*Hey, I*ve Got This Kid...* Ideas for Physical Education - NC-APE

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Transcript *Hey, I*ve Got This Kid...* Ideas for Physical Education - NC-APE

Presented by The NC Adapted PE State Council
November 17, 2011
 Adapted Physical Education (APE) is a direct
special education service.
 Children with disabilities shall have equal access
to the provision of physical education.
 Specially designed PE shall be provided to the
child with a disability who cannot participate in the
regular physical education program.
Modified physical education – general PE with
Adapted PE – designed on an individual basis
specifically to meet the needs of a child with
a disability.
The IEP Team determines a student’s need for
APE based on recommendations following an
The IEP Team should include an Adapted PE
specialist, if available, and the general PE
Adapted PE is a program, not a placement.
Provide PE to the maximum extent possible in
the general PE program.
If APE is recommended then placement is
◦ Continuum of placements may include
General PE setting
General PE setting with accommodations/modifications
Separate PE class
Separate Public School
Adapted PE Specialist
PE Teacher with specialized
training in:
◦ Assessment and evaluation
◦ Developing an individualized
PE program for students
with disabilities.
◦ Knowledge and
understanding of a variety of
physical and cognitive
General PE Teacher
PE Teacher with training in:
◦ Motor skills and physical
◦ Fitness skills
◦ Games and sports
◦ Lifetime activities
◦ Limited training in working
with students with
Providing APE when your county does not have
an Adapted PE Specialist can be challenging.
◦ Encourage PE staff to update knowledge of
disabilities and teaching strategies.
◦ Collaboration with other service providers (OT, PT,
EC Teachers, Parents, Administrators).
◦ Explore and use community resources (colleges,
universities, recreation programs, sports programs
for the disabled).
Please visit the various tables to discuss
concerns or questions you may have about
“This Kid…”.
Disability Awareness
U niversity/Community Connections
Resources and Equipment
The Assistant in PE
We Don’t Have APE staff in our County – what to
◦ Assistive Technology in PE
◦ Goal Writing and the Law
Thank you from the NC Adapted PE Advisory
Council. The council is comprised of Adapted
PE specialists from across the state.
For further information contact:
Laurie Ray-DPI Liaison for APE
[email protected]
ph 919-636-1827