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Transcript Sigma Sigma Phi (***) Mu Chapter - Sigma Sigma Phi National, an

Sigma Sigma Phi (ΣΣΦ)
Western University
Mu Chapter
San Francisco
Officers & Faculty Advisor
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David A. Connett, D.O.
President: Chester Tung, OMS-II
Vice President: Tai Chon, OMS-II
Secretary: Joseph Shadpour, OMS-II
Treasurer: James Tse, OMS-II
Administrative Assistant: Amanda Yochum
2011 Members
• Angelique Heilig, Anita Shah, Bavand
Youssefzadeh, Carolyn Lim, Courtney Martin,
David Bosch, Diem Vo, Erik Dong, Hon Lim Wong,
Jatinder Singh, Jennifer Erickson, Jesse Talalotu,
Joshua Wang, Julienne Tropel, Jung Hwang, Kaori
Nakasone, Lena Nguyen, Louise Ye, Paige Pfunder,
Ryun Lee, Sadia Ghaffar, Sharon Whang, Sheri
Zimmerman, Sonia Badheka, Susan Cox, Susan
Tran, Tracy Chen, Victor Kim, Esther Bae, Brian
Johnson, Usaima Ahmad, Brian Ault, Christopher
2012 Members
• An Na Liang, Andrew Dobson, Anuj Patel, Arpa
Baroni, Ashley Ballard, Benjamin Lee, Brent
Porteous, Bryan Tucker, Catharine Bellus, Chirag
Vora, Dana Homer, David Lee, Emily Littlejohn,
Eric Yuan, Gharibian Nayiri, Girisha C. Colleary,
Howard Lan, James James, Jennifer Lu, Jessica
Weiss, Kalie Miller, Kelly Peng, Kevin Mills, Khasha
Touloei, Kimberley Ma, Michael Draney, Nancy
Chang, Ngoc Chu, Nima Moradian, Omar Issa,
Philip Eaton, Tamar Nazerian, Tien Le, Xi Dai,
Lauren Sininger, Marcelina Jasmine Silva
2013 Members
• Alison Badler, Amy Martin, Brendon Ross, Byron
Holloway, Chester Tung, Dalia Nassman, Edward
Kuzmack, Gregory Gilmore, James Tse, Joseph
Shadpour, Julia Hamilton, Jun Ho Kim, Laura
Johnson, Lisa Lee Ng, Mayha Patel, Melissa
Miranda, Michael Chuang, Michelle Tanzil, Nisha
Bansal, Nolan J.K. Crusat, Richard Hsu, Ryan
Shelden, Shana Elisha Nelson, Sharon E. Joo, Tai
Chon, Teresa Leung, Tony Lo, Torey Kikukawa,
Tracy Yee, Travis Inglis, Vanessa Solomon, Victoria
Kang, Vincent Luong, Young Il Kim, Elizabeth
Nakae, Charles Leyster, Jennifer Fu
Chapter Goals
• To further the Science of Osteopathic Medicine and its
standards of Practice
• To preserve the meaning of and encourage scholastic
excellence and community service
• To continue a high degree of fellowship among its students.
• To cultivate relationships and understanding between the
student bodies and officials, such as Faculty members of
our Colleges
• To foster allegiance to the American Osteopathic
• To perpetuate Sigma Sigma Phi by preserving the principles
and objectives of the organization
Application Requirements
• According to the national Sigma Sigma Phi
– Candidate must have completed at least 1
semester of school
– Candidate must have a GPA above 3.0 (>85%) to
be considered for membership
– Membership is limited to 25% of the class
Member Requirements
• First and second year students are required to
participate in 20 hours of community service
activities per school year
• Members can log 10 “obligated” hours per school
year for events in which they’re obligated to
attend (ex. Being a officer)
• Students granted membership in their second
year must participate in a total of 40 hours of
service by the end of the year, with no more than
20 hours from the first year and no more than 20
“obligated” hours)
Application Process
• Application process takes place only during
the fall semester
• SSP admission committee will meet and
decisions regarding admission/rejection will
be made no later than 14 days after the
applications are due
• Notices of acceptance or rejection will be sent
out via email
Appeals & Induction
• Applicants who are not accepted by the
admissions committee based on the primary
application have 5 days after receiving the
notice to appeal
• Induction will occur at a TBA date during the
spring semester
• All accepted applicants must pay a $70
membership fee prior to induction
• Active/honorary members may be expelled from
SSP and have all rights revoked by the local
chapter governing body if any of the following
– Failure to comply with rules as laid down by the
Constitution & By-laws of the fraternity
– Conspiracy against another member
– Conduct unbecoming of a physician or member
– Violation of Code of Ethics of AOA
– Failure (<70%) of ANY required course in the
curriculum WITHOUT evidence against personal fault
(ex. Death in the family, crisis, debilitating health
Major Events
• National YMCA Service Day
– Done in accordance with the Pomona YMCA
– Part of a national day of service done at YMCA’s
across the United States
• Annual CME Silent Charity Auction
– Raise money for the charity House of Ruth
– House of Ruth: assists families victimized by
domestic violence
National YMCA Service Day
National YMCA Service Day
CME Silent Charity Auction
Tentative Upcoming Service Events
Health Screenings
Book drives
Toy drives
Santa’s Workshop
Clothing drives
YMCA Service Day
CME Auction