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Transcript eCUBE Settlement Training Power Point

eCUBE Processing Changes
and Settlement Implementation
Effective July 1, 2013
• All Independent Contractor Agreements will be processed and encumbered
in eCUBE (Contract Management is a separate training session)
• Standard payment terms for ALL vendors will be net 30, including
Independent Contractors
• Receivers can be done at user’s desk top as well as in Central Receiving
• eInvoicing by select vendors, eliminating mail processing, paper, need for
inputting by AP, delays, and lost paperwork
• All transactions (requisitions, POs, receivers, invoices and
payment information), including approval workflow, will be viewable in
• Electronic workflow and approval of invoices in eCUBE for all FY14
purchase orders
• New eCUBE forms
• Staples, OfficeMax and Walters will now be processed through eInvoicing
rather than P-cards, posting real-time and eliminating these transactions
from the P-card monthly reconciliations
eInvoice Suppliers (no longer on P-card)
Walters Office Products
Fisher Scientific
Sigma Aldrich
(Working on George Brown, Apple, VWR, Henry Schein and Amresco)
Document Search
New eCUBE Forms
eCUBE Forms Reference
Standing Order Form
Use if multiple payments are going to be
made against a purchase order.
Standing Order for Independent
Use if multiple payments are going to be
made to an Independent Contractor.
As Per Invoice
Use to enter an As Per Invoice requisition.
You must attach the vendors invoice.
Change Order Request
Use to send a request to a purchasing
coordinator to change an existing purchase
Pre-Payment Request
Use when a supplier requires pre-payment
or a deposit.
Independent Contractor-One Time
Use when using an Independent
Contractor with a one time payment.
Approval Access
Process Changes
1. Receiving
Old Procedure
Only Central Receiving creates receipts
2. Change Orders
Required an additional Requisition/PO
3. As Per Invoice (API)
Use non-catalog requisition. Approved
invoice attached to Requisition and sent
to AP interoffice
Use eCUBE API form. Attach invoice to requisition.
Not required to forward paper invoice to AP
4. Approval of invoices against
Standing Orders
Signed paper invoices to AP or AP sent
copy of invoice to Fin Mgr for approval
Fin Mgr electronic approval required in eCUBE for
all invoices, including paper invoices received in
the department, signed and forwarded to AP
5. Approval of non-line item charges
(such as shipping, etc.)
Fax communication between AP & Fin
Fin Mgr electronic approval required for all
6. Approval of invoices billing higher
unit cost
Fax communication between AP & Fin
Fin Mgr electronic approval required if over
7. Independent Contractor One-Time
Option for Department to pay individual
at the time services are rendered
Payment issued within 30 days of service
performed, mailed directly to the payee(s)
Form processed as Direct Pay (nonencumbered)
Form processed as Direct Pay (nonencumbered)
Use non-catalog requisition. Dept submits
paper prepayment form from
Procurement's website and sends
interoffice to AP
Form processed electronically through eCUBE
No Change
a. Single Payee
b. Multiple Payee
8. Prepayment Request
New Procedure
Requisitioners and Fin Mgrs can also create
Change Order Request form - updates existing PO
eCUBE prepayment form automatically transmits
to AP, no need to send form interoffice to AP. Not
required to forward paper prepayment form to AP
Key Terms
• 3-way match - PO, receiver and invoice match (quantity and
• 2-way match - PO and invoice match (quantity and dollars)
• Tolerance - allowable variance between PO, invoice or
receiver (up to 10% or $100 for each line item); however, any
additional shipping, handling and processing charges will flow
to a financial manager exception review
• Match Exception - Outside of tolerance, missing receiver,
additional charges
• Force Match - Financial Manager action which accepts and
approves invoiced line(s) as complete. (Warning: May close
PO lines from further billings)
Type Of Order By Receipt
(Tolerances Apply To All)
2 way match
Standing Orders*
Office Supplies
As per invoice
Independent Contractor*
* All invoices approved by
Financial Manager prior
to payment
3 way match
• All other orders for goods
and services
Requestor/Approver Roles
• Prepare catalog/non-catalog
type requisitions
• Prepare forms type
requisitions (new)
• Enter receivers if no
receiver has been entered by
Central Receiving (new)
• Approve requisitions
• Approve invoices for
standing orders and
independent contractors
• Approve invoices for match
exceptions and/or enter
receivers (new)
Receipt Processing
• Central Receiving will still enter most receipts
• Requestor can enter a receipt when an invoice has been
entered, goods/services have been received, and no receipt
• Requestor will receive an email notification for 10 days that a
receiver needs entered. If no receipt is entered, the Financial
Manager will be required to perform a match exception
• To determine if a receipt exists – Perform document search of
purchase order, click on receipt tab
• If the receipt is entered in error, a new receipt must be entered
for the adjustment
• Office supplies and standing orders will not require receipts
(2-way match)
Searching for a Receipt
Receiving Quick Reference Guide
A quantity receipt is an indication that goods have been received, returned, or cancelled. In most cases, there will be a 1:1
relationship between a purchase order and a receipt. This is the case when all of the goods requested are received in an order.
Occasionally you may have multiple receipts for a single purchase order when some of the items requested are on backorder or
come later.
Click the Document Search tab and enter in the Purchase Order for the items that have been received.
Open the purchase order by clicking the PO number.
From the Available Actions drop-down box, select Create Quantity Receipt and then click GO .
The receipt will be automatically populated with the PO information, including the remaining number of items to be received.
The default Action is Received, which indicates the item was received. Other available options are Returned or Cancelled.
Add any additional information required by the organization, such as Packing Slip Number, Carrier, Tracking Information,
attachments or notes.
7. Update the receipt date to be the date the goods were actually received.
8. Click Show Receipt Details to view line level details. Make any necessary updates.
9. Click Save Updates to save changes or Complete when the receipt is finished. By clicking save first, the user would be
notified if there are any errors prior to completing the receipt.
a. Once a receipt has been submitted and completed, no changes can be made to the original receipt.
The Receipt Number displays on the screen. Once a receipt is created, the receipt date is saved, which indicates the date the goods
were actually received and the receipt complete date, which indicates when the receipt was entered in the system.
Receipt Screen
Invoice Approvals
• All invoices entered against a standing order will route to the Financial
Manager for approval. If the invoice is the final invoice – Accounts
Payable must be notified to close the PO (2-way match)
• If a receiver has not been entered for goods/services after 10 days, the
invoice will route to the financial manager as a match exception. The
Financial Manager will enter the receiver and the invoice will automatically
• If the invoice has other match exception issues (outside of tolerance,
additional charges, etc.) the Financial Manager will need to approve it. The
Financial Manager can determine what the match exception issue is by
clicking on the Invoice  Match tab.
• If it is not the final invoice, the check mark must be removed from the
“Force Match” box. This will allow the PO to remain open so that future
invoices can be entered against the PO. If the “Force Match” box remains
checked, the PO will close after the invoice is processed.
Invoice Approval/Match Exception
Forced Match Activation
eCUBE Comment Uses
• To communicate with purchasing staff at requisition time,
especially when ordering a computer for another individual
• To notify Accounts Payable ([email protected]) when
invoice is not correct or should not be paid
• To notify Accounts Payable ([email protected]) when
payment needs to be altered for an Independent Contractor
Note: An attachment can be added to a comment and is stored
with the respective eCUBE document type
What’s In It For You?
Eliminate problem of lost documents across campus
Reduce faxes across campus – enter via comments
Processing efficiencies – reduce time spent
Electronic approvals
Complete audit trail viewable in one system: requisition, PO,
receipt, invoice, and check number with the ability to see
where the document is in the process
• Office supplies post to budget immediately
• Query and report capabilities