Celebrating 30 Years of the USF COPH

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Transcript Celebrating 30 Years of the USF COPH

Celebrating 30 Years of
2014 State of the College Presentation
November 10, 2014
State of the College Overview
• Our People
• Transforming the MPH and Other Academic
• Translating Translational Research
• Enhancing System Capacity
• Sustainability
• Reflecting on our Past 30 Years
• Looking Ahead
About the College
Strategic Vision 2022
About the College
Strategic Vision 2022
Our People
Goal: The USF COPH will create an atmosphere
that embraces diversity, fosters a sense of
community & collegiality, encourages life-long
learning, and supports faculty and staff in their
quest to fulfill their professional goals while
contributing to the mission and overall success of
the College
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• The past year has seen the departure of
several members of the COPH family……
– Eric Buhi, Associate Professor, CFH
– Wendy Nembhard, Associate Professor, EPB
– Hamisu Salihu, Associate Professor, EPB
– Alan Sear, Associate Professor, HPM
– Heather Stockwell, Professor & Chair, EPB
– Deanna Wathington, Associate Professor, CFH &
Associate Dean
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• But we welcome many more to the family!
– Claudia Aguado Loi, Research Asst Professor, CFH
– Rays Jiang, Assistant Professor, GLH
– Jennifer Marshall, Research Asst Professor, CFH
– Richard Luque, Research Associate, GLH
– Cheryl Vamos, Assistant Professor, CFH
– Ronee Wilson, Research Asst Professor, EPB
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• And more . . .
– Melissa Bayley, Staff Assistant, GLH
– Viviana Mendez, Research Support Specialist,
– Andre Easter, Biological Scientist, GLH
– Ginny Macias, Staff Assistant, Academic & Student
– Peter Nasseri, Fiscal & Business Specialist, Dean’s
– Alison Roth, Biological Scientist, GLH
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• And more . . .
– Laurelis Santiago, Sr. Biological Scientist, GLH
– Suzy Siegman, Administrative Specialist, Dean’s
– Coni Williams, Research Support Specialist, HPM
– Amy Buie, Program Planner/Analyst, EOH
– Meleine Desir, Academic Advisor, Undergrad
– Samantha Haylock, Assistant Director, Dean’s
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• And more!
– Thanh Le, Academic Advisor, Undergrad Program
– Adam Marty, Safety & Health Consultant, EOH
– Stephanie Melton, Assistant Program Director,
Dean’s Office
– Ashley Wingert, Program Planner/Analyst, Dean’s
– Christopher Rice, Post Doctoral Fellow, GLH
– Chengqi Wang, Post Doctoral Fellow, GLH
Our People
A Year of Transitions
• Familiar Faces in New Roles
– Rita Debate (CFH) named Associate Dean of
Academic & Student Affairs
– Kathleen O’Rourke (EPB) named Chair of the
Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
– Kay Perrin (CFH) named Assistant Dean for
Undergraduate Education
Our People
A Year of Awards & Honors
• The past year has seen many of our
outstanding faculty recognized for
contributions to their academic fields
– Dr. Russ Kirby (CFH) named USF Distinguished
– Dr. John Adams (GLH) named USF Health
Distinguished Professor
Our People
A Year of Awards & Honors
‒ Ellen Daley (CFH) promoted to Professor
‒ Wil Milhous (GLH) received the USF Research
Achievement Award
‒ Kay Perrin (CFH) received the National Riegelman
Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Public
Health Education
Our People
A Year of Awards & Honors
– Dennis Kyle (GLH) named Fellow of the American
Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene
– Yiliang Zhu (EPB) is a AAAS Science Technology &
Policy Fellow
– John Petrila (HPM) selected for the 33rd class of
Leadership Florida
– Ricardo Izurieta (GLH) elected member of
Academy of Sciences of Ecuador
Our People
A Year of Awards & Honors
– Bob Novak (GLH) received the Distinguished Service
Award from the Society for Vector Ecology
– Bill Sappenfield (CFH) received the 2013 Roy Pitkin
Award for Research Excellence
– Nicole Johnson (Dean’s Office) awarded the Tampa
Bay Lightning Community Hero award
– Karen Liller (CFH) selected “Super Professor” by
Faculty Row
Our People
A Year of Awards & Honors
• Our staff are recognized on campus as well
– Anne Gallacher, Dean’s Office, USF Outstanding
Staff Award
– Rosemarie Sledge, Joel Velasco & Brian Kirk, Chiles
Center, USF Outstanding Staff, Team Award
– Ellen Kent, Outstanding Staff, Student Success
– Jessica Grossman, GLH, elected to the USF
Administrative Advisory Council
Our People
• Our students are as outstanding as our faculty
– GLH USF Presidential Doctoral Fellow
Sarita Panchang
– COPH University Graduate Fellows
Stacey Griner, CFH
Vinta Sharma, CFH
Rachel Logan, CFH
Malinee Neelamegam, EPB
– New COPH fellows:
Ngozichukwuka Agu, CFH
Charysse Kuan, EPB
Emily Dinh, GLH
Emily Dinh, GLH
Nicole Woodbury, HPM
Our People
• We welcome students from around the world
• COPH has 237 international students,
including 5 Fulbright Award recipients in GLH
– Nompumelelo Mzizi, Swaziland
– Aye Aye Nyein, Burma
– Guffran Rostom, Mauritius
– Rallya Telussa, Indonesia
– Mandzisi Mkhontfo, Swaziland
Our People
Our Alums are Making Their Mark
• Our alumni are doing great work
– Joyonna Gamble-George, MPH & Katheryne
Downes, MPH invited to attend the 64th Lindau
Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany
– Modupe Osinube, DVM MPH; Stephanie Kolar,
PhD MSPH; Terrill Curtis, MPH named national
Presidential Management Fellows
– Isabella Chan wins 2013 Peter K New Student
Research award from Society for Applied
Our People
Our Alums are Making Their Mark
• Our alumni are doing great work
– Ryan Ortega’s solar sterilization product wins first
in the 2nd Annual Healthcare Innovation & Venture
Student Competition
– Christina Sudduth is one of twenty individuals
from around the country selected to participating
in the UN Advocacy Practicum on the status of
Our People
Investing in Ourselves
• The College was able to re-establish our
professional development awards this year
• FY 15 Faculty Professional Development Awards
Russ Kirby, CFH
Stephanie Marhefka, CFH
Alfred Mbah, EPB
Francis Ntumngia, GLH
Kate Wolfe-Quintero, GLH
Lauri Wright, CFH
Yougui Wu, EPB
Our People
Investing in Ourselves
• FY 15 Staff Professional Development Awards
– Somer Burke, HPM
– Jessica Grossman, GLH
– Jane Lundh, EPB
– Melvin Nia, EOH
– Heather Thomas, Dean’s Office
Our People
Investing in Ourselves
• International Program Development Awards
– Yiliang Zhu (EPB) & Wei Wang (EPB) – China
– Ismael Hoare (GLH) & Marti Coulter (CFH) - Belize
– Lauri Wright (CFH) - India
– Kay Perrin (CFH) - Panama
– Rita Debate (CFH) - England
Our People
Investing in Ourselves
• Stay tuned for the spring announcements for
more opportunities for those professional
development opportunities
• Contributions to the COPH Faculty/Staff
Scholarship fund provided support that helps
our staff pursue their formal education. Last
years recipients are:
– Cathy BaSilva
– Allison Oberne
– Semiha Ahmedova
Our People
Our Strength
• Length of Service
– This year 25 faculty and staff were recognized for
contributing 300 years of service to the College
and University
– We will celebrate them on Friday November 21st
at 3pm
Transforming the MPH
Goal: Provide an MPH core education that is
integrative, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary,
while allowing for flexibility based on prior learning
and professional development goals
Transforming the MPH
• After several years of work, we have launched
the first pilot of our new Transformed MPH
Core courses with 37 new MPH students from
all five departments
• New core courses:
– History & Systems (Fall 2014)
– Population Assessment 1 (Fall 2014)
– Population Assessment 2 (Spring 2015)
– Translation to Practice (Summer 2105)
Transforming the MPH
• Special thanks to those who are participating
on the Transforming the MPH committees
– Kathleen O’Rourke, Rita Debate, Kate WolfeQuintero, John Petrila, Jaime Corvin, Jacqueline
Wiltshire, Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano, Somer Burke,
Karen Liller, Dina Martinez-Tyson, Hana Osman,
Getachew Dagne, Alfred Mbah, Sandhya
Srinivasan, Rene Salazar, Trudy Trail, Somer Burke,
Pam Guevara, Korede Adegoke, Barbara Kennedy,
Wei Wang
Academic Accomplishments
• Fall 2014 saw the launch of our revised DrPH
program with 8 new students
– New program includes online courses in Fall &
Spring semesters
– First summer institute for DrPH students June 1521, 2015
• First publication on revised compentencybased DrPH published in April in the American
Journal of Public Health
Academic Accomplishments
• We will be launching in Spring 2015 an online
MPH concentration in Social Marketing,
becoming the COPH’s 7th online concentration
• New undergraduate minors in Health
Education, MCH and Nutrition
• Graduated our first cohort of students from
the USF Institute for Translational Research in
Adolescent Behavioral Health
Academic Accomplishments
• In the last year we……
– Graduated 223 graduate students
– Graduated 351 undergraduate students
– Taught 60,814 credit hours (more on this later..)
• This year to date we have….
– 766 Master’s degree students
– 117 Doctoral students
– 910 BSPH students
COPH Funded Enrollment Summary
Enrollment by Funded Level
AY 10-11
AY 11-12
UG Plan
AY 12-13
UG Actual
Grad Plan
AY 13-14
Grad Actual
AY 14-15
Academic Accomplishments
• Online Education remains a critical component
of our educational portfolio
– Last year we taught more than 70% of our credit
hours online, highest percent on campus
– Academic inventory of almost 100 online courses
– As part of the TMPH initiative, we are assessing
our classroom and learning technology
infrastructure to ensure they can support our new
teaching methodologies
Academic Accomplishments
• Undergraduate Education at COPH
– 96% of our BSPH students graduate within 5 years
– Elected inaugural group of executive board
members for UPHSA
– Negotiated agreements with two community
– Numerous presentations, including ASPPH UG
Summit, American College Health Association,
FPHA, and at APHA this fall
Academic Accomplishments
• COPH is truly Global
– Last year 100 COPH students traveled to 37 countries
– We currently have 8 MI Peace Corps students in the
field in 8 different countries
– With the Panama Canal Authority, COPH hosted
100th anniversary event to recognize role of public
health in the building of the canal, and in the future
growth of Panama
– Upcoming study abroad programs for this year are
planned for Panama, Malaysia, and South Africa
Translating Translational Research
Goal: The USF COPH will be known as a leader of
interdisciplinary, transformational research
Translating Translational Research
• By the Numbers….
—During the Past Three Years:
Proposal submissions increased by 36%
Proposal amounts increased by 50%
Proposal awards represented 42% of requested funding
—During FY 2012-13
COPH Effective F&A Rate was 19.6%
The University Effective F&A was 18.7%
—USF Research Achievement Awards Since 2006
8 (4GH, 3CFH, 1 EPI) of 56 Awarded Campus Wide and One
New Nomination (CFH)
Translating Translational Research
By the Numbers
• FY 13–14 saw COPH researchers generated
over $25M in external funding
– FY 14-15 year to date, we have generated $17.9M
• COPH faculty submitted $61M in proposals
last year
– To date we have submitted 44 proposals for $21M
Translating Translational Research
By the Numbers
• COPH faculty contribute significantly to F&A
generation at USF
– $3.02M in FY 13-14
• Total returns to the College this year have
increased in turn
– Total return to COPH of $594,681 for FY 13-14
earned F&A
– Effective return rate of 19.6%, up from 16.5% from
last year
Translating Translational Research
• In a period of increasingly competitive
funding, we have had a successful year
competitively renewing our research centers
– Julie Baldwin & Carol Bryant (CFH) received five
years & $3.75M for the Florida Prevention
Research Center
– Tom Bernard and EOH faculty received another 5
years ($1.8M/year) for the Sunshine ERC
Translating Translational Research
• Global Health Infectious Disease Research
Program, led by John Adams, Dennis Kyle, Tom
Unnasch and Mike White have active awards
in excess of $15M
• SafetyFlorida OSHA program is entering its
15th year at USF
• And Jodi Ray and the Florida Covering Kids
and Families team . . .
Nearly 1M Enrolled in Florida – more than twice projected goal!
2013- 2014 USF FL- CKF ACA Navigator Grant (HHS) YR 1
2013-2014 Affordable Care Act Grant (2nd largest among FFM states)
Regional Consortium partners
Counties participating in USF Grant
64 of 67
Number of community outreach events conducted
Number of consumers provided direct application assistance
Number of consumers provided one-on-one education at outreach events
Number of consumers reached via community outreach activities
Number of consumers reached via marketing & communication activities
19.4% were 18-34 year olds
29.3% were Hispanic
Top languages spoken: English, Spanish, Creole, Arabic, Vietnamese, Hindi, Chinese
2014- 2015 USF FL- CKF ACA Navigator Grant (HHS) YR 2
2014-2015 Affordable Care Act Grant (largest among FFM states)
Regional Consortium partners
Counties participating in USF Grant
USF Health
Delta Omega
National Chapter of the Year
2010, 2011, 2012
USF Challenge Grants
SHARPS Funding $K
Sharps Awards
USF Health Presentations
Translating Translational Research
Student Support
• COPH remains committed to the pursuit of
training grants for student training and
– Sunshine ERC provides funding support to 27
COPH students, as well as students in Psychology
& Nursing
– MCH Training Grant is supporting five 2014-15
Translating Translational Research
• COPH Faculty & Students work highlighted at
the Florida Public Health Association’s annual
– FPHA Award for “Most Innovative Research”:
Anisha Prabhu, Diana Guterreza-Meza, Griocele
Castanares, Jacqueline Perez, Peggy Defray,
Stephanie Oriol, Dr. Jaime Corvin
– FPHA Award for “Most Informative Poster”: W.
Oh, James Kukat, Tobi Oluwatobi, Daniel Ramon,
Arturo Rebollon, Dr. Jaime Corvin
Translating Translational Research
Impacting the Field
• The Center for Transdisciplinary Research in
Women’s Health involved in two nationally
recognized women’s health activities:
– ASPPH published Integrating Women’s Health into
Schools of Public Health Curricula, recognizing
Ellen Daley (CFH) as a national women’s health
curriculum expert
– The Women’s Health Project, teaming students
from COPH with those from Medicine, Nursing,
and Pharmacy in Public Sector Medicine clinics,
was recognized in a report from the Office of
Women’s Health of DHHS
Translating Translational Research
Impacting the Field
• Research is about more than just dollars
received – it requires the dissemination of
knowledge to impact public health practice
• COPH faculty continue to do their part to
advance the field over the past year, including
– 276 publications in professional journals
– 192 presentations at national & international
conferences, meetings & workshops
Translating Translational Research
Impacting the Field
• Tom Unnasch (GLH) named Chair of the
Transition Task Force for the WHO/World Bank
African Program for Onchocerciasis Control
• Jacqueline Wiltshire (HPM) appointed to FL DOH
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Grant Advisory
• Dennis Kyle (GLH) appointed to Expert Scientific
Advisory Committee for the Medicine for Malaria
Translating Translational Research
Impacting the Field
• Carla VandeWeerd (CFH) invited to join IOM’s
Clinical Effectiveness Research Innovation
• Marie Bourgeois (EOH) is President-elect for
the Southeastern Section of the Society of
• Sheri Eisert (HPM) named as part of VA
National response to Ebola through the
Personal Protective Work Team Stream
Translating Translational Research
Investing in Ourselves
• COPH re-established our Interdisciplinary
Research Development Grants in Fall 2014
• An open application process resulted in a
number of new applications currently under
• Past investment in internal awards of almost
$800,000 resulted in a ROI of over $4.4M in
new external awards
Enhancing System Capacity
Goal: The USF COPH will be recognized as a
leader in promoting public health system
capacity locally, statewide, nationally and
Enhancing System Capacity
• Over the last year, COPH faculty and staff
provided training to over 38,000 professionals
around the world
• We also are looking ahead to the next
generation of potential public health leaders
– Rene Salazar (EOH) coordinated 3 public health
pipeline programs, exposing 30 high school
students to the field of public health
Enhancing System Capacity
Improving Communities
• The Harrell Center continues to work as part
of the Hillsborough County Violence
Prevention Collaborative
• Florida Prevention Research Center’s “Better
Bites” evidence-based program widely
accepted in Kentucky and now Pinellas County
• Work closely with DOH to co-sponsor
community engagement mini grant awards
(five $10,000 awards) in Tampa Bay
Enhancing System Capacity
Improving Capacity Abroad
• Under the leadership of Carol Bryant (CFH),
the College was recognized as a PAHO/World
Health Organization Collaborating Center for
Social Marketing and Social Change to
Address Non-Communicable Diseases
• This is the College’s first WHO Collaborating
Center and a significant accomplishment for
the advancement of our role in impacting
global health
Enhancing System Capacity
Improving Capacity Abroad
• Ricardo Izurieta (GLH) successfully led the GIS
Applied to Infectious Diseases and Health
workshop in Ecuador
• Arlene Calvo (CFH) currently offering the 4th
Diplomado in Clinical Research in Panama
• At the request of PAHO and the Ministry of
Health in Grenada, Ismael Hoare (GLH)
developed the National Human Resources for
Health Policy for Grenada
Enhancing System Capacity
Leaders in the Community
• COPH faculty are leaders in the community &
their professional fields
– Russ Kirby (CFH) elected Councilor on the Board of
Directors of the American College of Epidemiology
– Jill Roberts (EOH) represents USF as a member of
Food Protection Partnerships of Florida
– Lauri Wright (CFH) selected as an Academy of
Nutrition and Dietetics Media Spokesperson
Goal: The USF COPH will develop and maintain
academic and financial practices and a physical
environment that will ensure the sustainability of
the College through 2022 and beyond
Budget Overview
• FY 2014-15 represents year two of USF’s three
year plan to address its budget issues
• Things are better but we still have budget
rules driven by the Y2 plan
– Still have an E&G/CF spending cap
– No restrictions on overhead funds and an increase
in F&A return over prior years
– Prior year cash in AO funds still frozen except for
self-funded programs, student fee accounts like
Budget Update
• COPH requested and received additional
budget authority for this year.
– Total E&G authority of $20,685,360
– Reflects an increase of $3.8M over last year
• Additional budget requested was to support
faculty recruitments, student support,
facilities enhancements, and other
operational needs
Budget Sources
Projected Budget
Auxiliary Programs
Foundation (principle + operating)
Convenience Accounts
HPCC/Continuing Education
Base Budget vs Spending Cap
• While we have a spending cap, the total
budget is a combination of base budget,
tuition revenue, and cash reserves
– Spending Cap: $20,685,360
– Base E&G Budget: $13,628,221
– Delta: $7,057,139
Base Budget vs Spending Cap
• This means we are accessing $7M of our cash,
including a combination of prior year funds we
couldn’t spend as well as current year tuition
• This model is moving us to spending what we
generate annually, rather than the year after
the tuition is generated
Performance-Based Funding
• As you know, the BOG now only allocates new
funds based on ten PBF metrics
– University Access Rate (Pell Grants)
– Academic Progress Rate (freshmen retention)
– FTIC 6-year Graduation Rate
– % Bachelor’s Degrees without Excess Hours
– Number of Postdoctoral Appointees
Performance-Based Funding
• ten PBF metrics continued….
– % Bachelor’s Grads Employed and or Continuing
Education 1-year post-graduation
– Median average full-time wages of bachelor’s
grads employed in Florida 1-year post-graduation
– Bachelor’s Degrees Awarded in Areas of Strategic
– Graduate Degrees Awarded in Areas of Strategic
– Average cost of undergraduate degrees to the
Budget Update
• The increase in budget this year has allowed
us to address many of our facility needs
– You are sitting in our newly remodeled auditorium
– We upgraded the computer labs
– We will begin renovating the bathrooms in the
COPH building later this fall
– We will be updating the AV equipment in our
– We will be assessing other facility needs to ensure
we offer the best environment for teaching and
research possible
Faculty Recruitments
• With the “unfreezing” of the majority of our
resources, we were allowed to recruit new
• Searches launched last year in EPB and HPM
well underway now
• In addition, College leadership reviewed
proposals from departments for new faculty
• Criteria based on department and college
strategic goals for teaching and research
Faculty Recruitments
• Agreed upon searches include the following
– Social Epidemiology, Tenure Track Associate/Full
Professor, EPB
– Social Epidemiology, Tenure Track, Assistant
Professor, EPB
– Global Health Management & Practice,
Assistant/Associate Professor, Teaching Pathway,
Faculty Recruitments
• Global Health Genomics & Legal/Ethics,
Teaching Pathway, Assistant/Associate
Professor, HPM & GLH
• EOH Research Translation to Practice, Tenure
Track, Assistant/Associate Professor, EOH
• Nutrition, Instructor, CFH
• Health Education, Tenure Track, Assistant
Professor, CFH
Faculty Recruitments
• Health Education, Teaching Pathway, Assistant
Professor, CFH
• Global Health Practice, Tenure Track, Assistant
Professor, GLH
• Big Data & Research Methods, Tenure Track,
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, HPM
• Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for
Teaching Innovation & Quality Enhancement,
Tenure Track, TBD department
Strategic Investments
• College leadership will continue to look for
opportunities to invest in our faculty, staff and
students, including:
– Support for study abroad programs and other
international opportunities for students
– Opportunities to enhance our use of technology
– Increased funding for graduate assistant positions
– Ensuring an infrastructure to implement our
strategic plan
Promoting What We Do
• Under the guidance of Natalie Preston, the
College has its first office focused on marketing
and promoting the College’s activities
• Over the past year, we have updated the
Monday Letter format, begun implementing
new web site structures & design, improved our
focus on marketing for student recruitment,
helped us develop our “Passion”, and begun reconnecting with our alumni.
Promoting What We Do
• Thank you Natalie, Rocky, Dave and Infiniti for
helping show the world what the College
Leaders in USF Health
• Not only are we leading the nation and our field,
we have been instrumental in efforts to build the
brand, culture and philosophy that is USF Health
– The WELL – Shared Student Services
– Increasing inter-professional learning opportunities
– Increasing interdisciplinary research opportunities
– Increasing community health improvement
– Increasing external relations capacity
– And yes, we will be downtown one way or another!
Looking Ahead
Vision 2022
• The College will continue to focus on
implementing the strategic plan approved in
Summer 2014
• The Vision 2022 Oversight committee, including
faculty assembly officers, plan champions, faculty,
staff and students, will begin meeting to monitor
the plan
• Regular reports will be generated for the COPH
• More on the plan can be found at:
The Vision Now
Our College of Public Health community will use
its unique strengths and collective efforts to
achieve prominence in advancing public health.
The Vision Then
• The Florida Legislature created the first
College of Public Health in Florida, at USF in
1984 to train and support the public health
workforce of the State of Florida
• 30 years later . . . well, you’ve just seen where
we are!
• Strong, vital and growing ever more
30th Anniversary
• The year will be marked with events and
celebrations including:
– Celebrate with us: Inaugural alumni awards
presented on April 4 as part of National Public
Health Week
– Connect with us: #usfcophrocks! tour stops at APHA,
in Atlanta, Chicago, & Washington, DC
– Give to COPH: December 2nd is Giving Tuesday,
national day of online giving
30th Anniversary
– Run (or walk) with COPH – join team
#usfcophrocks! at Gasparilla in February
– Unite with COPH – Cyber COPH communities on
Facebook and LinkedIn (which has over 2,200 Bulls
now!) are a good way to stay connected with the
our students and alums
– Visit the COPH – coph30.health.usf.edu for more
news & events about this milestone year
30th Anniversary
• Thank you for being with me for the past ten
of our 30 years
• I look forward to the next part of our journey
• With all this talent and all this passion, we
can’t lose!!!