What is a Smart building?

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Transcript What is a Smart building?

Protecting People, Property and the Planet
Smart Buildings and Security:
Developing a unified approach
Will Lloyd
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What is a Smart building?
Smarter buildings are well managed, integrated physical and digital
infrastructures that provide optimal occupancy services in a reliable,
cost effective, and sustainable manner.
Are they really smart or just connected?
Wired or Wireless?
• Cables no longer king
• WI-FI is everywhere
• Low power wireless
• Are they all secure?
Smart buildings set to grow
• The interest in smart buildings is only growing
• The rate of integration is growing
• With more smart buildings comes more risk
The Growth of Smart devices
• Smart meters being installed now
• More devices are being produced
• More systems are being integrated
Connected Buildings
• Buildings are now
connect to the internet
• This means everything is
connect to the internet
A controller in everyone's hands
• Fast becoming the default interface
for every system
• More computing power than men took
to the moon
• Very low penetration of anti virus
malware protection
The new key
• We use to have a separate key for
each system
• Now its just an app
• Near Field Communication (NFC)
is nothing new
• With Phones now using NFC this
opens many more doors
Six degrees of separation
• The Intruder system wants to talk to the CCTV system
• The CCTV system wants to talk to the access control system
• The Access control system wants to talk to the Building Management
• Which controls
• Lighting
• Heating
• Cooling
• Smart devices
• Which is all controlled and monitored by a smart phone
Security and Smart devices
• If everything is connected what is secure?
• The UK smart meter roll out aims to put a
smart meter in every home by 2020
• Nearly every home has Wi-Fi network
Security issues
• Smart fridges that send spam
• EE Bright box Guest WI-FI network security hole
• UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)
• Baby monitors hacked
Building Management & Control systems
• Older systems
• Not traditionally interconnected
• Now being connected for monitoring and control as
part of sustainable and green buildings
• Little or no security
The Gatekeeper
• Your router is the first point of
• Your phone is now the key
How can you secure a Smart Building?
• Limit access to the network
• Physically
• Network encryption
• Change default passwords
• Do you really need everything
• Don’t broadcast yourself
What's next?
• The Internet of Thing’s (IoT)
• The connected car
Any Questions
Thank you for your attention
Will Lloyd
Product Development Manager – Electronic Security
Loss Prevention Certification Board
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