Answers: a, c, d
Key Elements in Online Course
 Syllabus
 Schedule
 Announcements
 FAQs
 Resources
 As a means for communicating expectations:
 Your response time with email and feedback on
 Deadlines for assignments and assessments
 Frequency of interactions with you and classmates
(discussion board posts; group work expectations)
 How much time you expect students to spend on
 Use the schedule as an advanced organizer
 Serves as a to-do list for students to check off activities
 Emphasizes due dates for online activities
 Questions students typically ask and your answers
 Questions that come up about the content and
 Answers provided by you or other stude
 Any changes since you last met face-to-face
 Current events that pertain to course content
 Reminders of deadlines
 Class-wide feedback on assignments
 Orientation to the course
 Mark Laumakis’ tutorial
 Gradual introduction to the online tools
 Technical Support
Course Structure
 By Topics
 By Weeks
 By Modules
Polling Question 2
 Which of the following are recommended design
techniques for online course materials?
(Select ALL correct answers.)
A. Write in long paragraphs
B. Boldface important concepts
C. Color code each text section
D. Use headings and subheadings
E. Use bulleted or numbered lists to prioritize key points
F. Use graphics for visual appeal or to exemplify key ideas
Answers: b, d, e, f
Formative Evaluation
 Survey students after online sessions or activities
 Make notes to yourself for next go-around while it’s still
 Syllabus checklist
 Chico Rubric for Online Instruction
 Instructional Design Tips on Online Instruction
 Hybrid & Online Course Examples
 ICARE description