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4-H Jeopardy – Parliamentary Procedure













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Green 10 This is the first thing a president says when he/she begins a meeting.

Slide 32

Green 20 This is the person who takes notes during a meeting and then reports a summary of the meeting to the membership.

Slide 33

Green 30 During this time in the agenda, members continue to discuss topics they have discussed in previous meetings.

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Green 40 This is the term for the number who must vote for a main motion for it to pass.

Slide 35

Green 50 This is the name of a written list of the order of business to be conducted at a meeting

Slide 36

Green 60 These are the three general ways a main motion may be amended.

Slide 37

Yellow 10 This is the item on the agenda during which the secretary calls the names of all the members to determine if each is present.

Slide 38

Yellow 20 These are the first two words that one would use to start a motion.

Slide 39

Yellow 30 This is the person who takes over in the president’s absence.

Slide 40

Yellow 40 These are two sentences a president would say immediately after a member has seconded a motion to conduct a food drive at Webber’s grocery store next Saturday at noon.

Slide 41

Yellow 50 This is the type of motion a member might make if he/she thought the vote shouldn’t be taken on a motion until the next meeting.

Slide 42

Yellow 60 This is what a member says if he/she wishes to stop debate and vote immediately on a motion.

Slide 43

Blue 10 These are the words one would say immediately after another member has made a motion.

Slide 44

Blue 20 This is the item on the agenda during which it is time in the meeting to discuss items never brought before this club previously.

Slide 45

Blue 30 This action introduces business for the group to act on.

Slide 46

Blue 40 This is what other members do to the treasurer’s books at the end of the year.

Slide 47

Blue 50 This is the number of votes necessary to postpone a motion if there are 31 members voting at a meeting.

Slide 48

Blue 60 These are the people who must sign checks written on a 4-H checking account.

Slide 49

Red 10 This is the person who keeps the financial records for the club.

Slide 50

Red 20 This is the number of yes votes needed to pass a main motion if 17 members are voting.

Slide 51

Red 30 This is the sentence a member would say if he/she wanted to end the business portion of the meeting.

Slide 52

Red 40 This is what a president might say if a member makes a main motion when another main motion has already been made and is still under discussion.

Slide 53

Red 50 These are five ways the president may use for voting.

Slide 54

Red 60 This is the number of members of the 18 present who would need to vote to stop discussion on a main motion for the motion “to call the question” to be successful.

Slide 55

Purple 10 This is the person in the club who is responsible for sending information about club activities to the local media.

Slide 56

Purple 20 This is a sentence that one would speak if he/she wished to nominate Sue Black for president.

Slide 57

Purple 30 This is the sentence the president would say if he/she wanted members to begin the nomination process to elect a new president.

Slide 58

Purple 40 This is what a member should say to get the floor if he/she wants to make a motion.

Slide 59

Purple 50 This is what a member has if he/she is recognized by the president (given permission to speak).

Slide 60

Purple 60 This is what a member would say if he/she wished to change a main motion that stipulates the club tour start at noon if he/she wanted the tour to start at 1:00 p.m.

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Green 10 Question What is “I call this meeting (of the Pioneer 4-H Club) to order”?

Slide 2

Green 20 Question Who is the secretary?

Slide 3

Green 30 Question What is the unfinished business?

Slide 4

Green 40 Question What is “majority”? Or. . . What is one more than one-half?

Slide 5

Green 50 Question What is an agenda?

Slide 6

Green 60 Question What are Inserting a word or phrase Adding a word or phrase Substituting a word or phrase ?

Slide 7

Yellow 10 Question What is roll call?

Slide 8

Yellow 20 Question What are “I move”?

Slide 9

Yellow 30 Question Who is the Vice President?

Slide 10

Yellow 40 Question What are “It has moved and seconded to conduct a food drive next Saturday at Webber’s grocery store at noon. Is there any discussion”?

Slide 11

Yellow 50 Question What is a motion to postpone?

Slide 12

Yellow 60 Question What is “I move (call) the previous question”?

Slide 13

Blue 10 Question What are “I second the motion”? Or What is “Second”?

Slide 14

Blue 20 Question What is new business?

Slide 15

Blue 30 Question What is making a motion?

Slide 16

Blue 40 Question What is “audit”?

Slide 17

Blue 50 Question What is 16?

Slide 18

Blue 60 Question Who are the treasurer and one elected or designated adult?

Slide 19

Red 10 Question What is the treasurer?

Slide 20

Red 20 Question What is 9?

Slide 21

Red 30 Question What is “I move the meeting be adjourned”?

Slide 22

Red 40 Question What is “Your motion is out of order because only one main motion can be on the floor at one time”?

Slide 23

Red 50 Question What are voice vote, standing, call of roll, paper ballot, and show of hands?

Slide 24

Red 60 Question What is 12?

Slide 25

Purple 10 Question Who is the reporter?

Slide 26

Purple 20 Question What is “I nominate Sue Black (for President)”?

Slide 27

Purple 30 Question What is “Nominations are now open for President”?

Slide 28

Purple 40 Question What is “Madame President” or “Mr. President”?

Slide 29

Purple 50 Question What is “the floor”?

Slide 30

Purple 60 Question What is “I move to amend the motion by changing the time from noon to 1:00 p.m.”?

Slide 31

Directions for 4-H Jeopardy Divide participants into two groups. Have each group count off so that each group has a participant who is number one, two, etc. Each group should name a leader.

Determine which group will go first. The leader of that group should select a square from the Jeopardy Board, for example, Green 30.

Move the cursor to Green 30 and watch the cursor change to a hand. Click to reveal the Jeopardy answer. The groups will have 30 seconds to quietly discuss the question to ask. The Jeopardy facilitator will pull a number from a group of items equal to the number of participants on each side and that will indicate who will give the Jeopardy question. (If the facilitator pulls #4, then the participant designated #4 will speak.) Put item #4 back into the group of numbered items. (Writing numbers on the bowls of plastic spoons is a way to easily get numbered items.) If the speaker is correct,his/her team gets the number of points on the question. Have someone record the score on a board or large sheet of paper. If the participant is incorrect, the facilitator should pull another number, and the corresponding participant on the other team may answer and then get the points if he/she is correct.

If neither team gets the correct answer, the facilitator can reveal the correct answer by clicking on the word “answer.” The leader of team 2 then selects the next question. (The leaders will alternate selecting colors and numbers from the board. (Note: after a square has been selected, its number becomes black, indicating it shouldn’t be selected again.

The game ends when a preset time expires or when all the squares have been used.

In the Slide Show view: To return to the Jeopardy Board from any other slide, click the Clover: move the

cursor over it until you see a

hand and then click.

Thanks to Fran Streitmatter, Youth Development Educator - Champaign Unit and Darla Binkley, Unit Leader -- Livingston Unit, from whose Jeopardy games I got ideas for this electronic version.

Ruth Ann Vokac, Youth Development Educator University of Illinois Extension Champaign Center 801 N. Country Fair Drive, Ste. E Champaign, IL 61821 [email protected]