Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Workshop Outline

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Transcript Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment (REA) Workshop Outline

Cumberland County College
Give you ideas, new tools, and the motivation
◦ To reinvigorate your search for new employment
Learn about One-Stop Career Center services
◦ What your county college can offer to help you
retool for a new job
◦ About how can help you with more
than just online job leads.
You should have a clearer plan to focus your
job search efforts that will hopefully lead to
Top 25 occupational Listing
Other Projections
Occupational Wage Survey
Career Exploration Assistance
Career Search and Advisement
◦ Resume Writing
◦ Interview Skills
Employability Check up
Labor Market Information
Input Requested Wages and Area
Input Requested Job title
Provides More Concentrated Data than NJDOL
Many higher paying careers are demanding
for at least a 2 year degree!!!!
Transitioned into a knowledge-based economy
Many employers are updating job requirements
The workplace is expanding in
Technology, Globalization, and Diversity
Decision Making Requirement
 Even front line workers have to participate in such
◦ Critical Thinking Skills
Cumberland County College
Provides the list of college courses
Projected cost of programs
A total number of credits
◦ May increase or decrease
Determines WIA eligibility
The CCC offers most “in demand courses”
◦ Compare to the Cumberland LMI
 Access on Career One Stop Employability Check up
Application Process
◦ $25 fee
◦ Accuplacer
 Placement of math, english, and reading
◦ FASFA – financial aid process
Speak with Advisors about programs
◦ PACE department
 Certifications and professional development
◦ Academic Advisors
◦ Career Advisor
 Resume Writing
 Interview skills
A Preferred Site for Claimants
Revising your resume to emphasize certain
aspects of your qualifications (e.g. a specific
job or skill)
◦ Changes how you look to employers
◦ Helps Jobs4JerseyTM provide you with job leads that
more closely match your skills and interests.
Value of applying for all 4 and 5 star job
◦ The greatest chance for opportunities
◦ The best match for qualifications
The global economy causes applicants to
market themselves more creatively
◦ Must go beyond simply posting resumes online and
waiting for feedback
Planning allows applicant to
◦ Determine whether to work toward remaining in the
same profession or transition to another career
 Research Labor Market Information
◦ How to update current or train for new skills
Planning (cont)
◦ How to approach the networking process
What organization should I join?
What social network I should use?
How to locate volunteer/internship opportunities?
How to locate jobs that pay livable salaries?
Should I stay in the area or relocate?
Should I use a recruiter?
How to locate a mentor?
◦ Pretty much, what job search resource should I use?
Multiple job search sites
◦ Monster, CareerBuilder, indeed, CCC career
development website
Network, network, network
◦ Volunteer, internships, join organizations, attend
conferences/social events
Social networks
◦ Face book, linkedin, twitter
Mentorship and Inner circles
◦ Guidance from professionals and
◦ References from close family members/friends, and
inner circle
Volunteering and internships are critical
◦ Develop relationship with potential employers
◦ Allow you to show potential employers your skills
and passion
 Employers typically prefer someone that knows the
company over outside recruits
◦ Develop new skills and passion
◦ A positive outlook for job recruiters if applicants
have job gap
Join organizations
◦ Will allow you to market yourself to potential
◦ Develop contacts and relationships
◦ Inside information on the profession
◦ Attend network events and workshops
◦ Certifications that will increase marketability
◦ Volunteer programs for professionals
◦ Offer benefits
 Advisement, newsletters, discounts, contact info of
other members
Social networking is a great source!
◦ Linkedin is a business site
 contact networks and receive information on
opportunities and events
 Post resume and add specialized skills that will attract
other networks and potential employers
 Join professional-related groups
◦ Many organizations use facebook
 Join fan pages
 Find out information about future events
Use twitter to connect with networks
Develop an elevator speech
◦ How to use 15 seconds to market yourself
◦ Never know who you are going to run into, even for
a minute
Attend social events
◦ Happy hours, outings, sporting events, etc
Visit businesses and organizations to offer
Use your inner circle!!
◦ Close friends/family members that can inform you
of opportunities before the posting becomes public
◦ Several employers sometimes give preferences to
their employees referrals
 Particularly their top employees
◦ Inner circles, that are executives, may have
influence over hiring decisions
Mentorship can play a role as well
◦ Provides you insights on how to move up the ladder
or transition to another career
◦ Teaches you how to overcome any obstacles when
entering that field
◦ Can possibly connect you to the right contacts
◦ Will make an excellent references for opportunities