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Since 1997, we’ve been hosting a scholarship
reception. At that time we had one scholarship
fund. In 1998 four scholarships were
presented. In 1999 we had fourteen.
Today we have grown to 44 scholarship funds.
We have given scholarships to 522 students
worth $449,982.23.
This is our 14th Annual Scholarship Reception.
This year we will give 70 scholarships worth
$50,806 this year.
Adler Nursing
Established as a bequest
of the Anne Adler
Estate for students
pursing nursing here in
Kristen Fruend is a
nursing student at
UW -Eau Claire
College of Nursing in
Marshfield. She
enjoys working with
people and helping
Rosamond Victoria
Adler Scholarship for
Lawrence University
Established by Bette
and Anne Adler in
honor of their mother
for music student at
Lawrence University
Savanna Dahl is a
sophomore at
Lawrence University
studying biology and
performance. She
loves birds, nature,
and music.
Altrusa International
Scholarship of
A scholarship for nontraditional men or
Susan Kratzer is
studying pre- nursing.
Kristy Zarada is
working to finish her
bachelors degree and
going on for a masters
degree in Business.
Sarah Grace & Emma
Louise Anderson
Memorial Dance
Established in memory
of young sisters and
avid dancers Sarah and
Emma by family,
friends, and our
Hailey Hoffman
Trista Kizer
Claire Neville
Krista Rueth
Brianna Fredrick
Jennifer Schmitz
Mikayla Kollross
Veronica Nikolai
Rachael Reis
Julianna Kollross
Alison Nikolai
Cynthia Reis
Emily Nikolai
Montana Smith
James Kollross
The Bill Burnham
The Burnham scholarship
is awarded to a
graduating senior of MHS
who is recognized for
special perseverance and
scholarship. It is another
scholarship named for
someone who died way
too young. A memorial to
Bill was established in
part by his step-dad Jim
Sara Schmitt will be
attending UWMarshfield/Wood
County to study
Psychology. She
hopes to help people
who feel that they
have no way out.
Grace Calibe
Memorial Scholarship
Was set up as a
memorial for
Greenwood students
who wish to study
healthcare, sciences,
mathematics, or
Brettain Johnson will
attend UW – Stout for
plastics engineering
because he loves
Central Wisconsin
Cheesemakers and
Butttermakers Association
Will award two scholarships this year.
One scholarship will be awarded to a
student where the applicant must be a
member of a cheese or butter
manufacturing plant, enrolled fulltime in a program of study toward a
degree in dairy science, food science,
or related degree. The second
scholarship will be awarded to a
student from a member company
supplying equipment, ingredients,
services, etc. who is enrolled full-time
in a program of study toward a degree
in dairy science, food science, or
related degree .
Allison Pieper
plans to go to
UW-Twin Cities
to study Animal Science. She
grew up in an agricultural
background and would like to
continue in agriculture.
Amanda Weber will go to UWStevens Point to study Dietetics.
Amanda feels health issues will
always be a concern and eating
unhealthy foods is a huge
contributing factor.
Harry & Gladys
Chronquist Family
It was established as
a bequest of the
Chronquist family.
Nicholas Ackerman
Daniel Adler
Renee Binder
Heath Brandner
Ellen Jordan
Sean Kaiser
Michelle Theisen
The Fore Bill Scholarship
Pat Allen, Bill’s wife
established this scholarship
as a way to remember Bill’s
community service. Pat
organizes a golf outing each
year to raise additional
funds for this scholarship.
Hannah Badzinski will attend
UW-Eau Claire for graphic
design or biology health lab
research .
Kelly Bender will attend UWMarshfield and intends to study
Emily McIntee will attend
St. Norbert College to study
music and Spanish.
Christopher Lamermayer
will attend UW-Stevens Point to
pursue music education. His
music teacher has been a big inspiration
and mentor in his life and he wants to be
that person in the lives of future students.
Marilyn Hardacre
Marilyn Hardacre was a
founding trustee of the
Marshfield Area
Community Foundation.
The Marilyn Hardacre
Fund was established by
individuals, businesses,
and industries honoring
Marilyn upon her
retirement as Executive
Director of MACCI.
Rebecca Boehning
plans to attend UW
Lacrosse to study
elementary education.
Christopher Lamermayer
will attend UW-Stevens
Point to pursue music
education. His music teacher
has been a big inspiration and
mentor in his life and he wants
to be that person in the lives of
future students.
Margaret Quirt Heck
Chapter AJ PEO
This scholarship was
established by Bob Heck
in memory of his wife,
Margie. It is given to a
non-traditional student,
who is returning to school.
Lindsey Duerr will
study at UWMarshfield Wood
County. She plans to
study nursing.
Melvin A. Hintz
Columbus High School
This is one of three funds
established as a bequest of
Melvin Hintz, a Marshfield
native and teacher. The
Hintz scholarships are
awarded to students who
will be attending Columbus
Catholic High School in the
fall to defray CCHS tuition
costs. Scholarships are based
only on financial need.
Several families
benefit from
tuition assistance
every year
because of this
John J. Irvine
Created by Beryl
Irvine and their
family, in memory of
their husband and
Mark Paasch
will attend UWStevens Point
to study wildlife
ecology. He would
like to have a career
working in the
Jewell Educational
James and Josephine
Jewell established this
scholarship as for
graduates of either
Marshfield High School
or Columbus Catholic
High School enrolling
on a full-time basis at
Renee Binder will
attend UW-Whitewater
to study accounting.
She hopes to start her
own business someday.
Ted J. Ketterl Scholarship
Ted Ketterl was an admired
and respected chemistry and
physics teacher at Marshfield
High School for many years.
This scholarship was
established for a graduating
senior at Marshfield High
School who has
demonstrated academic
excellence in the sciences
and/or is planning to major
in the sciences.
Seth Berger will attend
UW-Madison and
majoring in physics.
He has diverse
interests and hopes to
obtain at least two
majors, perhaps
including chemistry,
oceanography, and
environmental studies.
Dorothy & Alex B. Knox
This fund established by Mr.
Knox has granted 85
scholarships worth almost
$40,000 since first being
awarded in 2000.
Ade Dillon plans to study aerospace
engineering at Purdue University.
Bradely Dolezal will
attend the University of
Minnesota and study
Mary Finta will attend the
University of Minnesota to study
Biochemistry and Spanish. She
wants to learn Spanish to help her
communicate more effectively with
any Spanish speaking patient.
Knox Scholarship Continued
Carter Havican plans to study at Hamline University studying
social justice.
Melissa Hileman plans to attend UW Madison and to major in
Biochemistry. She enjoys science classes and hope to become a
Amy Ott plans to attend Carroll University to study
forensic science.
Knox Scholarship Continued
Ian Padron to the University of Wisconsin –Madison.
Luke Schmidtke plans to go to North Central Technical
College to study residential/Architectural Design.
Dustin Thumann will attend UW- Eau Claire to
study biochemistry. He hopes to become a
Mitchell Wood will attend UW – Eau Claire in the fall.
Kruse Family
Established by Tom
and Mary (Kruse)
Karau for students
graduating from
Turkey Valley
Community School in
Jackson Junction,
Jude M. Buchheit
will go to Northern
Iowa and major in
social work.
LaVerne R. Kohs
Scholarship for UWMarshfield students
Sarah Feig wants to pursue
nursing because she likes to
help people.
Jessica Holbach is
Pursuing a degree in
The medical field- nursing,
to position herself to advance
her education.
Rebecca Kellner
Norbert H. & Joan LaSee
Mr. & Mrs. LaSee established their
scholarship fund with the
Community Foundation in 1998.
Both have since passed away.
MHS Scholarships: Two scholarships,
one to a student having
demonstrated aptitude in English,
the other in agriculture.
CCHS Scholarships: Two
scholarships, one to a student
having demonstrated aptitude in
science, the other in home
Mary Finta will study at
U of M-Twin Cities.
She plans to major in Biochemistry
and Spanish.
Christy Gilbertson will attend
UW-Marshfield and major in
Animal Science with an emphasis
in equine. She hopes to own her
own horse one day.
Deanna Kaiser is going to Winona
State to major in Accounting and
Elizabeth Wenger plans to major in
pre-pharmacy at UW-LaCrosse.
H.G. “Pete” and Patrice
Established by Pat LeGrand. Mrs.
LeGrand served on the Board of the
Marshfield Area Community
Foundation for a post high school
student pursuing academic or
vocational training at an accredited
college, university or trade school,
or a post high school student, who,
having been in the work force, is
attempting to better their career
standing or change careers by
pursuing an academic or trade
degree on greater than a half-time
Kristy Zarada is
working to finish
her bachelors degree
and will continue on
for her masters
degree in Business
Russell F. Lewis
Student Athlete
Established by the family of
Dr. Lewis for student
Alyssa Brenner
will attend UWMadison to study
David L. MacArthur
Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established by
the family of David L. MacArthur
for graduating senior at either
Marshfield or Colby High School.
Preference is given to applicants
involved in high school basketball
program and expressing intention of
pursuing program of study toward
a degree in physical education or
other sports related field.
Cale Zuiker is from Marshfield
High School and is going to
Yougstown State University in
Ohio to major in education .
He enjoys working with kids
and being a part of our lives.
Mollie Duginski
is from Colby High School
plans to attend UW-LaCrosse to
pursue a career in Theraeutic
Dr. George E. Mac
Kinnon Memorial
Created by the late George
Mac Kinnon and family in
memory of his father, a
pioneer physician in
Prentice, Wisconsin. This
scholarship is for a
graduating student of
Prentice High School who is
involved in extracurricular
activities within the school
and active in service to the
Hailey Niemi
will attend
U-W Marathon
County in the fall
to take pre-nursing
classes. She plans to
transfer to UW –Eau Claire
for her BS degree.
Marshfield High
School Senior Class
Established by the
past senior classes of
Marshfield High
School to honor a
graduating senior.
Megan Robeson plans
to attend Carroll
University and
pursue Biology.
Edward W. Heller
Memorial Marshfield
Lions Club Scholarship
Established by the Lions Club in
memory of Ed Heller, former editor
of the Marshfield News-Herald and
long-time Lions Club member. This
scholarship is for full-time students
from the Marshfield area entering
their junior or senior years of
undergraduate school who major in
one or more of the communication
arts, with special consideration to
those majoring in journalism; or
full-time post-graduate students
from the Marshfield area majoring
in journalism.
Breanna Speth is a
Marshfield High
School graduate
who is studying
graphic arts while
working at the local
cable television
Established by the
MHS FFA Alumni in
honor of Norm &
Elaine Meissner and
named after the
Meissner’s dairy
Ellen Stichert
is attending
UW - River Falls and
is majoring in Animal
Science. She is very
interested in dairy
John & Marjorie
O’Reilly Scholarship
Established by the
three daughters of
John & Marjorie for
students enrolling at
County .
Kelly Bender
will attend
UWMarshfield and
intends to study
Louis J. and Betty
Ptacek Scholarship
Established by Louie
and Betty Ptacek for
Marshfield area
residents, who are
scheduled to be
enrolled as an
undergraduate on a
full-time basis at
Marquette University
Danielle Owen will go
to Marquette
University. He is from
The Alec Salamonski
Memorial Scholarship
Alec Salamonski graduated from
Marshfield High School in 2005. He
represented Wisconsin in 2005 at the
National Skills U.S.A. Competition
in Computer Maintenance. He was
an avid “techie,” and was employed
as a computer technician by P.C.
Doctors. In 2006, Alec died in an
automobile accident. His parents,
Julia and Norb, are offering a $1,000
scholarship in his memory, and in
recognition of Alec’s friends at P.C.
Joshua Zinthefer will
attend UW-Stout and
study Information
Technology. Josh says
he “likes computers
and computer
equipment is his
Kaye Scheuer
Memorial Scholarship
Established by Robert
Scheuer and family in
memory of Bob’s wife.
The successful candidate
must be a Marshfield High
School graduate entering a
university or technical
college. Applicants must
have lettered in a varsity
sport and have the
recommendation of a head
Katie Adler
will be a
student at UWMadison. She is
completing Masters
of Accounting
program and plans
to take the CPA
exam and work as
an auditor.
Melvin H. & Ruth J.
Schmidt Scholarship
This scholarship is
for a graduating
senior or a past
graduate of Stratford
High School who
intends to enroll in a
health-related field
Ben Sternitzky will be
going to Northern
Technical College in
Wausau to pursue a
nursing degree. He
enjoys helping other
Troy Schmitt Memorial
Established in Troy Schmitt's
memory by his wife, Ann
and their five
children, Sam, Alex, Henry,
Eli and Annamarie
Mark Nesbitt is a MHS
student who will attend
Biola University to study
Broadcast Journalism and
Political Science. He dreams
of being a news
anchor/political analyst.
Olivia Mundt is a Colby
student . She plans to attend
North Central Technical
College for Early Childhood
Kim Shupe Memorial
Kim was a 1991
graduate of
High School who was
working with Alaska
Children’s Services at
the time of her death in
1998. This scholarship
was established by her
family and friends.
Leanna Bell will go to
Mid-State Technical
College in the
Respiratory Therapist
Program. Leanna has
always enjoyed
helping others.
Staab Construction
Established by Staab
Construction Corporation
for a graduating senior of a
high school within the
geographic service area of
the Marshfield Area
Community Foundation or
within 30 miles of Marshfield
who intends to major in a
construction related field in
any university or technical
Luke Schmidtke
plans to go to
North Central
College to study
Alex Williams plans
to attend Mid-State
Technical College
and pursue a
degree in Civil Engineering.
Swanson Scholarship
Gertrude Swanson was
a beloved English
teacher at Marshfield
High School who
established this fund as
a bequest for students
entering education.
Nicholas Bedroske plans to attend UWOshkosh in history education.
Trina Fuehrer plans to attend UWStevens Point to study Elementary
Rachel Weier plans to attend UWLaCrosse for Secondary Education and
Michael Yohn plans to attend UW-Eau
Claire to major in physics and
Dr. Roger
Van Der Vorste
Established by Pat Van Der
Vorste in memory of her
husband from the Marshfield
area resident preference given
to applicants enrolling in a
program of study leading to a
degree in Dentistry or Dental
Elizabeth Ott is
studying Biology and
Spanish at UWMadison. She hopes to
practice dentistry in
Wisconsin and abroad
in Spanish speaking
David Wagner
Scholarship Fund
Established by David’s
wife Darlene for
graduating from or a
former graduate of
Marshfield High School,
have financial need, and
have demonstrated an
determination to succeed.
Megan Mundt is
studying at University
La Crosee.
Jerry R. Witt Scholarship in the
Natural Sciences
Mr. Witt was a member of the
Marshfield High School class of
1953. He is now retired after a
career as Professor of Chemistry
at Winona State University.
This scholarship is for students
planning to major in the natural
Felicia Wagner plans
to attend UWMinnesota in the
Twin Cities and study
biology as a pre-med.