Chris McKenzie – Windows 8

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Windows 8
post PC or PC plus era?
Windows 8: post PC or PC plus era?
Background to Windows 8
Microsoft’s vision
Key Features
Assistive Tools
Where do we go from here?
Background to Windows 8
Background to Windows 8
Development on Windows 8 started before Windows 7 was released
Focus on mobile devices
Compete with Android and iOS
Desire to embed emerging hardware:
USB 3.0,
near field communications,
cloud computing,
low-power ARM architecture.
What is Post PC?
Apple marketing!
End of PC as main machine
Content consumption
What is PC Plus?
Microsoft Marketing
Windows 8/Surface
Content Creation
Adaption of tablet to be content
creation capable.
Microsofts vision
Hardware & software convergence
‘Swiss Army Knife’ of functionality
slower than Windows 7
slower than VISTA
hampered by PC sales slump
as of 5th June on 0.53% of enterprise computers
consumer based drive
Key Features
Windows to Go
Assistive Tools
• JAWs v14
• Window Eyes v8.2
• MindGenius v5
• MindManager
• MindView v5
• ZoomText v10
• Supernova v13.5
• Read & Write GOLD v11
• ClaroRead v6.2
Where do we go
from here?
where do we go from here?
windows 8.1
The Start button has come back to the desktop and this brings up the Start screen.
You can boot to the desktop, just by defaulting to the desktop.
Enriched Start screen and start menu, allowing you to see your favourite applications
at a simple and quick glance.
where do we go from here?
More multitasking options are included so you can have more apps on the screen.
Bing includes a search box that does everything
Hands free mode allows you to swipe between pages using the camera rather than
having to touch the screen.
Window and application management has been improved.
where do we go from here?
Will we even be using traditional PC’s in the future?