Visioning Projects - Kenneth City, Florida

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Transcript Visioning Projects - Kenneth City, Florida

Visioning Workshop
Kenneth City
Goals to Revitalize Our Ward
Kenneth City began as 340 acres of
pasture land with 58th St. North serving
as a foot path to 38th Ave. North. It was
incorporated April 30, 1957 as a tax-free
community of single family homes.
Many of the town’s identifying features
were built in the late 1950s into the
1960s. For example, Dixie M. Hollins High
School opened its doors in September
1959. Winn Dixie opened in December
that same year.
Kenneth City Town Hall
In recent years, some of the aging infrastructure has been addressed, but a look around town shows the age of many
of the buildings, both commercial and residential. The major commercial corridors are showing their age, especially
on 54th Avenue North. The recent economic recession plummeted our property values. Home values are very slowly
creeping upwards, but condo values continue to fall and the overall look of the neighborhood is deteriorating.
It is in Kenneth City’s best interest to work cooperatively with both residents and merchants to have a vision
for revitalizing our community. It is our desire to GROW Kenneth City—not bigger, but better!
Therefore, in 2012, the Kenneth City Council agreed to earmark funds generated from the Red Light Camera program
for revitalization efforts.
The Red Light Camera Fund
currently has approximately
We, as a community, we need to decide how
we would like to spend these funds.
How do we beautify our community to attract
more businesses and increase our home values?
Options will be presented today and
you will each have a chance to vote
for the items you
believe will give
us the most
bang for our
buck and
lead us
toward increased property values &
an overall improved image for KC.
Goals to GROW
62nd St & 49th Ave
Opposite Dixie
Project #1 – 54th Ave N
Beautify Kenneth City’s
Commercial Corridor:
1. Install (4) landscaped
2. Establish the entry points to
Kenneth City with monument
signs on both the east and west
Project Cost – approx. $200,000
Project #2 – 54th Ave N @ 58th & 62nd Sts.
Visually enhance and increase
pedestrian safety
Establish clearly marked pedestrian crosswalks at 58th St. and 62nd St.
Project Cost - $100,000
Project #3 – 54th Ave N
Visually enhance and increase
pedestrian safety
Enhance appearance and increase
safety by installing decorative
street lighting
Photo taken from Sternberg Lighting
Project Cost - $140,000
Project #4 – 54th Ave N
Make major
more transit
1. Install attractive bus
shelters with seating
and no
Bus shelter (image taken from
Project Cost - $
Partnership ?
Project #5 – Additional Parking
Increase parking opposite Town Hall while retaining
green space with reinforced grass paving
Increases use of the park
Does not increase impervious surface ratios or
stormwater runoff
Green building method
Project Cost - $40,000
Project #6 – Sidney Colen Park Renovations
Rededicate Carl Schleck Park
to Sidney Colen Memorial
Create a new monument
honoring the town’s founder
Relocate Carl Schleck
monument to a Carl Schleck
Memorial Garden within the
new design of the park
Complete the walkways to
nowhere” for consistent flow
patterns and access to parking
Update landscaping and
Project Cost - $75,000
Project #7 – Lake Thomas Dock/Boardwalk
Handicapped accessible walkway leading to dock OR
shoreline boardwalk
Project Cost - $25,000
Project #8 – 46th Ave. East and West Greens
Widened sidewalks
Additional seating
Decorative lighting
Increased power outlets for
festival usage or holiday lighting
Project Cost - $125,000
Project #9 – Walking Paths
marked walking paths
distances of 1 – 5 miles
map directing to town
features such as:
- Lakes, playgrounds,
Project Cost - $15,000
Funded ?
Project #10 – Town Signage
Establish our boundaries
Welcome visitors and passers-through
Help change the overall appearance of town
Aids in rebranding the town
To be located at:
1. 58th St (N & S)
2. 46th Ave (W)
3. 66th St (N & S)
4. 62nd St. (N & S)
5. Refresh historical
Project Cost - $20,000
Project #11 – Baseball Field
Modernize baseball field
• Remove backstop
• Low rise, decorative fencing along 46th Ave.
• Picnic tables
Project Cost - $25,000
Project #11 – Tennis & Basketball Courts
Modernize courts
Install tennis court backstop
Reconfigure for multiple uses
Portable skatepark
Project Cost - $100,000
Project #12 – Tennis & Basketball Courts
All-weather covers for both the
basketball and tennis court
Project Cost - $100,000
Project #13 – Spray Park
Renovate bathroom, remove shuffleboard courts, install
spray park
Project Cost - $125,000
Project #14 – DPW Murals
Project Cost - $5,000
Project #15 – Façade Grants
 Encourage businesses to improve their facades along 54th Ave N and 66th St. N
 Businesses could apply for $2,500 if they spend $5,000 or $750 if they spend $1,500
 Works on 1st come, 1st served basis
Project Cost - $30,000 over 2 years
Kenneth City is a small town.
How can we enhance the town’s
appearance and give it that small
town feel in a way that will
encourage businesses to open here?
Which of the projects presented will
encourage property owners to
beautify their properties so the whole
town starts to look better?
What do you want Kenneth City to look like?