Special Event Parking - Parking and Transportation Department

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Transcript Special Event Parking - Parking and Transportation Department

Special Event Parking: RV Parking, VIP
Parking, and More
Jeff Rahn – Parking Facilities Operations Manager
• Jeff Horesowsky – Parking Field Services Supervisor
Paula Jantz - Assoc Director of Athletics, Operations/Event
• Matt Getz – Asst Director of Event Management
Background Information
Hawkeye Express
Kinnick Stadium
Cooperation is the Key
UI Athletics
UI Foundation
UI Parking
UI Police
Whelan Security
• UI Hospitals and
• City of Iowa City
• City of Coralville
• University Heights
• Fans
Areas of Emphasis
#1 is Customer Service
• Fan Friendly
– Separate RV and Car parking
– Pre-Paid Parking
– “Think Before You Drink” Campaign
– Focus on Post-Game
#2 is accommodating UIHC staff,
patients and visitors
Contribution Levels
Membership Level
Kinnick Society Gold
Kinnick Society
Champion Hawks
Golden Hawks
Silver Hawks
Annual Contribution
$15,000 and above
Evolution of Football Parking
Parking - Lot 43 W
Suite Parking - Lot 43 W
RV Parking - Lot 43 N
RV Parking - Lot 43 N
RV Parking Lot 43N
RV Parking - Lot 40
RV Parking - Lot 40
Changes for 2014
Specific Lot Assignments
No Tents in Lot 43W
Larger Parking Passes of Differing Colors
No Entry into Lots after 11:00 PM on Fridays
Social Media
Updated Signage
UI Parking and Transportation
Game Day Operation Goal Is to support the event!
– Provide a customer friendly safe environment for fans
– Provide processes that allow for fast moving access in and out
of parking lots
– Provide auditable processes to ensure for security of revenue
– Provide parking for patients and working staff
Pre – Season: Get Ready!
Meet regularly
– How to make it better, coordinate all processes
– Ensure we are all on same page
– RV lot design/painting
– VIP sections
– Signs, barricades, traffic cones
“The Perfectly placed Porta-Potty!”
– Include “neighborhoods” in discussion
– Parking lot design / concrete pads / pick up or leave out?
Focus on getting parking information out to Permit Holders
– General email out to all Permit Holders, Deans, Department heads
– Specific emails to specific parking lot with specific information
Game Day Operations
Cashiering – Getting vehicles into the parking lots
– Around 20 parking lots that we staff for football
– Permit lots (contracted staff) / Public lots (our staff)
– Cashiers (around 60), in-field supervision (4), office supervision (2)
– Audit process: Cashier/Controller, transports, begin and end at office,
end of shift count down
– Set up, signs, painting, trash, garage bags hang out, controlled areas
– Sunday morning clean up, volunteers, garage trucks (contractor)
Field Services
– Friday night controls – clearing
– Game day
• Non Football staff/patient controls – Ramps and Lots
• Traffic Controls in football lots - counts, provide service/information
Future Plans
Credit Cards for in the field cashiering
Web based parking purchases
Improved sign package – update, lighted signs, look good
Way-finding, real time parking lot capacity information
Recycling in parking lots
Thank You!
Any Questions???