13.00 Analyze How Families and Individuals Manage Living Space for Efficiency,

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Transcript 13.00 Analyze How Families and Individuals Manage Living Space for Efficiency,

13.00 Analyze How Families
and Individuals Manage Living
Space for Efficiency,
Organization, and Safety.
Teen Living
• 13.01 Experiment ways to organize
living space.
Efficient Storage
• Keep frequently used items easily
• The key to organizing space is to group
like items together
Personal Living Space
• Personal space
– Everyone needs space for themselves and
their things
• Feels invaded when your siblings go through your
things and borrow items.
Shared Living Space
• If you have to share space, you must be
responsible for the area.
– How could you do that?
• Plan a schedule if you must share a space with
someone else at the same time
– EX: bathroom to get ready before school.
• Can create personal space in a shared space
(bedroom) by the way you arrange the furniture
• One bathroom for a family of three
Traffic Pattern
• Path used through the house
• Need room to move unencumbered
through space
Multiple Uses of Space
• Do homework at dining room/ breakfast
Shared Family Space
• Used by more than one person
– Can you name some places in your house
that are shared family spaces?
Not Enough Private Space
• Family of eight living in a three bedroom
Scaled Floor Plan
• Use the same scale for the furniture and
the room
• Can help with arrangement of furniture in
your room
Furniture Arrangement/ Room
• FIRST: Place the larger pieces of furniture
• Organize the items that are in the room
Home Safety
• 13.02 Rate home safety practices
Small Appliances
• Make sure your hands are dry when using
small appliances like hair dryers, toasters,
• Unplug small electrical appliances before
you clean them
• Replace worn or cut cords before using
Special Considerations
• Family members with physical disabilities
will require:
– Hand rails
– Ramps
– Wider door frames
– Lower cabinet heights
• Can you think of other things that would help?
• Plan and practice two escape routes
– What does this mean?
– Practice!!! (move tables back, put sheet on floor, use
another sheet to help smother flames)
• Smoke Detectors
• Should be placed on each level of the home
Handling Poisonous Items
• Store items such as bleach, paint,
pesticides, fuel, and car care products in
the original containers so people will know
what they are. This will often provide first
aid information should there is an accident
with the product or it is ingested.
• Keep poisons and medicines out of the
reach of children
• Many apartments offer special monitoring
equipment to observe hallways, lobbies,
and outside areas.
• Many security systems communicate with
local emergency numbers.
– If a burglar enters the home the security
company is notified
• The most common cause of fatal home
accidents is falling.
– If you are injured in a fall and alone, call 911
for help
Smart House
• Uses central control system for turning the
lights off and on